Irani man beats up his woman

That will teach the bitch for messing up his song.

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Kain +20 points1889 days ago

Fuck, i wish i was arab. there r sooo many times when i just dream of doing the same to my girl)))) Reply Report

kk +8 points1892 days ago

"Non-Member alex (2 hours ago)
these fuckers are no iranians ,they are kurds"

Who gives a shit? they both are muslim shit third world last grade subhuman shit
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JustAnotherWebSurferPassingBy +7 points1870 days ago

WTF man! She was just trying to sing along. Reply Report

iranian +6 points1894 days ago

this video language is persian ,and this is iranian
but she said I Love slave and fuck and sex
this video recored in very small vilage in iran
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fdsaadf +6 points1631 days ago

thats the right place of the woman: shut up and sit down in the corner Reply Report

yeah +5 points1891 days ago

This is legal there too...
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alex +4 points1892 days ago

these fuckers are no iranians ,they are kurds Reply Report

snap +4 points1891 days ago

I wish that bottle he hit her with smashed and cut her up nice video love the head stomping would of been good if he put her too grass Reply Report

dickwad +3 points1744 days ago

haha she was just singing alonglol he put the bitch in check.. but backward culture! Reply Report
Islam = Shitty Religion

Islam = Shitty Religion +2 points1897 days ago

In Islam women are good for nothing (only to be fucked).
They can not show the face. In Islam women should be treated like an animal, because this is the teaching of the "Prophet" Muhammad (he was homosexual).
They should wear a veil while men can have more than 200 women, no matter the age because pedophilia is normal thing for Muslims.
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jannybh +1 points1409 days ago

Now you have produced a lot of converts by reading this. Reply Report
Fuck Sandniggers

Fuck Sandniggers +2 points1896 days ago

Coward, just like all muslims Reply Report

Archer +2 points1891 days ago

This is the muslim version of Chris Brown and Rihanna. I chuckled when he put the boot in. Reply Report

L7 +2 points1878 days ago

LOL Priceless Reply Report

LOL +1 points1892 days ago

That's me laughing at 0:19 Reply Report

Sickboy +1 points1808 days ago

It's the Iranian version of "The Voice" He is a jury member sitting with his back towards her to judge her singing. In this Iranian version, if you don't sing good enough you get a beating. It's a huge succes and they are selling the concept worldwide now. Reply Report

stfu +1 points1646 days ago

that's a scene from an old movie Reply Report

Nak +1 points1127 days ago

Uomini che picchiano le donne....
Crepate arabacci di merda!
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Allah Akbar My Ass

Allah Akbar My Ass   0 points1897 days ago

“Did you mean: Sandnigger”
Google about Muslims

“Try also: inferiority complex”
Google suggestion for Muslims

“I killed a lot more people.”
Chuck Norris about Muslims

“I never saw one of them doing something inhuman.”
Stevie Wonder about Muslims

“They are underdeveloped.”
Capitan Obvious about Muslims

“Do not insult Allah!”
Muslims about all Heavy-R´s members and non-members

“Allah Akbar!”
Muslims about every single fucking thing
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rapeisgood   0 points1807 days ago

Muslim pig. Reply Report

Vishwa   0 points1472 days ago

Funny religion Reply Report

brandibrat   0 points1117 days ago

i need to find a muslim man Reply Report

SMF   0 points1130 days ago

His cock was stinking and her cunt was smelling like dead rotting salmon Reply Report
edward j. epileptic

edward j. epileptic   0 points938 days ago

he's a fast mf.Should be on the Olympic sprint team Reply Report

Samsonite   0 points394 days ago

Do not ruin the fucking song, by singing along. Here take a beating and stomping. Backward degenerates. Reply Report
Fuck Koran

Fuck Koran -2 points1894 days ago

Fake Reply Report

Playersouth -2 points1890 days ago

Damn Iranian's have no BRIANian's..Nuke 'erm.. Reply Report
   1    ANSWER.

1 ANSWER. -3 points1504 days ago

NUKE EM ALL Reply Report