Crying Girl Forced To Suck Dick

Assholes force poor girl to suck dick in the car while they film her.

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shut the fuck up

shut the fuck up +167 points2165 days ago

shame is on YOU for comming here and watching, YOU are the one who propogates this, YOU are why it is done and why it is here for YOU to veiw. Now shut the fuck up and pass me a kleenex. Reply Report
Shut the fuck up

Shut the fuck up -8 points659 days ago

Shut the fuck up no ones give an absolute fuck about this girl. Why are you watching this shit in the first place if your just gonna comment some stupid ass shit wtf. Gtfo Reply Report

misterperv +3 points1757 days ago

I just like ur tag. Reply Report

Sickboy -1 points1773 days ago

I have some used ones for ya Reply Report
i feel so bad

i feel so bad +28 points1888 days ago

i feel horrible for getting off to this. im a girl and just fuck what is wrong with me why does this turn me on i need psychological help Reply Report
porn viewer

porn viewer   0 points33 days ago

@i feel so bad

You are just fine. It is just sex. It turns most people on.
Reply Report
quiet man

quiet man -3 points690 days ago

no you need my stiff cock in your throat and cunt!!! Reply Report
tam howard

tam howard -3 points352 days ago

@quiet man not nice
whats up with you
Reply Report

Yo -1 points863 days ago

Hmu Reply Report

Sickboy +23 points1773 days ago

Nothin wrong with you.. If you would do such things yourself, or not help her if you would have been there, that would have been wrong.. Lots of people have cruel fantasies and get turned on by them.. That's just how the mind works.. Reply Report

girl2 +12 points827 days ago

Whoa. That is an extremely kind thing to say for a heavy-r comment about how terrible they feel for watching a rape video. Next time I drink, I will cheers to you (silently) Reply Report

Member +16 points2164 days ago

OH MY GOD......
Is she wearing pink vans flip flops at the beginning!?!?
Reply Report
this seems real

this seems real +15 points1263 days ago

Okay so I love rape porn but this seemed real and I don't agree with real rape it's taking someone else's life and destroying it for your own personal use I hope that if this was real h that they were caught and punished Reply Report

LikeDemYoung   0 points924 days ago

Who gives a fuck what you think. I hope it was real. Fill that bitches holes make her scream and car and feel filthy about herself. Cum in her and walk away. At least she will have a joyful gift in 9 months. I'm sure she'll be a great single mom. Now if you excuse me I need to go beat off to this again. Reply Report

Karmabitch69 -8 points1138 days ago

So why did you come here? Rape is for a Man to take what he needs at a time that maybe doesn't work out for you.
Reply Report

toad +13 points1880 days ago

Cant help myself. Love these cruel vids. Need to be longer and better quality but they make me come Reply Report

Bullza +10 points1984 days ago

What has our society become that a guy who see's a girl being raped, says it's fucked up and gets 51 down votes.

Dear lord, seriously probably most the people who visit this site should be behind bars.
Reply Report

hugestcockhere +17 points933 days ago

Should you be behind bars too ? Reply Report
battle toads

battle toads +8 points1195 days ago

can someone translate? Reply Report

djontravolta +7 points806 days ago

The only thing worse than a rape is filming it with calculator. Reply Report
dom d

dom d +6 points2102 days ago

Wish it was clearer Reply Report

alexandria76 +6 points2164 days ago

I think this is reality rape porn. cool Reply Report

concerned +5 points1905 days ago

this is so disgusting. i really hope the men in this video were prosecuted somehow. and for ppl saying she is an actor or giving some stupid justification for it are just covering up they're own disgusting thoughts. Reply Report

Andrei +5 points1579 days ago

It is a vary good video. I'm waiting for more of the same kind ! Reply Report

NamelessGhoul +5 points796 days ago

To everyone calling us perverted for enjoying this, first off, stop trying to be holier-than-thou on a fucking porn site, second, would you rather have us go out and ACTUALLY rape people? Cause I can guarantee that this is the better alternative Reply Report

alyosh -2 points475 days ago

What disgusting argument. Saying "would you rather have us go out and actually rape people?" is beyond disturbing, you act as if every man MUST either rape or at least have a hard core rape fantasy and fulfill that by watching real videos of actual rape occurring. There is no better alternative, you are most definitely encouraging rape by supporting these videos whether you'd like to acknowledge it or not. I feel awful for your mother along with any sisters you might have (or maybe you have mommy issues which is why you feel the need to over power women?) Reply Report

foreveryoungonearth +3 points1030 days ago

she is crying because it was so tasty Reply Report

- +3 points815 days ago

I was wondering about the resolution until I realized I could just count the pixels, so I'm good. Reply Report
Camera Whore

Camera Whore +2 points844 days ago

Look at her wanting to put a good show on for the camera! Reply Report
dick man

dick man +2 points101 days ago

wanna see a 12yo get fucked
Reply Report

Daddiesgirl   0 points80 days ago

@dick man my dad started fucking me at 10 by 12 I was craving it love being my daddies toy Reply Report

truth +1 points2167 days ago

not hot has parent neglect issues Reply Report

death +1 points2085 days ago

U well all fuckin die Reply Report

diopu +1 points2047 days ago

You all are desgusting, you should be ashamed and you will be going to hell when you die, Im not like you idiots, in fact after I jacked off to this I watched it agiean, needless to say I might jack off to this right now, You all are desusting Reply Report
whore choker

whore choker +1 points372 days ago

Choke her out, she is too noisy and annoying to cum to.
Reply Report

Kimmo +1 points367 days ago

Suck it girl suck it suck that cock Reply Report

redblue76 +1 points283 days ago

It's simple, bitch got in the wrong car, now she has to pay for the ride. Reply Report
not hot

not hot   0 points2167 days ago

so the guy is sandnigger, but his penis is black yet uncharasteriticly its the size of a thumb, that shit is confuzing Reply Report

hmm?   0 points2056 days ago

Is that why anyone has sex ever then? To propogates it? Reply Report

everyman   0 points1728 days ago

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! Reply Report

Ha!rapey   0 points1212 days ago

good enough Reply Report
No Mercy

No Mercy   0 points960 days ago

If this is real then the police of her country should trace her and punish her severely for taking part in an immoral act. They should force her to suck their dicks too, and then cane her tits. Reply Report
tam howard

tam howard   0 points352 days ago

@No Mercy shes being forced Reply Report
deeply ashamed

deeply ashamed   0 points668 days ago

that is fucked up but busting a nut to it aint gonna do shit so lets go Reply Report

Ytbone   0 points367 days ago

What the fuck i wrong with these bastards but we should rape their mom fucking assholes no shame. They should be in jail Reply Report
tam howard

tam howard   0 points351 days ago

poor girl shes going through it
Reply Report

freakygirl69   0 points301 days ago

come view my vvideos Reply Report
I know da wae

I know da wae   0 points287 days ago

How do I make a diamond sword on Minecraft? Reply Report

FBI2018   0 points250 days ago

This is the FBI we’re launching a investigation of who uploaded this video. If you have any information to help with the ongoing investigation . Contact us immediately Reply Report

Daddy4578   0 points65 days ago

You think she swallowed? Reply Report

ingomat -1 points819 days ago

Unbelievable, for the first time I must agree with frankw265 - how bad is it possible to make a short video - rubbish Reply Report

psychoo -2 points2003 days ago

Why the hell is every chocked by this video ? First of all i've seen worst snuff movies, she is only forced to suck, not a big deal, and WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN THE RAPE CATEGORY IF YOU DON T WANNA SEE IT ? Get the hell out Reply Report

sickboy +8 points1773 days ago

No big deal to get forced to suck? Dude, your next! Reply Report

frankw265 -2 points1187 days ago

Violence is not sexy! Timid cock sucking! Lame tit play! Bad camera! Bad view! Bad sound! No finish! Rubbish. Reply Report

FBI2018 +1 points250 days ago

@frankw265 why show your face . We know who you are Reply Report

Tj187 -2 points717 days ago

Nah this is fucked up man Reply Report

Djdjwjsj -3 points997 days ago

How do u report this Reply Report
Ho jo

Ho jo -5 points2161 days ago

That bitch is era faziera. She's a Malaysian artist and actor Reply Report

FREAK -13 points2165 days ago

She obviously enjoys it Reply Report
need sex

need sex -15 points2046 days ago

good video all girls deserve to be raped pls make more videos and keep raping :) Reply Report

mister90w -3 points1757 days ago

AMEN TO THAT SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report
Red Balzmen

Red Balzmen -20 points2029 days ago

My neighbor on south side of Chicago would drop off his three daughters aged 15, 16 and 18 to get raped and bred. He'd drop em off at 9 and pick them around 1. He kept it up until they got pregnant. All did. All got aids and became crackheads. They loved the education. They then became nuns. Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member -54 points2166 days ago

thats just fucked up man Reply Report

pervman +3 points1757 days ago

I know ! its a great time to be alive ! ! Reply Report

Sickboy -80 points2167 days ago

The way she reacts on the camera, it seems the biggest humiliation for this girl is being filmed. She is now on the internet and it will never go away anymore. Thankd to Heavy-r.
And yeah, I know what you will say: if we don't do it, others will do it. But it is nowhere as easily available as here. No sign in, no download, just google it and start herking of to other ones misery.
Reply Report
not name

not name -92 points2166 days ago

shame of this site Reply Report

Jimmie -1 points543 days ago

I want to suck Loren Foster's big titties Reply Report

dcrew -98 points2167 days ago

this frm malaysia, probably the northern state listening to the ancent.. asshole guys molesting this defenseless girl, hope she report it to the cops n gus gets ass whooping caning Reply Report