Big Ass Girl Shits In Toilet

Well actually she shits next to the toilet. LOL!

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fabion +14 points1864 days ago

would luv to eat some of that ...some girl's poop tastes freaking good Reply Report

ScatMan +4 points1865 days ago

Mmmmmmmm..... Candy Reply Report
whore boss

whore boss +4 points1851 days ago

What a crack whore! I'd LOVE to eat every ounce of her shit..........especially if she only charges a quarter. Reply Report

weirdo +3 points1842 days ago

She may look like a crack whore but I'd pay her fifty bucks to shit like that for me then have her suck me off. Oh yeah, good times. Reply Report
premature ejaculator

premature ejaculator +3 points1698 days ago

lovely to watch, really sexy!! Reply Report
toilet boy

toilet boy +2 points1865 days ago

what waist she could of done it on my face Reply Report

illeatit +2 points1864 days ago

ohhh waste of candy! i wouldve ate that paste Reply Report

pns +2 points1858 days ago

Now that's my type of candy. Yum yum. Reply Report

footconnoisseur +2 points1739 days ago

She has a hot body and you are right some womens poop really taste great,some are on the perfect diets. Reply Report
Girl Poo Lover

Girl Poo Lover +1 points1499 days ago

I'd love to fuck her doggie style while she starts shitting, then fuck her arse mid shit, and come in her bum..... Reply Report

adam +1 points1279 days ago

Very sexy loved it id eat her ass an pussy Reply Report

SATANS ASS DESTROYER   0 points1784 days ago

Its the fact that she will shit for you for 25 cents!!! thats a whole ot of shit for 25 cents amagine what you can get with one dollar!! Reply Report

ilikecookies2   0 points1673 days ago

She has a great ass, particularly for this.... hmm... where was the raging-hard dick fuck her after/during?? Reply Report
Throbbin' Johnson

Throbbin' Johnson   0 points1625 days ago

I want that shit all over my dick. God. I would eat all of her shit straight from her perfect asshole. Reply Report

Lol   0 points1407 days ago

Can you poop again Reply Report

Bri   0 points1411 days ago

Is there any sites just for this stuff? Reply Report

simon   0 points1398 days ago

The BEST site for called ....SCATRINA.....its fukin awesome....if you like girls poo...this is for hooked. Reply Report

Mmmmmmm   0 points1332 days ago

My review:
Her ass-four faps out of five
The pre shit fart-ten faps out of five
Her shit-six squirts of cum plus twenty faps out of five.
Reply Report
Scatfun 69

Scatfun 69   0 points449 days ago

Mmm love to taste that lovely poo n drink all your pee Reply Report

Paint4Love   0 points1189 days ago

Wow, now that is pure art Reply Report

Toompie -2 points1864 days ago

Fucking love that shit in my mouth! Reply Report

Socks -5 points1865 days ago

I don't trust her claim that it's candy. I won't have any until she has some first. :) Reply Report
Robin Banks

Robin Banks -9 points1867 days ago

She looks like a coke head, saggy fat ass anyway.......................whore! Reply Report