Nude Chinese Girl Beaten By Other Girls

Chinese kids are so evil, they even force her to beat herself! I wonder what this girl has done to deserve such punishment.

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MAO +24 points2349 days ago


duh +11 points1330 days ago

there are language-courses for that. Reply Report

Elliot +17 points2196 days ago

All of them are in Chinese prisons serving life sentences, except one who went into hiding and hasn't been caught yet. They'll be making my Nikes for the next several decades. Reply Report

SM +15 points2092 days ago

To me she acts like a slave. "Having sex without consent" seems unlikely, if you ordered her to let you fuck her ass, she would say nothing. There are girls out there you want to be and are in effect just owned. They will let you do whatever their owner tells them to. Thinking no is likely something she has not done for a long time. She probably likes it that way. Reply Report

suckerpunch +15 points1931 days ago

certainly not fake, this video went viral, these schoolgirls wanted to teach her a lesson for some reason, she also invited some boys to rape her, but i never seen that on video, if anyone could post that, that would be great Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state +8 points2295 days ago

i hope im not weird...but i find this quite sexy !!! hahaha Reply Report

w4gk9im +8 points2237 days ago

My god. Her reaction and expression. She is ready to take her own life. She has that one expression... ive seen it before Reply Report

TOAD +7 points2233 days ago

Wish it was longer and they dragged her by the hair outside and kicked the shit out of her. Love the fact she was fucked first Reply Report

Epoch +6 points2262 days ago

Humans on this planet are running out of time. The next mass extingtion event will soon begin and it will be your own doing. Get ready. Reply Report

damn +6 points2236 days ago

Hey if you think this is bad you should see the begining that was cut off there is actually some guy who is having sex with her presumably with out consent...not joking! Reply Report

wise_brotha +5 points2289 days ago

na, they ain't viet. they're southern cantonese village folks. Reply Report

milly +5 points1905 days ago

anyone male or female not turned on by this is a cunt, awesome Reply Report

bill +4 points1788 days ago

if I was there i would wipe out my cock and squirt cum on her Reply Report

jamie +2 points2282 days ago

i got a big boner i like it wow as long as not get any worse is exciting why dont they slap her titties and grap her pussy he he be more fun Reply Report

toad +2 points2221 days ago

wanked to this lots. wish they had pissed on her Reply Report

jmj +2 points2018 days ago

Poor camera work. Most of the time, the victim is hidden by her torturers.
Reply Report

TOAD +1 points2168 days ago

Still wank to this loads. Great tits and cunt. Still looking for longer version. Want to see her fucked Reply Report
young prostitute

young prostitute +1 points1159 days ago

There is a video of this girl beaten outdoor, but I can't find it again. Reply Report

mmmmmm   0 points2327 days ago

LOVE evil Chinese kids Reply Report
pain puppy

pain puppy   0 points1970 days ago

Yep, great body, Id use her as a sex slave any day Reply Report

criticizer   0 points2011 days ago

not the girl has low self-esteem, it is the others who have no self-confidence and need to group up. i would probably kill each of these coward little bitches with a single punch. damned village people Reply Report

laotuong   0 points1863 days ago

tiu ni du mu fi hay , fuck your mother, fat pussy bitch, not a fucking hero ten girl against one, and those fucking fay tsai guy talk shit , theri dick may be erect for that nake girl Reply Report

mike   0 points1788 days ago

finger bang her Reply Report

Mikenaka0413   0 points757 days ago

At least theyre not wearing shoes
Reply Report

EastVanRulez   0 points798 days ago

So you want to be a MMA fighter .... Reply Report
non member

non member   0 points695 days ago

forgeting the lunch money no more Reply Report

bigroger   0 points370 days ago

Gorgeous body, she deserves better than that, like being fucked in all three holes while we watch ;) Reply Report
Jim Harcourt-Carson Oil Portland Oregon

Jim Harcourt-Carson Oil Portland Oregon   0 points209 days ago

tenderizing the like Reply Report

Superchicken -1 points2354 days ago

Some kind of initiation ceremony? She seems to be a willing participant. Reply Report

666666 -3 points2200 days ago

I reckon they beat her up cause she was a fucken Jesuit bitch Reply Report

sdf -5 points2354 days ago

chinese version of truckerhat lesbian is found, about 3 times!
Also the naked chick has nice titties for a chink
Reply Report

wtf -6 points2353 days ago

this is vietnamese... Reply Report
god bless

god bless -6 points2231 days ago

wtf the people,this is nasty,dirty,sick Reply Report
Justin Ashe

Justin Ashe -8 points2162 days ago

Dumbasses, this is fake, the victim is in other videos like this we have seen.....look at the body kicks...idiots Reply Report

Papuchie -10 points2295 days ago

I can't understand how can be possible to find this kind of videos funny for some individuals : (
That video shows the reason why JesusChrist return is imminent. THERE IS NOT MORE LOVE...JUST HATE EVERYWHERE!!!!
I hope the same thing happen to each one of those bullies. GOD HELP US!
Reply Report
young prostitute

young prostitute +2 points1059 days ago

Jesus is already here on Earth. It is Miley Cyrus ! Reply Report

sickboy   0 points1330 days ago

Well yeah the world is coming to an end because some kids are sooo cruel. It didn't end when Hitler was doing his thing or Pol Pot, or, or, or...
Sp go fuck yourself stupid moralist motherfucker
Reply Report

krrrr -16 points2258 days ago

hope that pretty naked girl killed herself by now hehehe lol :) Reply Report