Very Young Russian Girls Totally Drunk

Their parents probably can't take care of them because they're probably too drunk as well.

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mmm +90 points1882 days ago

id love to make them totally drunk and them rape them Reply Report

Dave8649   0 points68 days ago

I think these two are ready to join European brothel. Like the one in "Czhech fantasy". Pretty sure this is Ukraine, so they are already close to deal with EU on visas. Reply Report

icke -6 points752 days ago

Ich seid dreckige Pädophile die der Schwanz abgeschnitten werden müsste Reply Report

I'mRickJamesBitch +28 points1884 days ago

I see lots of rape in their future... Reply Report

dad +19 points1811 days ago

hope my daughter is like them at her age with a man or two Reply Report

ComeToDaddy +17 points1120 days ago

the brunette could lick my hairy asshole while i piss on the blonde lolitas face.....if they have tits they are old enoug Reply Report

Teenlover +16 points1794 days ago

I wanna see them get fucked Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +14 points1083 days ago

Oh yes I like getting little girls drunk then talk them into kissing and sucking each others titties then blackmailing them for sex Reply Report

guy +12 points1786 days ago

i would let me daughter hang out there nothing wrong with haveing a good time Reply Report

Nice +10 points1600 days ago

i'd rape them,, the younger the better Reply Report

Jim +9 points1105 days ago

I just came so hard to these little whores. Reply Report

Toad +8 points1774 days ago

Truely young and truely lovely... same they were not naked and sucking my cock Reply Report

Creampie101 +7 points789 days ago

I bet both of those girls have older brothers that live at home with them. I would be willing to bet that tonight when they go home and pass out on their beds that their brothers go in and climb in bed with them, strip them naked and have their way with them. By the time they wake up in the morning they would both be filled with load after load of their brother's cum and not even have a clue why their pussys are so wet and sore. Possibly even from their dad too. What lucky guys!!! I would love for one of them to be in my family and come home totally wasted and pass smooth out! Reply Report

MR PENIS +6 points1876 days ago

keep masturbing Reply Report
hard rikk

hard rikk +6 points1715 days ago

i would take them both to my motel and tech them how to do cum shot's !!!!
Reply Report

dady4u76 +6 points1412 days ago

after they are done with them bottles they can wrap those sexy young lips around my 'bottle'! Reply Report

Popi +6 points1375 days ago

Would love to fuck them Reply Report
Dr. Africa

Dr. Africa +5 points1881 days ago

They are Ukrain Reply Report

King_Kostner +5 points1871 days ago

Good teens for fuck their asses! Reply Report

George +5 points1827 days ago

il take care of them:) Reply Report

hornyjoe +5 points1324 days ago

my dick is so hard for that hot fucking blonde michele, hell am going to jerk off until i make her scream and cum deep in her very tight hot pussy oh mechele how i'd fuck you baby !! Reply Report

prince +3 points1717 days ago

The blonde lady so hot. Would love to share a nice bottle of Shiraz with her, Then slowly strip her naked and fill her young cunt with spunk Reply Report

hornyjoe +3 points1324 days ago

i'd fuck that hot little blonde over and over cumming in her again and again until i got her pregnant so i could be the only guy she fucks everyday !! wow i know she would be a great fuck !! Reply Report

ingomat +3 points1008 days ago

Give them vodka and watch how drunk they can get Reply Report

vomitluver16 +3 points720 days ago

please puke on me Reply Report

O.o +2 points1557 days ago

Future sluts smh Reply Report
sick fuck

sick fuck +1 points209 days ago

these girls would get violently raped i would caress them with alcohol and drugs and bring them to my house and get them hooked and fuck there tight little innocent cunts and abuse and beat them all day everyday until; all they knew was drugs and rough forced sex with me i would kidnap them forever and make them my sex slaves cum inside there wet pussys Reply Report

...   0 points1810 days ago

@Dad .. lets hope you don't have kids then. Reply Report

jkidd   0 points1759 days ago

NON member that was not nice. Reply Report

sickboy   0 points1626 days ago

Since they are drinking Saku on Ice, this is probably in Estonia. Lots of russians there drinking in the streets Reply Report
at anonymous pedo

at anonymous pedo -1 points1809 days ago

who said they are the same people? Reply Report

wence85 -1 points239 days ago

Fantastic Reply Report

Teenlover -2 points1794 days ago

it says very young but how young do you think they are exactly? Reply Report

zimzim -4 points1918 days ago

welcome to Britain...oh wait Reply Report

Bigballs -4 points1528 days ago

They are Russian aren't they all like this??? Reply Report

anonymous_pedo -6 points1850 days ago

Isn't it adorable how people aren't afraid to express their pedophiliac desires on an anonymous comment thread yet will scream 'kill pedophiles' in other venues. And by adorable I mean disgusting. Reply Report