Girls Wetting Their Panties

These girls are so young and already so dirty! If I was there with them I would have drunk it all.

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ScatMan +17 points2045 days ago

Just how I like it, UK and Pissing Reply Report

Sickboy +12 points2043 days ago

Great video. They shoulld have swapped panties afterwards. Reply Report

littlegirlluver +9 points1901 days ago

my daughter has those panties Reply Report
Hubert Greiler Düren

Hubert Greiler Düren -1 points181 days ago

@littlegirlluver, how old is your daughter? Is she a little slut and do you fuck her? Can I fuck her? Reply Report
susan ashton

susan ashton +9 points1795 days ago

in reply to ''ufisdcjin'' you come across as a Woman hater to you All members of the
female sex Are sluts. they are having Fun you dried up Prune. maybe if you did NOT trawl through the Porn sights yourself then you' d not see ''Sluts'' like these lovely girls peeing for fun and they make loads of CASH! think about that, And go back Home where you come from!....... from Susan Ashton. London.
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Leek +6 points1419 days ago

The one wearing sunglasses on her head has done loads of scat films with Louise Hunter and Cherry Torn. Reply Report
New Zealander

New Zealander +5 points2045 days ago

Wow girls taking A pee pee. Ohh La laaa. lol Reply Report

Martin +5 points1851 days ago

It's always pissing it down in the UK.... Reply Report

srsly +3 points2045 days ago

You guys have no idea how much money i would pay just to drink their piss.. Reply Report

duh +3 points2035 days ago

@Sickboy, I second that! :) Reply Report

ufisdcjin +2 points2046 days ago

non-member wtf, these girls aren't posh, they happen to have a southern England accent that sounds posh to people that aren't from the south. They aren't posh they are just sluts. Reply Report

maturejack72 +2 points1953 days ago

I love sluts like these, Love to lick them Reply Report

peeingislife +2 points631 days ago

I love how girl's streams are so strong they pee through their pants! Reply Report
mark nutt

mark nutt +1 points2044 days ago

"CAN YAH SEE UHP MAH SKUT?!?" Reply Report

Widget +1 points1951 days ago

Omg sick boy yes.... That would've been hot Reply Report
they should bring soap

they should bring soap +1 points1870 days ago

they should bring soap and 6 bucket of water so they get naked and they get clean. :)
after there done. more info later
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wtf   0 points2048 days ago

Should have taken their panties off and sprayed the posh bitch with the camera. Don't let those la-di-da accents fool you, English bitches these days are up for anything. Reply Report

si   0 points1988 days ago

anyone of those can sit on my face and let go so horny Reply Report

Anne   0 points1714 days ago

All white girls are whores. Im surrounded by them. Reply Report
shower drinker

shower drinker   0 points1645 days ago

what a waste they could have taken it in turns to use my mouth Reply Report

tel   0 points12 days ago

i would drink all piss from them then lick panties and pussys of all cant believe how much ave just cum ;-) loved it Reply Report
non member

non member -1 points1858 days ago

my mate used 2 go out wiv harmony when she livd in hull
Reply Report

superhero -6 points1693 days ago

Why Americans are so ugly? Lol Reply Report

wtf -10 points2045 days ago

ufisdcjin, I spent years on exchange in the UK, so I know a posh accent when I hear it. If Victoria Beckham qualifies as posh with her accent then these girls are members of the club too. Anyways, it's agreed that they are sluts... Reply Report