Wife Punished For Cheating

Wife gets the most brutal punishment for cheating on her husband. I think we can be pretty sure she won't ever do that again.

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aardvark +17 points1927 days ago

Stupid fat bitch won't do that gain will she. Forgot to make her eat a bowl of her own puke there though buddy. Reply Report

Cucky +2 points1518 days ago

Cheating wifes are great! Reply Report

sexybitch +11 points1722 days ago

i wish someone did tht to me...i live for this...somebody come to my house and tie me up and fuck my pussy and asss
then stangle me with ur bare hands while u shove ur dick down my mouth and cum in therethen slap and spank me till i bleed and cry for mercy but dont give me any damn mercy..becuz this bitch deserves..rape me with everything u got
then take me outside and fuck me whileim tied and dont leave till theres a crowd
tell them to rape and fuck me so hard i bleed and tell them not to unite me and come back whenevr u want to do it all over again
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Hurt u

Hurt u   0 points36 days ago

@sexybitch I would hurt u n ways u never dreamed of. N when me n my friends got done with u, you wouldn't b able to move for 2 days. Don't ask for what u cant handle
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Evening Star

Evening Star   0 points671 days ago

Is that all? Reply Report

bigbang +3 points1505 days ago

Sexybitch give your address,i will teach your pussy and ass for 6 hours Reply Report
Dot Dot Dot

Dot Dot Dot +2 points1518 days ago

What in the name of everything that's holy is wrong with you sick bastard? Reply Report

Diablo +5 points1924 days ago

this is called bondage this aint a cheating wife getting punished the guy is using skill Reply Report

xxxsexfreakxxx +5 points1894 days ago

Put my first wife on his list, she deserves the same treatment. Reply Report
The Mangler

The Mangler +4 points1205 days ago

Decent vid, but I'm surprised he didn't knock those big tits around. Would have been nice to see them whipped, or at least used as a punching bag for a little while. Reply Report

bummer +3 points1808 days ago

Crying like crazy Reply Report

aiisha13 +3 points1658 days ago

Good training Reply Report

andoslut +3 points467 days ago

I want someone to treat me like this. Reply Report
The Mangler

The Mangler +1 points1205 days ago

Decent vid, but I'm surprised he didn't knock those big tits around. Would have been nice to see them whipped, or at least punched. Reply Report
Dom hubby

Dom hubby   0 points1269 days ago

Mines turned into a fat pig to, and shes treated like one
Made her fuck some guys then punished her worse than this when they had finished with her
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pigfucker   0 points937 days ago

What an ugly pig that is Reply Report

slut -1 points1761 days ago

Lucky whore, I wish I had her husband. Reply Report
love it

love it -2 points1787 days ago

shock the cunt again, then slap the bitch for crying, dumb whore deserves it Reply Report
john boy

john boy -2 points1664 days ago

great another video of a nigger beating up a white girl Reply Report

Poppo -2 points1391 days ago

Who the hell wanna fuck that fat ugly bitch Reply Report

Boo -3 points1726 days ago

What is a whone? That is what he wrote on her. Reply Report

wow -5 points1928 days ago

stupid bitch. turn around and knock his ugly ass out. Reply Report

FTW -6 points1880 days ago

The fucking bitch deserved it but even so it was hard to watch her get tortured and IT hope she kicks his ass, returns the favor, and gets her revenge. Reply Report

leo -13 points1926 days ago

stupid bitch kick him in the dick and get a divorce. Reply Report