Shitty Anal Sex

Bitch forgot to shit prior anal sex.

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Death to muslims and mohammed

Death to muslims and mohammed +36 points1993 days ago

You know, that turd looked like your homo god mohammed Reply Report
Born a Jew

Born a Jew +2 points895 days ago

What a comment to come from the so called educated and enlightened people who don't know who their fathers are. Reply Report

Analpoopfucker +14 points1535 days ago

I love when my girlfriend poops all over my cock and then I fuck it back into her ass so hard ;) Reply Report

wtf +10 points1993 days ago

al muslims have tiny dicks Reply Report
Not a Muslim

Not a Muslim +4 points895 days ago

Have you been taking a lot of muslim cocks up your fart hole to make such a judgement. Reply Report

* RIEGEL * +8 points1883 days ago

that's enough internet for today .... (') __(.) my eyes Reply Report

Whocareswhatmynameis +5 points1869 days ago

But what's funny is everyone who watched it saw the image befor u hit play
And still hit that button just to see what it exactly was when we all knew what it was
Reply Report

simon +3 points1540 days ago

mmmmm....fukin heaven......I came sooo girl poo smells......stinky girl panties,pussies and botties. Reply Report
Fuck head below

Fuck head below +2 points1874 days ago

Sick? Bet you watched the whole thing and jerked off too...didn't you? Wanker! Reply Report

poopnfart +2 points1814 days ago

Yummy stinky soft poop! I came hard to this vid! I love the feeling of hot fresh smelly poop all over my stiff cock! Reply Report

.com +2 points1739 days ago

best lube. Reply Report

thesexguy +1 points1904 days ago

i love shity dicks, i wish i can have sex with a shity dick
Reply Report
Derp Derpky (below poster)

Derp Derpky (below poster) +1 points1868 days ago

What law says one has to 'watch' the videos to post asswipe...

how dumb are you ffs. LOL.
Reply Report

smf +1 points1315 days ago

Now clean her ass with your mouth Reply Report
Love it dirty

Love it dirty +1 points413 days ago

I used to have a girlfriend who loved anal while she was full, it got nice and messy, always made her cum better. The shittiest thing about this vid is soemone replaced what was probably a very exciting soundtrack with rubbihsy music... Reply Report

DREADWING1977 +1 points722 days ago

I did this to MY Ex-Girlfriend before she moved to FLORIDA But I ALL WAYS WORE A CONDOM. They say having SHIT inside your DICK is Not very HEALTHY but I Don't know what to believe didn't chance it. Reply Report

TECHNO BLACK GUY   0 points1860 days ago

lol whatever floats there boat we're not judge but seriously NOT my kind of thing Reply Report
5 7 and can dunk

5 7 and can dunk   0 points1494 days ago

i dont see how u fake that Reply Report

Derham   0 points582 days ago

It goes down hill faster but an upside it ain't me Reply Report

extremepornmaster   0 points6 days ago

Hot Reply Report
death to Muhammad

death to Muhammad -1 points1994 days ago

this is real! Reply Report
Muslims Are Assholes

Muslims Are Assholes -1 points1994 days ago

Fake Reply Report

God -1 points1988 days ago

We invented electricity stupid fuck Reply Report

Severous!!! -1 points1970 days ago

No jodaaaas Reply Report

hairylegs94 -1 points1902 days ago

really hot Reply Report

Anjel -2 points1116 days ago

Sinceramente gostava de dar uma foda como esta! Acho que será uma sensação maravilhosa sentir a mulher a cagar quando nós estamos a foder assim um cu, mas ela deve delirar de levar no cu e cagar!! Assim tem duas sensações. Reply Report
American Patriot

American Patriot -3 points1900 days ago

Reply Report

mattesaischa -5 points1952 days ago

da würde ich gern danach einfach alles sauberfressen.. Reply Report

. -11 points1878 days ago

sick fuckers... right up there with pedo's if you like this 'shit'. Reply Report
No Muslim

No Muslim -13 points1993 days ago

Hahahahaha... U r using Internet? Telephone? Cars? Western World is scum... So go on and use the shit u invented! scum... Reply Report
Death To Muslim & Muhammad Haters

Death To Muslim & Muhammad Haters -40 points1994 days ago

This is very real you western scum. Your white bitch shit on her man when he is making the love. Shit on all white men. Praise be Allah Las. I hate the westerners. Praise Allah Las. Reply Report