Women Armwrestling Gone Very Wrong

This is why women should't do this kind of shit. Because their arms are like toothpicks.

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:o +7 points2112 days ago

Now i know not to armwrestle ever again Reply Report

mantis +4 points1238 days ago

Once again the folly of vaginas acting like penises Reply Report

member +3 points2115 days ago

this is not a problem with her bone, but with her joint. it happens to men as well. Reply Report

alexandria76   0 points2115 days ago

wocka wocka Reply Report

imbatman   0 points2080 days ago

Address to Bart: ROFLMAO!! Reply Report

thatcrazyguy   0 points1851 days ago

toothpicks LOL Reply Report
mr misterio

mr misterio   0 points1260 days ago

Outch!!!! Reply Report

FBoy56   0 points449 days ago

She probably has the beginning stages of osteoporosis if her arm bone broke.But to me it looked like an elbow dislocation. Reply Report

zzzz -1 points2087 days ago

zzzzz.. so boring..nothing happened Reply Report

Solo -2 points1951 days ago

Weak bones, weak everything. Reply Report

lmao -3 points2115 days ago

Well no fucking shit! Look at her arm! Lmao she looks like that yellow faggot spongebob, and her reaction! PRICELESS! When your hand is a certain way like the girl on the right your muscles not only use your arm muscles but also forearms as opposed to just using your arm muscles, the slightest degree in your wrist will make the biggest change resulting in always winning Reply Report
non member

non member -21 points1915 days ago

Perfect time for a good violent ass raping !! She cant fight u off so she will just have to lay their knowing shes being used like a cum dumpster Reply Report

Bart -63 points2115 days ago

Ow! My bones are so brittle. But I always drink plenty of.... Malk? Reply Report