Snuff movie: Girl wrapped in a plastic bag

If she didn't die, she must be suffering brain damage for the rest of her life.

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Sado lover

Sado lover +91 points1876 days ago

I've seen this video else where. They end up removing the bag and she's unconscious, her lips are blue, but they do revive her. Totally real. Reply Report

Yeah... +24 points1653 days ago

For those who don't get the video...
1. Asphyxiation like this can bring serious pleasure! It's very dangerous though.
2. She was surrounded by doctors and professionals. She was not going to die. Her lungs stop, as well as her heart, but a quick slap in the face revives most people when exposed to air since the brain is still sending pain signals.
3. She will not suffer brain damage either. The brain must go several minutes with various things going wrong (lack of blood flow, oxygen, overheating, etc.). The moment this video cut off, they unzip the bag, take her out, slap her in the face, and she's fine.

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Pussy +16 points1687 days ago

Do upload the full video idiots, we want to see the end where she is ok Reply Report

>>>>>>>>>>>>&g +14 points1856 days ago

guaranteed fresh till opened! Reply Report

Why? +8 points1869 days ago

Why would you volunteer for this fucking Weird shit.. Reply Report

yoz2k25 +7 points1616 days ago

wheres the rest or the vid?
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AbductandSuffocate +7 points1023 days ago

I know for a fact she went through sheer agony before she went unconscious. I let someone handcuff my hands behind my back and then my head was bagged up and sealed at the neck. I told them no matter how much I begged and pleaded, not to un-bag my head until I was unconscious. It was the biggest mistake of my life. After about 2 minutes the pain quickly got worse. My lungs felt like they were going to explode and my whole body was in pain. I couldnt take it anymore and I wanted the bag off my head NOW. I was hooded and couldnt see where my partner was at so I just yelled through my gag that I was done and to un-bag me.

Without hesitation he refused and reminded me that the deal was the bag didnt come off until I went unconscious. I didnt care about that anymore and I wanted the pain to stop. I screamed PLEASE over and over through my gag hoping he would give in. Then I was told if I didnt stop pleading he would leave me unconscious for a long time after I blacked out and there was no chance the bag was coming off until I was unconscious. The pain was so terrible I began to cry uncontrollably. I was crying so hard I was practically screaming.

I cried until I finally fell unconscious and my bagged head dropped face first into the floor. Next thing I know I was awake and my head was un-bagged. My handcuffs were off and the rope hogtying me and connecting my ankles to the noose around my neck was being untied. My leg straps were taken off and I was free.

To this day I regret ever doing what I did that day. I will never feel anything so terrible in my life. Im telling you, these girls did not know what they were getting into when they agreed to shoot these videos.
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wilson +6 points1811 days ago

this world is very insane and we join to this act dementia sad but true!
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Me want

Me want +6 points1560 days ago

Me need a bag like this Reply Report

Flea +5 points1870 days ago

for our viewing pleasure Reply Report

jill +4 points1762 days ago

Let me break this down "scientifically" video is 6 min long they didn't suck the air completely out until 2 min into it the brain can last as long as 5 min without oxygen so she had about a minute more before this could be potentially fatal or suffer any visible brain damage.. she was very close to dying but this was all fairly calculated. Still I don't know why this is a big fetish... I would be freaking the fuck out within seconds. Fearless she is Reply Report

Dee +4 points1069 days ago

Look at her face. She is not remotely doing this for fun, and I would bet every penny I own this is a sex trafficked girl (slave), that has no say in what is done to her. Horrific. I see nothing remotely entertaining and have to wonder how it has five stars. Reply Report

lbeezy +3 points1870 days ago

why do people volunteer for this sick shit? Reply Report

simon +3 points1685 days ago

Where can i buy such a plastic bag? Someone who knows? Reply Report

NewZealander +3 points1618 days ago

This is some sick as shit, Reply Report

bigle999 +3 points1486 days ago

" ...she must be suffering brain damage for the rest of her life ". If she DO THAT, she HAS BRAIN DAMAGE NOW. Reply Report

BegForAir +3 points911 days ago

There is another video where they do the same thing to a different girl and they leave her in for a few minutes longer than this one. If she didn't suffer brain damage I would be shocked. They leave her in the bag for over 8 minutes. Reply Report

Man1234 -1 points865 days ago

If you walked in on her.... Would you help her or leave her to suffocate?? Reply Report

Japanophile +2 points1863 days ago

Cocoa Soft video CNI03-01 with Keiichi Ikari. Scary. Reply Report
you know

you know +2 points1762 days ago

still fresh :D Reply Report

Tempest +1 points1015 days ago

For those whom is quick to judge do us a favour, grab some rope or bonding equ'm, a plastic bag (large sized if u've got 1), and your sleeping bag and try it out (mimic) yourselves>>>The discussion here should not be how much brain damage she'll suffer or how stupid she was, but rather imagine how much pain and agony she/her body had to endure whilst entrapped in there, being forced to go way beyond their original agreed time! Upon doing so you may find it to be more difficult than it looked. I'm willing to bet that most of you won't even make it past 30 secs (on your own) as the fear will take you so fast, you won't even know what hit ya...altho, BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVER DO IT!
Thus, for future references, plz try to be more supportive to these women who takes these dangerous risks (essentially) for their audiences and appreciate them for their work and determination to put on a somewhat decent show! Cheers :D
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mhmm   0 points1871 days ago

If you suffocated you would struggle and convulse seconds before death.... Reply Report

hi   0 points1868 days ago

hold your breath (mouth and nose) at the same time so that you can't breath.

Try to scream and you will figure out, it works well.
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Bdd   0 points196 days ago

if your stupid enough to willingly crawl inside a plastic bag then honestly I don't feel sorry for her!... and she deserved to suffocate Reply Report

luvthisshit   0 points971 days ago

looks like a great way to keep her dna out of the trunk of your car. where might i get some of these bags? Reply Report

BrokenPorcelain -1 points1618 days ago

Why? -.- Reply Report

clearplastique -1 points922 days ago

I love this video cant wait to find a babe to do this with wish the bag was pvc it would cling to the body better Reply Report

Jim -1 points865 days ago

If you walked in on this... Would you help her... Or leave her? Reply Report

AbductandSuffocate -2 points850 days ago

No question, leave her. If I could still see her chest convulsing trying to bring in air, I would pull up a chair and watch her reach the end. Then I would leave her corpse sealed in the bag for someone else to find later. Reply Report

thundergun -1 points840 days ago

needed to keep sucking the air out she was crying 2 much Reply Report

Help -4 points1839 days ago

Can someone call the cops ... Reply Report

Bummer -5 points1839 days ago

Well that's what she decited to do it was her choice. Dumb bitch Reply Report

noname -5 points1821 days ago

found video sold here
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Joe -5 points1647 days ago

Fuckin women let these assholes talk them into doing anything. They pretend to be nice and women can't tell they are phonies but other men can. Reply Report

xxxsexfreakxxx -8 points1830 days ago

Suicidal bitch, needs to be put in a straight jacket and tranquilized... Reply Report

member -25 points1869 days ago

how is she able to scream without oxygen? first she begins to suffocate, then she screams, obviously breathes in, screams, obviously breathes in, ... for more than one minute. Reply Report

TransAlice -1 points215 days ago

They don't suck out the air properly. If there was no air in the bag and they had forced her to exhale and hold her breath before sealing her in, there wouldn't be any air to scream. But humans can scream with air which they can't breathe with. She probably started screaming when the oxygen was low and carbon dioxide was high. Still enough air to scream. Reply Report