Mentally disturbed girl abused in public

Assholes abuse mentally ill girl and fuck her with a fish.

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alexandria76 +1292 points1964 days ago

dumbasses. this was an "art demonstration" Reply Report
Just amazing

Just amazing +17 points1776 days ago

Hope they make more!! Keep up the good work Reply Report

cockers +14 points1952 days ago

thats hot. they should make more Reply Report

ggggg +10 points1709 days ago

That girl had a great looking ass and pussy. This would have been better if they took her home and raped the fuck out of her. Too bad they ruined that by shoving dead fish in there. Reply Report

Real +9 points1843 days ago

Fake, Demo in SF. Reply Report

LOL +8 points1918 days ago

All you ppl are so fuckin stupid, this is performance art, and it's a masterpiece!!! HAHAHAHA Reply Report

dragonmanmark +7 points1837 days ago

Morons its fake!!! Without any info it looks like the point for this "art performance" is all societies around the world treat mentally ill men & women like garbage. Some more then others If this disturbs you please explain how you help the mentally ill have better life, in other words put up or shut up!!! Reply Report

Artistic? +6 points1783 days ago

Oh, the level of art here is astonishingly Reply Report

remio +4 points1944 days ago

art demo or not

the guy was power tripping and enjoying himself
Reply Report
Fuck this shit

Fuck this shit +3 points1127 days ago

The guy who did this to the poor girl, and the bystanders watching it and doing nothing to stop it, worse, cheering the bully and humiliation, should all die painfully and slowly. I would kill them all myself. FUCK YOU! Reply Report

cn +2 points1963 days ago

人权何在?人们走在一旁观看,禽兽不如 Reply Report

Josh +1 points1226 days ago

I agree Reply Report

beastman +2 points1357 days ago

Art...... it does, make you wonder.... Reply Report

Anon17 +2 points724 days ago

Why is there a man in a skirt in the background? Reply Report
God, I hate comments in everything

God, I hate comments in everything +2 points724 days ago

Why are these people on a RAPE PORN WEBSITE getting all high and mighty as if they are some amazing Samaritans and definitely didn't jerk off to this video Reply Report

wadafack +1 points1953 days ago

extreme heavy full power orgasm?? Reply Report

Waldo   0 points1964 days ago

She looks like an American, but i'm no expert in "who the fuck are you" so who knows? Reply Report

Zuzu   0 points1964 days ago

Does anyone know where this happened or who this girl is? Reply Report
Lena 11

Lena 11   0 points1455 days ago

art demo or not, that´s why I adore blck people, but many wish that her should be fcked and hurt by all the lurkers around, men, women, chldrn, blck and whte. Reply Report
Fuck you

Fuck you   0 points1198 days ago

i will find that black piece of shit and will kill him Reply Report

Meister   0 points1155 days ago

abartig Reply Report

ImNotHere   0 points897 days ago

how do we she wasn't mentally disturbed before she started to get involved with these guys? Reply Report

MotherfuCOONer   0 points540 days ago

Fuckin Nigger... We gave the black men their freedom and they go straight to our women and torture them. Fuck it, I'm makin this man my slave and he can die on his worst day out in the fields picking cotton for my fucking dirty underwear Reply Report

FISHY CUNT   0 points505 days ago


KinkyKitty   0 points447 days ago

I want this done to me so much Reply Report

killer_clownz   0 points229 days ago

Could have been busted for bestiality.... Reply Report
Walt Disney

Walt Disney   0 points42 days ago

This makes me moist. Reply Report

compassionate   0 points23 days ago

These PRICKS are every bit as bad and cruel as young uneducated brutal MUSLIMS in the Middle East or Africa Bush gangsters or Eastern European Militia scum.
Scum of the Earth, not even worth a bullet but the world would be just a tiny bit better if about a thousand of those sub humans from those 3 regions were snuffed out of the gene pool.
Reply Report

HOOOO -1 points1962 days ago

SALE BATARD DE .... Reply Report
angry mofo

angry mofo -1 points1729 days ago

would have loved to have a columbine school demonstration on those fuckers using an AA-12 Shotgun and a hundred rounds of ammo. cut all those people down and let them be disgraced by death Reply Report

killa -1 points1665 days ago

who ever posted this vid I hope u get this some day u summmm bitch and I mean bizz motherfucker Reply Report
Fuck u all u sick fucks

Fuck u all u sick fucks -1 points1565 days ago

Y would people do this she's also a human being Reply Report

Potatoes +7 points1116 days ago

Because potatoes Reply Report

berdysh -1 points1396 days ago

It is all death.
Reply Report

SEan -1 points1371 days ago

This is fake? I wasn't sure whether or not it was, that some good acting holy shit. Reply Report

notsure -1 points1186 days ago

Looks like something got into her..... :( not in mood now Reply Report

alex -1 points1338 days ago

Die! Stupid black! ! Reply Report

Art??Demo?SHUT THE FUCK UP!! -2 points1385 days ago

You are Sick!!!!!Insane!!!!!!
What kind DISEASE is it !!!???FUCK YOU!!!
Reply Report

Athos -2 points1367 days ago indeed...degenerates Reply Report
My God

My God -2 points1171 days ago

This is so messed up and just downright sad... I hope they all get mental help Reply Report

deessss -2 points441 days ago

WTF is wrong with people Reply Report
I hate ppl

I hate ppl -2 points439 days ago

We should've kept them fuckin cotton picking niggers as slaves. The are torturing our white women so we should torture all the black women but worse. Reply Report

Gey   0 points216 days ago

looks like someone is salty Reply Report

Fluffercunter -2 points540 days ago

How the fuck is this crap art?? It's a woman getting dead fish shoved in her pussy. I don't know how or why this is considered art and in what country... But I'm also confused on why there are so many people there watching and taking pictures, let alone women. The fuck is this shit? Some sort of motherfuckin mad house? I wonder if at least the women in this crowd are SOMEWHAT weirded out. They all look completely fine and normal. Some weird shitty cunty shit asses in this cunt world Reply Report

self -3 points1936 days ago

mare me encantan los videos de este lugar pero pobre muchacha cómo le pueden hacer eso -.- Reply Report

fuckmexicass +1 points408 days ago

taco taco burrito Reply Report

CHRIS DORNER -3 points1735 days ago

BLACK POWER!!! Reply Report
Your Fucking Nightmare

Your Fucking Nightmare -3 points761 days ago

This is the worst porn i ever seen.. I can't believe that this is allowed to post.. Jesus fucking christ ! Reply Report

KKK -4 points1367 days ago

kill the black monkeys ! Reply Report

O_______O -197 points1886 days ago

What the fuck did I just watch O_____O Reply Report

Anon -198 points1910 days ago

"That's not where it belongs. That's not where it belongs... DAFUQ DOING, PUT IT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS!" Reply Report

Dudeperson -199 points1941 days ago

That's fucked up!!!!! Two dicks down! Reply Report

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh -207 points1916 days ago


x916y0.z -223 points1924 days ago

the monkey with a fish must die Reply Report

Strega -235 points1926 days ago

What kind of person lets this continue. This guy needs his ass drug all around the floor, and the people watching beat. Reply Report
A guy from nowhere

A guy from nowhere -251 points1951 days ago

I like this site and their videos, But somewhat I can't accept that these fuckheads abusing a MENTALLY DISTURBED girl! A mentally unconscious person is just like a KID! Do it to a girl, Not a kid!
Or if that girl is on any drugs or she did for money, I'd say its a nice video
Reply Report

salute +2 points1244 days ago

Fuck you Reply Report

Jason -269 points1963 days ago

Really people? She's obviously on drugs. This is a weird situation to be in. Where are they? What are they doing? Reply Report

Sorry -300 points1929 days ago

On voit à quel niveau sont ces Americains (probablement), l'homme peut être pire que l'animal certaines fois. Aucune des personnes alentour n'a contester ? Ils ont tous l'ame d'un diable, qu'ils tombent plus bas que cette pauvre fille. Reply Report
A Non

A Non -312 points1964 days ago

whatever happened to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? people are fucking pathetic Reply Report

wanker -322 points1782 days ago

hope the nigger dies Reply Report

jm -331 points1961 days ago

back in the fiftys this guy would be knocked the fuck out for a week Reply Report
nigger die!

nigger die! -355 points1782 days ago

explain to me how this is art. abusing a so called mentally ill people is wrong it sends the wrong message. that bitch and nigger need to kill them selfs and so too the people watching. Reply Report

Zuzu -360 points1965 days ago

What the fuck is wrong with people. How could all those people stand around and watch and not do anything :( Reply Report
kill these people

kill these people -368 points1957 days ago

kill these sick bastards and all the pussies who stood and watched Reply Report

Giovanni -397 points1966 days ago

You sick fucks!!! Reply Report
lady mysteryrion

lady mysteryrion -400 points1957 days ago

fuckin bastards how could they do such sick things and the people around them that just stood there and watched are even sicker Reply Report
Lena 11

Lena 11 +3 points1455 days ago

Right, they should help the blck man and fck her all Reply Report

Dafuqinghell?! -447 points1963 days ago

My faith in humanity went from 52%, to -100%.
I'm into some really fucked up shit, but this was absolutely fucking horrible. Not only did this make me horribly sad, but uncontrollably angry. Can't believe humans have gotten this disgusting.
Reply Report

Asif -447 points1795 days ago

I feel sorry for that innocent girl. We see at what level are these Americans (probably), the man can be worse than animals at times. None of the bystanders did challenge? They all have the soul of a devil, they fall lower than this poor girl. Reply Report
Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester -509 points1961 days ago

American or not (but probably are) the fuckers in this video should have their bollocks cut off and disembowled for what they did to this girl. 2 words for them "pack animals." Reply Report

cromitar -573 points1785 days ago

wtf is wrong with you people?
Reply Report

A -656 points1967 days ago

Truly sick. I can't believe no one stepped in to stop this. I would have. Reply Report
judgement is coming

judgement is coming -760 points1963 days ago

don't worry guys judgement day is nearly upon us Reply Report

aidonian -1201 points1961 days ago

this is fuckinn criminal
is this what the american do to their sisters, daughters and mothers???
fuck you america !!! Fuck you
Reply Report