Too drunk to find a bathroom

Drunk girl puke, pees and shits in a back alley as she was too wasted to find a toilet.

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wtf +9 points1970 days ago

Like most Jap videos these days, this is fake as fuck. Reply Report
snoop doggy shit

snoop doggy shit +6 points1974 days ago

Hey, THATS the same alley where she was BORN!!!! Reply Report

Taint +5 points1973 days ago

She needs to be house trained. Reply Report

sheek +5 points1973 days ago

Dammmmmmmnnn! That's "f"ed up yo! Reply Report

FCA1975 +4 points1725 days ago

Was fucking how until she shat herself. WTF Would have been real hot if she would have just squirted like crazy in that position. Still annoys me the Japanese came come up with the most pervert, unusual sexual shit, but still censor vaginas!? Reply Report
A. Nonny Mouse.

A. Nonny Mouse. +3 points1615 days ago

Why pixelate the pussy? What the fuck? You see her asshole, but the pussy is blurred, why? It don't make no motherfuckin sense. Reply Report

blaketylersmith +3 points1561 days ago

u know one big thing that ruined this? the fuckin censorship! come on fuckers this is the internet Reply Report

adi +2 points1944 days ago

Suck more cocks, fingers of the partners and get diarrhoea like this girl. Reply Report

Lol +2 points1364 days ago

She can find her keys to open the door and her home, but she can't find the bathroom? Seriously? Reply Report

Pepito +1 points895 days ago

That's called acting. Reply Report

me +1 points1973 days ago

after she was done i woulda went and fucked her Reply Report

miki +1 points1972 days ago

Yola veo aciendo esasmamadas mela cojo x cochina Reply Report

folterer +1 points1965 days ago

Bei Japsen kann man nie die Fotze sehn
Reply Report

precumdaddy +1 points1611 days ago

id love to poke her in all her holes Reply Report

alexandria76 -1 points1973 days ago

chimpout Reply Report

jami63 -1 points1962 days ago

she's very sexy, I love her skirt and stockings Reply Report
Sum guy

Sum guy -2 points1451 days ago

Asians are fucked in the head!! And most of them are butt ugly and stink!! Reply Report

Dirk -2 points1445 days ago seeing girls take a's hot ..also tasting a hot girl poop can be very erotic. Reply Report