Girl Shitting After Holding Up For 7 Days

If you walked into this huge crap in your apartments building hallway, you would have never guessed it came from a hot chick.

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RedheadGurl6783 +23 points2094 days ago

Hey.. I'm a redhead looking for a boyfriend.. Anyone know where i could get one?

I would feed you shit and give you pee to drink
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flushmaster   0 points285 days ago

@RedheadGurl6783 let me i would love to

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Msgmeback +1 points430 days ago

Ill be your boyfriend as long as you hold up your end of the bargain lol Reply Report

Chris1990 -1 points671 days ago

I can be your boyfriend. I would love to eat your fresh shit and drink your hot pee so much Reply Report

Desaqw +11 points2122 days ago

Look at that vag Reply Report

Kelly +11 points2122 days ago

Ana Didovic doesn't do FAKE.
These are the chicks that block the toilets at partys and every one blames the fat guy.
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alexandria76 +10 points2122 days ago

Ahh, the lovely Ana Didovic. My Russian fecal princess. Reply Report

slydoespie +3 points799 days ago

She is from the Netherlands Reply Report

babydoll +10 points2059 days ago

I am 19 and a bbw. I will shit and piss on a guy between 21-35 if you are good looking and like fat girls I'm in Pennsylvania Reply Report

Casper_aus   0 points261 days ago


If u can get to australia.....
I would take you all night....week long
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alexandria76 +9 points2122 days ago

I'll bet it tastes like cotton candy. Feed me mommy. Reply Report

Scatophile +5 points2121 days ago

Fresh, organic and tasty. I love you Ana D. Reply Report

fuck +5 points1861 days ago

that was awesome your shit was fuck cool and your pussy looked fucking awesome to fuck now bitch Reply Report

Taint +4 points2122 days ago

She needs her nose rubbed in it.
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simonslut +4 points2122 days ago

Absolutely loved it and would love to come home to find that, I could play with it for hours and perhaps even eat it Reply Report

geo8x6 +4 points2121 days ago

Hey Albert, I'd fuck you up the ass and then shit in your mouth you fucking troll. Of course, I'd video it and post it on here to show the world what a shit eater you are Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state +4 points2119 days ago

i think they squirt chocolate cake up their asses with one of those icing guns....and if they don't shes a dirty slut...see that pussy ,it looks like something out of total recall. Reply Report

diugbytomaby +4 points2116 days ago

wow, dat girl shits lots!!! if she forces me to eat her shit, i'd be damned, i'd never eat all dat lot off!! maybe i'd save some and make shit cake with it - i wonder if anyone ever eaten shit before?? Reply Report

micky +4 points2005 days ago

any girls in canada who can feed some of their shit Reply Report

vajesus   0 points306 days ago

@micky right here Reply Report

geo8x6 +3 points2122 days ago

Who gives a "shit" if it's fake or not? Ana can shit like a fucking horse. I've seen an unedited clip where she laid a 2 foot long shit in the woods. This girl can shit! Reply Report

Ant +3 points2085 days ago

Beautiful Reply Report

cveen09 +3 points2082 days ago

i want a girl friend who can feed me her shit and me if you live close Reply Report

loveiswaiting +3 points2075 days ago

Mmmm, I love it! I'd happily eat it straight from her ass! Reply Report
Neko lover

Neko lover +3 points1997 days ago

Damn if you count she shots out 15 logs of shit! That's hot! Reply Report
yummy to my tummy

yummy to my tummy +3 points1925 days ago

I wish someone would feed me like that everyday Reply Report

bigcumload +3 points1770 days ago

very nice would like to be underneath her at that time! Reply Report

Tobi +2 points2119 days ago

You can shit in my mouth babe Reply Report

Peeper +2 points2126 days ago

Just as well she shit on the floor. If that was in the pan they would need to call dynorod! Reply Report
poop is kinda nasty to see

poop is kinda nasty to see +2 points2121 days ago

but shes pretty so i like seein a girl do her thing in a way...
i like seeing her regardless of what she's doing
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footconnoisseur +2 points1980 days ago

I would have love to eat all that fresh from her ass...Wow Reply Report

Dave +2 points1983 days ago

Ana Didovic is the queen of shit videos Reply Report

simon +2 points1888 days ago

barry meigh is right......different times and days, same spot....but who cares...its ana D.....the best little shitter. Reply Report

hisimonsslut +1 points2122 days ago

well maybe if you live close ill make you eat my shit Reply Report

chuckyferrari +1 points2116 days ago

Beautiful ! Just Beautiful ! I am privileged like God, his angels & demons to see that ! Reply Report

sevilla +1 points2023 days ago

hey babydoll can we talk? i like fat girls :) kiss Reply Report
fuck you

fuck you +1 points1884 days ago

I love me some ana didovic hot and nasty just the way I like it its rare to find a hot girl shutting on the net and ana is a diamond Reply Report

walt +1 points1805 days ago

Ana can really shit, but this is 3 shits spliced together Reply Report
fahd islam

fahd islam +1 points1517 days ago

I would eat it if it came from Selena Gomez butthole Reply Report

shittinglover +1 points1327 days ago

Very hot shitting Reply Report

heavy-r +1 points1407 days ago

Her name is Ana Didovic Reply Report

porn +1 points1489 days ago

Her name is ana didovic incase all of you are wondering Reply Report

僕の名前は秘密です +1 points914 days ago

Christ man....not relieving yourself for 7 days? Can you get impacted bowels from that?
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jou   0 points2113 days ago

good job Reply Report

gunner3665   0 points2126 days ago

More like 7 bottles of laxatives... Reply Report

elmeratum   0 points2108 days ago

im a cute asian guy, i also do that just in my own personal video Reply Report

jumpers   0 points1724 days ago

it seems as if she shits too much in one video but there are and other videos that are put together in one! Reply Report

johnnyr   0 points1384 days ago

I'd love to know a woman who could shit like that on me. Reply Report

jaat   0 points1294 days ago

Holy moly crapola! What a mouthful that would be. Reply Report

bitchgetfucked   0 points1081 days ago

would love to see her face rubbed in that and then her rubbing it all over her tits and pussy Reply Report

womenstoilet   0 points1044 days ago

I would like my open mouth under her ass while she is pooping.That much of her poop would almost certainly fill me up good. Reply Report

turner1250   0 points864 days ago

a nice pile!!! Reply Report

Grunty   0 points765 days ago

No wonder she was panting!
It must've taken some pretty good pushing to get out a load that's been trapped for seven days!
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skirt lover

skirt lover   0 points636 days ago

different and sexy Reply Report

Charlie6669   0 points191 days ago

I would eat that all up
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Darren0525   0 points89 days ago

7 days!! How can she holding up for 7 days and poo out that more poo without using enema!! Reply Report

Allyours   0 points83 days ago

Have you found one or are you still looking Redheadgurl6783? Reply Report
anal lover

anal lover -1 points1633 days ago

Thank you for dinner Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot   0 points1606 days ago

Do you want some company? I'll bring the spoons! That's all we'll need. :-) Reply Report

Cirio -2 points2125 days ago

Bravo Don Pain , mi farei cagare addosso da questa troia!! Reply Report

geo8x6 -2 points2113 days ago

how am i a faggot troll? just because I have a personality disorder and I like little boys DOES NOT make me a faggot. That makes me very very cool and gangster. Good day sir, oh and btw, i have no gag reflex Reply Report

FAG -2 points1778 days ago

WHat a waste of toilet paper, eye wood have likked her arse and Fannie kleen Reply Report

tim: -2 points1848 days ago

Anna that's a shit I would have love to wipe your ass real good can't nobody shot like th Reply Report

jumpers -2 points1724 days ago

miss piggy!!!! Reply Report

kaviarmeister -3 points2125 days ago

Maedel, das naechste Mal kackst Du mir gefaelligst auf den Schwanz und blaest ihn Reply Report
scat lover

scat lover -3 points1892 days ago

fuck I wanna eat her shit and smear it all over me Reply Report
Luke Wright

Luke Wright -4 points2115 days ago

Yep, Albert's right, you're one weird fucker. You have'nt got a fuck in ya with a male or female. You certainly aint got the brains to use a video recorder you stupid gay tosser. Now fuck yourself off before your mummy catches you having a wank n using your shit as lube. PS Your mum needs to be fucked in her ass...................... again the slag ugly fuck pig whore.
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High Pockets O'Malley From The Bronx

High Pockets O'Malley From The Bronx -5 points2115 days ago

There's always one wanker on here n its geo8x6.
geo8x6 is a wanker
geo8x6 is a gay rapist
geo8x6 fucks his mummies shitter
geo8x6 hates his sisters shit.
geo8x6 is a troll
geo8x6 needs to be battered.
geo8x6 eats his dads shit.
KILL KILL KILL KILL. But not geo8x6 coz he's a prick.
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Albert Hall

Albert Hall -9 points2122 days ago

You're a fucking weird cunt do you know that? You need the shit knocking out of you, you creepy prick!
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Barry Meigh

Barry Meigh -12 points2123 days ago

Totally Fake!!!...
Several different shits over several days wearing the same outfit & shitting on the same spot from the day before.
Well used method in scat porn
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