Snuff Movies: Several naked girls killed

Naked mass execution in the woods.

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wtf +71 points2309 days ago

no fucking????????????????? Reply Report

geo8x6 +10 points2306 days ago

Their acting was right up there with Kristen Stewart... Reply Report

stupid +10 points2163 days ago

I think all the people who are commenting that this is fake should be shot. Of course its fake you fools!!!!!!! I cant stand stupid people. Reply Report

yeah +8 points2306 days ago

that's some awesome hollywood dying :D Reply Report

hiii +6 points2306 days ago

im glad this is fake Reply Report
one one

one one +5 points2306 days ago

ahahahah!!!! i've watched only at 8:00 when the two girls "died". they're worst that italian actress!!! Reply Report

Derp +3 points2306 days ago

Um..why are people even questioning if this is fake? did you not watch after the credits? the girls get out of the damn pit lol. Reply Report

Pika +3 points1660 days ago

Oh come on... more unrealistic wasn’t possible huh? -.-
Reply Report

al +2 points2306 days ago

bad actress Reply Report

Sup +2 points2262 days ago

how u know xD?
Reply Report

Vati +2 points2023 days ago

LOL Reply Report

EFlynn +2 points1610 days ago

What was the point of this crap! Reply Report

Gad +2 points1433 days ago

Not funny if you've seen what the Tamil Tigers do to girls for real. Reply Report
da fuq

da fuq +1 points2306 days ago

this is fake and gay! Reply Report

bahah +1 points2305 days ago


WHEN IT LOOKS SO FAKE HABAHahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Reply Report

Doubter +1 points2233 days ago

Fake as hell - wouldn't be allowed Reply Report

brandon +1 points2111 days ago

I came to this video Reply Report

Dolfan +1 points2102 days ago

I enjoyed that as much as it looked like the girls and guys clearly enjoyed making it. Okay, Roger Ebert's never going to review it and I doubt he'd be too kind, but as a piece of adult fun it worked. We saw tits, cunts and stupid whores being shot and then twitching around naked for a while. It even had a pleasing mix of dumb naivete, fear, crying and betrayal. As for those commenting about the fakery and being pissed about it, I could write an essay about their psych problems and hang-ups, let's just hope they get over it. Reply Report
Faye Kane girl brain

Faye Kane girl brain +1 points1744 days ago

Sexy as hell, but should be HD, as it's WAY too blurry.

The guys should have had some quasi-legit reason to do it, like the guys met the group of girls in a bar a month earlier and the girls played a cruel joke on the guys, or something.

The guys should pose the bodies sexually and it should end with each of them picking out a dead girl to fuck.

faye kane girl brain
sexiest astrophysicist you'll ever see naked.
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the snuff  fan

the snuff fan   0 points2197 days ago

trop bidon si les filles etait vraiment morte ils aurait jetez la derniere dans le trou au lieu de la deposer delicatement nul a chiez Reply Report

abba   0 points2095 days ago

They could have made it more realistic.. girls didnt look dead at all, and the acting was terrible. And for all those haters out there, most use these films for "LoLs and giggles to haters and terrified parents" not for getting a hard boner. Reply Report
non member

non member   0 points2113 days ago

How is this entertaining you sick motherfuckers? Reply Report
calm down

calm down   0 points1858 days ago

ita z ffakeeee the fake ass gun noises and and how they rnt even aaiming at them Reply Report

geldart   0 points1989 days ago

hate to say it, but it's crap! Reply Report

Noone   0 points1978 days ago

This is obviously fake. Porn Star Ashley Edmonds is the girl wearing the yellow shirt. Reply Report

Dyavola   0 points1513 days ago

Lol Reply Report

SparkKiss   0 points1699 days ago

I'm not a guy and I enjoyed the vid Reply Report

ryan   0 points1545 days ago

youre awesome thats why
Reply Report

beastman   0 points1692 days ago

What a fantastic comments, for sutch a lousy vid.
Reply Report

destiny   0 points1408 days ago

ładne jebnięcie hehe, z mózgu gówno mają :) Reply Report

carp   0 points1085 days ago

What a crap... who made this pile of shit?
Reply Report

maik   0 points403 days ago

Schade um das geile Fleisch Reply Report

cnmlgb   0 points368 days ago

nice music Reply Report

kaderlake2   0 points366 days ago

Schade um das schöne Fleisch Reply Report

古明地   0 points366 days ago

とてもエロいでーすね Reply Report

shanmugasundaram   0 points358 days ago

this really?
Reply Report
Isabelle Marros

Isabelle Marros   0 points358 days ago

Of course it's fake because it simly can't be happening. unless nobody is identified . . . If there's no accuser. then it didn Reply Report

steve353546474656456134533   0 points258 days ago

lol this is funny
Reply Report

kaderlake2   0 points268 days ago

schade um das geile Fleisch Reply Report

Istme   0 points248 days ago

She the credit, is fiction!

If this were true it should have been to show this to the competent authorities
But is fake, still good.
Reply Report
anne orphan

anne orphan   0 points18 days ago

This is real it happened in our backyard in Bosie,ldaho. Febuary 30th last year. After we threw stale mini marshmellos on them they turned into zombies!!!! Reply Report
3some king

3some king   0 points11 days ago

Sure it's real ! This happened in a small town in northern lILLnois. Yes but the bodies turned out to be manicans. lt was only determined after they hung the same man who tryed to pass off two dollars bills at the cafe. Reply Report
black betty\'s boy

black betty\'s boy   0 points8 days ago

Would have been a shame to get blood all over their clothes. Good they had them strip naked first. Poor folk need new dudes to make em happy and don't forget how many nigga friends you got itching their black balls for a white piece o ass. Shitttt dead or alive something to write back home to the getto about.Ma!Da!the white bitch l fucked diden't complain. Reply Report
Muslims Are Ridiculous

Muslims Are Ridiculous -1 points2306 days ago

Fake Reply Report

scheid -1 points2306 days ago

this is fucking terrible mate and should be banned Reply Report
faker than a trannys fanny!

faker than a trannys fanny! -1 points2306 days ago

i use to go to a club with a group of people, where we learned to make/edit films and this is 100% fake, or tho if this would have been real im sure it would have been taken off faster than a snuff perv could have pulled his dick out his pants. -_- Reply Report

SparkKiss +2 points1699 days ago

not only guys who enjoy snuff Reply Report

AppauldViewer -1 points1096 days ago

This is messed up.. WTF is going on? I thought this was make believe, and I didn't believe people when they told me this shit was out here.. WTF is wrong with people these days.. Time for some Counseling. Reply Report

freakygirl69 -1 points424 days ago

its not real Reply Report

MTCRAACTX -3 points2301 days ago