Triple rape

3 guys violently rape one girl.

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x +185 points1835 days ago

god please kill them Reply Report

weird +84 points1157 days ago

We come here hoping to find a real rape scene and then we regret what we see and condemn people doing it, and when it is fake we condemn the faker as well:) hahaha Reply Report

theoneaboveall   0 points234 days ago

Funny, isn't it? So is the way of mankind. Reply Report

.. +3 points569 days ago

Most people just enjoy whining... Reply Report

whatever +39 points1452 days ago

If you're all SOOO against rape, WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THIS?!?! Reply Report

peter +11 points742 days ago

im not thats why im here yum yum Reply Report

Tan +20 points1491 days ago

This is Thai, I am thai. An this vid is famous in thai underground, the bitch get gang raped! after that real hard, fucking cool I wish I were there too Reply Report

5pawsakademy +18 points1676 days ago

A lot off explaining when this will be shown in the court room, Reply Report

tsunami8 +11 points1002 days ago

You use that same EXACT line on every video I see you one. My question is. If you don't like it, why do you spend your time looking it up? Reply Report

ThisGIrlLovesRapePorn +18 points1345 days ago

Mmmmm, too bad this wasn't longer and I couldn't see her get pounded harder. <3 Reply Report

mun +15 points1828 days ago

these guys need to die
Reply Report

Non-Member +15 points1434 days ago

Kids having fun - what's the problem ??? Reply Report

Non-Member +3 points172 days ago

I know just wish I could have been there to take turns busting a nut in her. Love the thought of her waking up dazed, covered in cum. Reply Report

I LOVE REAL RAPE VIDEOS +15 points972 days ago

Hahaha, SHUT UP IDIOTS, this shit is so good FAP FAP FAP I need to rape and torture some girls, YES. I LIKE Reply Report
Love to be raped

Love to be raped +3 points292 days ago

Come get me~ Reply Report

G-man +14 points1809 days ago

Karma is a bitch. The life they are living will be cut short Reply Report
Dr Jekyll

Dr Jekyll +14 points1157 days ago

Confucius once say: rape is inevitable so if it is happening to you just lay back and enjoy it! Reply Report
squirter f23

squirter f23 +13 points1444 days ago

I don't know or care if this is real or not but I would love to get fucked by 1 man only like that :p Reply Report
Long Dickk

Long Dickk +3 points1276 days ago

I would love to make you squirt, I'd fuck u until you squirt you can't squirt anymore Reply Report

jojosalee +12 points1246 days ago

makes me wanna rape another teen after this vid.... so wet tight warm and soft,,, cant wait Reply Report

Ash   0 points1240 days ago

;) let's go Reply Report

Non-Member +2 points172 days ago

I'm down as long as I get to go last. Nothing like forcing you cock in a sluts beat up hole while it's dripping in cum. Damn I miss high school.
Reply Report

?!?! +9 points1590 days ago

It's funny how everyone is saying how they should die it could be fake damn chill
Reply Report

Tucker +8 points1578 days ago

If this is real-these guys should be locked up for yrs! Reply Report
Non member 69

Non member 69 +7 points1582 days ago

No, they should get butt-raped!
The poor girl.
I am so freaked, and it could've been me! =o
Reply Report

lil +2 points1311 days ago

i think you want to be butt raped i can see it in your words u want it in the butt like that girl Reply Report
non member of what the fuck

non member of what the fuck +6 points1612 days ago

i dont think this is fake cause she is trying to fight them off at one point. this seems pretty real and i think they are thai not chinese. at first i thought the music was from vietnam. i had to reply over and over cause the volume was horrible. i couldn't hear the music lyrics and most asian language sound a like at one point. i am pretty fucken sure that these bastards are thai. this is just pretty sad really. Reply Report
If Only

If Only +6 points481 days ago

I've watched plenty of Rape movies, both real and fake over the years. This, is real. The people who have been raped in their lifetime, know the difference. To "Not Stupid Like you Fucks" who says this is fake because she sucked in the beginning, rape victims act many ways during the act, even participate. The overall fact of rape is the inconsistency in the victim and the consistency in the Violator. Look at the guys, they are pinning her down, laughing and enjoying themselves, forcing her into positions, while she is trying to move and get up, not moving and participating (Flight, Freeze, Fight). As a comparison, watch some real S&M porn and watch how people that are roleplaying in real life show the difference between consensual submission and Real violation. Just to add, i'm here because of my history, my curiousity; not because I agree that putting someone in a position of not controlling their basic actions or diverting to basic Fight, Flight or Freeze mentality. Reply Report

Benstok -1 points434 days ago

And im sure your cock and balls stink Reply Report

scum +5 points1714 days ago

bigshot with the tats had a dick the size of a double A battery.. oh thats right he's asian LOL. Reply Report
anti-rape is a MORON

anti-rape is a MORON +5 points1451 days ago


Non-Member +19 points1434 days ago

More of this please !!!
Reply Report

jojosalee +5 points1436 days ago

nobody told that bitch to get drunk with a lot of guys so that's what she gets... bitch asked for it so she deserved it Reply Report

cccccc +3 points1371 days ago

ojala tengas una hija y le pase lo mismo ...... o mejor que te rompan bien el culo a vos Reply Report
Butt Pirate

Butt Pirate +3 points1757 days ago

So sorry, english not good. But are they raping the shit out of that girl or what? Reply Report

Coconut +3 points1381 days ago

ANY rape video that does not display a porn domain we can go to, with the actresses/actors porn names, should not be allowed on this site. Reply Report
not stupid like u fucks

not stupid like u fucks +3 points1290 days ago

you guys are all fucking retarded, look at her face she is full on sucking his cock towards the beginning, it isn't forced in her cheeks are sucked the fuck in Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert +3 points1240 days ago

I would tear out their cunt hairs and keep as souvenir Reply Report

Observant +2 points1512 days ago

This should probably be deleted from this site. There's a kid in that video and even tho he's not acting he's still there watching it all, which makes the material in its whole a little questionable, legally speaking. ;)
The site-op should probably look into this.
Reply Report
Where the sluts @

Where the sluts @ +2 points620 days ago

He fucktards who think that this is just horrible and death should find hard to search to find this vid, click and then watch....go fuck yourself with a wooden spoon ya dumb ass cunts Reply Report

Avenger +2 points595 days ago

God kill them Reply Report

hardnstiff +2 points448 days ago

Funny Chinese people can build video camera and cellphones and dont know how to use it! Reply Report

troy1222 +2 points464 days ago

Turn off the music want to hear her cry
Reply Report

shitfilledvagina +1 points314 days ago

Message me about how you want to rape me and what you'd like to do with me involving shit and piss please. The more detail the more likely you are to get a response. Reply Report
trash people

trash people +1 points567 days ago

terrible fucking trash Reply Report

BadNate   0 points1524 days ago

God please kill all these pathetic fags in the comments box. Reply Report

whatever +5 points1372 days ago

Starting with you. Reply Report

chillz   0 points1311 days ago

why ruin it for everyone else enjoy... Reply Report

stalkerob   0 points1292 days ago

seem legit! Reply Report

headlessrainbow   0 points458 days ago

How to make a convincing rape video? Make it shitty as Hell. Reply Report
Night Owl

Night Owl   0 points639 days ago

Did she douche afterwards? Reply Report

whoremasterbastard   0 points622 days ago

I hope they came in her pussy Reply Report

cuckold   0 points461 days ago

i want to watch my wife getting raped like this Reply Report

blondeslutforasiancock   0 points344 days ago

Man i wish i was her... i love asian cock... having it against my will would be even better.. Reply Report

Non-member   0 points132 days ago

My fantasy Reply Report
Little boi

Little boi   0 points64 days ago

There are some fucked up people in this world Reply Report

sgywy   0 points56 days ago

Syy Reply Report

Karen88   0 points8 days ago

This is my number plis call me, +541140969769 :3 Reply Report

Fake! -1 points1504 days ago

Would of bite the DICK OFF and swallow IT! Reply Report
joey jones

joey jones -1 points1511 days ago

That was shit Reply Report

thugninja -1 points993 days ago

YOu need some fucking standards. If its not clear, steady don't fucking post it. Reply Report
Bad Video

Bad Video -1 points954 days ago

All it shows are a bunch of phggts acting stupid in front of a camera with some chick getting smashed somewhere back there. Lame Reply Report

dadada -2 points1653 days ago

first time watch thought she's probably a whore or somethin cuz when the camera close-up to her face it looks like she's enjoying/or doing her work? but then when she fought back probably its a real rape, but that girl just let the guyz do it because there's no hope in fighting Reply Report

sickboy -3 points1528 days ago

all of you bitches need to be raped! Reply Report

lil -5 points1311 days ago

so do boys who are women like you instead of a penis u have a snatch Reply Report

whatever +2 points1372 days ago

Starting with me!!! Reply Report

gohan +2 points1345 days ago

i can help you with that Reply Report

not -3 points1238 days ago

This is not rape its a bus down session. Reply Report

CHRIST LIVES -3 points571 days ago


Kumigumi -4 points718 days ago

Do you morons actually think you can find real rape videos on google? Darwin has failed us. Reply Report
the i am

the i am -5 points1500 days ago

I will kill them when i see them Reply Report
Bitch shut up

Bitch shut up +9 points1202 days ago

Internet hero over here gonna save the day? Reply Report

D1sgusted -6 points1044 days ago

Why aren't our gouverments blocking this shit? It's fucking up people's minds and can only be bad for society Reply Report

yeah +4 points909 days ago

because afortunately, our gouverments love rape and kill, yeah. Reply Report
SlasH Hammer

SlasH Hammer -7 points1829 days ago

God please gieve us more naked girls Reply Report
Arse Destroyer

Arse Destroyer -7 points1819 days ago

Pretty Average Thai Night Out. I know I lived there for 4 yeras I know what goes on. Reply Report

St -7 points1812 days ago

Hope they all spunked up her smelly cunt Reply Report

whatever +2 points1372 days ago

Your mom is a smelly cunt. Reply Report
fucking god

fucking god -7 points1788 days ago

haha god like he wood help yeah help fuck her and pretty average for humans killing rape who give a shit only ones who do is wen it happens to you family or friend,,,,,, the wold is fucked up all i say is live life its code end tomorrow Reply Report

bopeep -10 points1254 days ago

She probably asked for it Reply Report

kleintune -11 points1817 days ago

I need to rape a girl Reply Report

Idk +2 points1496 days ago

I know someone who wants to be rapes Reply Report

incuntwetrust -11 points1656 days ago

dirty chinese.. Reply Report

joe -12 points1567 days ago

she was asking for it,by going with 3 drunk guys Reply Report
big balls

big balls -13 points1219 days ago

Cunts should be gang raped to keep them from becoming big mouth independent bitches that act like their pussies don't stink Reply Report

feeteater -14 points1779 days ago

Lucky girl to have 3 cute guys fuck her. Hopefully she has a surprise gift from them in 9 months! LOL!! Reply Report

beike180 -14 points1751 days ago

上帝请基弗我们更多的裸女 Reply Report

xxx -17 points1731 days ago

bullshit aint rape Reply Report