Girl Bound And Raped In Her Own Home

Girl doing the dishes suddenly gets groped from behind by home intruder who drags her to the bedroom, ropes her up and brutally rapes her.

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No! +36 points1888 days ago

Damn she hot Reply Report

poots +8 points1761 days ago

the lesson was never wash dishes without pepper spray :D Reply Report

dood +8 points1586 days ago

All Fake. She never reacted or resisted. The guy should have stretched her legs extremely wide apart, tied ankles to bed posts and raped her ............ Reply Report

fetish_whore +7 points1878 days ago

I wish I could get fucked like this. This is so hot. Reply Report

Popeye -1 points1518 days ago

Send me your email and your wish u cum to u!!! Reply Report

/ +6 points1798 days ago

what's the lesson Reply Report

TeenSlut. +6 points1564 days ago

I want this to happen to me, omg... ;o Reply Report

SIN662 +3 points1559 days ago

SHIT IS CORNY! Reply Report

Anon +1 points1588 days ago

Is there something wrong with me that I don't like to. Suck and no Minot a lesbian Reply Report

awesome +1 points1365 days ago

she is hot Reply Report

RAPEMANXXX -1 points844 days ago

good fuck

good fuck +1 points309 days ago

nice big breasts,must see them bare.first gag her to stop her screams now remove her clothes top off no brar nice full breasts 36 inch bust Reply Report

antoniomamie   0 points1800 days ago doesnt matter if real or not i am gay and that guy pounding her is hot ! I do wish it were me under all that muscular man flesh..if you have been treated like crap by some women as I have been in the past I too...would love to see them degrated on videos rape real is good Thanks for the info on sites containing them I'll check it out ! Reply Report

force   0 points1799 days ago

yes i cmen Reply Report

annannn   0 points538 days ago

Yes, we should be used by men. As fucktoys. Used whenever they need it or want it. Especially assfucked. i think we should teach our daughters how to take a big cock in the ass and how do deepthroat . Reply Report

Duh +1 points453 days ago

You would be a FANTASTIC mother Reply Report

onlinepedophile   0 points204 days ago

Girl name?? Reply Report
you will tease no more ten inchs is always waiting

you will tease no more ten inchs is always waiting   0 points202 days ago

what does it feel like you being naked being groped unable to stop me. your wrists, and ankles secured restraining you from closing your legs, keeping them spread. so I can fuck your tight vagina. have you ever had a penis this size?. Bet you can feel this ten inch erection fucking you, scream! all you like . you are unable to stop me fucking your naked body.It will take me 40mins hard fucking to make you reach a climax, but you will in the end. I promise after taking a penis this size Ive waited a long time to get you like this.To see you restrained, spread eagled, and naked on the bed, and your all mine. To see you in this position now. after so long. and now here you are all naked It will gives me great pleasure, even more when at last I have the chance to rape you at long last. The penis that lusted after you walking down the street will make you squirm as it fucks you in the fleash a married woman.but I had to have you just once. Reply Report
midday fuck

midday fuck   0 points202 days ago

what will your follow think his wife staked out on the bed restrained striped naked ready to fuck. until he sees how wet you are you ve been well fucked with a nice big erect penis your vagina red swollen tender to toutch streatched inner walls ripped with the stze of the cock used to rape her Reply Report

sexy_love19 -1 points1573 days ago

so horny Reply Report

nerdk -1 points1396 days ago

"Rapist" is young and maybe a little self conscious but obviously VERY into what he's doing- and is that some military training I hear? SEXY Reply Report
mmsweetie91 kik

mmsweetie91 kik -1 points627 days ago

I want to be raped Reply Report
You're an idiot

You're an idiot -10 points1886 days ago

That wasn't real. Extremely well acted by her but definitely not real. There were many different camera angles that would have been impossible to shoot without a 4th camera operator and it doesn't show any penetration or any genitals at all and has professional cuts and when they're "fucking" the guys obviously are limp and he doesn't make contact with her pussy when he pretends to eat it. It's from a movie dummy. Reply Report

orangeguy -14 points1887 days ago

if u want to see a REAL rape go to and search "brutal rape in NY" or "brutal rape in new york." It's 3 black guys going into a white woman's home and brutally raping her, assaulting her, and verbally torturing her. The girl went to jail for being racist. The black men who raped her were rewarded. Apparently rape is fine for 99% of the world as long as the rapists are black and the victim is white. Reply Report