Balls and Dick Removed

I went in for a biopsy and they removed everything instead!!!!!!

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pauluzzz +35 points1888 days ago

WHY??? Reply Report

Roberto +11 points1890 days ago


raymond +4 points1747 days ago

tu veur en couper une vien a la pointe se soir a la tite cabane je suis pret Reply Report

wow +3 points1747 days ago

you guys are stupid if you think this is a gender reassignment. if it was that then they would have skinned the dick sewed up the outer skin and shoved it inside and that would be the new pussy. they wouldn't have multiple surgeries for this. man y'all need major education. Reply Report

john +3 points1846 days ago

who want to gev me a sex reasigment surgery Reply Report
I am so very sorry it was you but I wish that woul

I am so very sorry it was you but I wish that woul +2 points1568 days ago

I am really so very sorry that they did that to you. I have never liked mine and yet at 41 yrs old I still my nasty junk. Not that I find other men's penis and testicles nasty junk because I don't. On other men it is sexy to me. If I was you I would find a really good lawyer and then try to sue them again. But if it happened to me I would probably kiss them for that happening to me. Like I said I am very sorry. Damn that has got to suck. Me, I got a vasectomy 9 1/2 yrs ago. Then a little over 2 yrs ago I ended up getting priapism (erection lasting longer than 4 hrs) I never needed Viagra before so I never paid attention to the commercials about the erection issues so I kept thinking it would go down. It didn't so I ended up waiting 14 hrs. So the only way the doc's could fix it was surgery and now I can't get an erection anymore. So I understand a little bit about what you are going through. The only real exception is I don't want mine so I don't care that it doesn't work anymore! Reply Report

neuteredpuppy69 +1 points1882 days ago

Because the hospital surgeon decided to operate instead of waiting for the test results!! Lost the lawsuit so figured I would post and abbreviated video here to help with my anger. Reply Report

surgeon +1 points1882 days ago

Neutered Puppy an you still owe me for the surgery! Reply Report

neuteredpuppy69 +1 points1740 days ago

It was just "routine surgery for cancer" that i didn't have, just a bad infection on my dick and the doctors mistook it for penile cancer by the time they figured it out my balls and dick were disposed of in the incinerator as bio hazard and I woke up from surgery 3 days later with a bandage on my crotch and a catheter draining my piss. Reply Report

Re-manly +1 points1674 days ago

Can you reattach a new dick and balls from a doner?
Reply Report

WTF +1 points1688 days ago

When from penis to VJ in seconds
Reply Report

+1 points1665 days ago

So ... how does he piss? Reply Report

neuteredpuppy69 +1 points1638 days ago

There is a hole near my ass now that i sit to pee out of, its the same hole you see the yellow tube coming out of. Reply Report

souisnu +1 points1473 days ago

j ai vue cette ultime punition faite a un esclave qui a d esobei a son maitre Reply Report

CallMeCaleb +1 points1181 days ago

Super hot! I'll eat them cock and balls if he got no use for them.
Reply Report

zipfel   0 points1178 days ago

The poor guy had cancer!
He has certainly not let the make voluntary !!!!
Reply Report

tinystock +1 points556 days ago

I'd love to become a nullo like this nothing but a pee hole left! Reply Report

goku   0 points1554 days ago

you want to do this to me Reply Report

Derp   0 points1304 days ago

Oh oh man fuck no this poor bastered Reply Report

hans   0 points972 days ago

ich h├Ątte auch gerne alles weg Reply Report

ingomat   0 points824 days ago

Maybe they should attach a pussy as a replacement Reply Report

sexchange78 +1 points809 days ago

Can't do that because all of the skin that would have made the pussy was removed Reply Report

xgrimm13x   0 points411 days ago

Anyone wanna do this to me Reply Report
Toilet slave for men

Toilet slave for men   0 points220 days ago

That's what I need. To be a cockles toilet slave for men. Reply Report

foxhole420 -1 points394 days ago

Looking for someone to cut my cock and balls off Reply Report

Y -5 points1881 days ago

Wtf is this that b gay surgery Reply Report

wooootguy -6 points1881 days ago

It's a sex reasigment surgery. They even take some surgeries to be completed. Reply Report

mothercare -11 points1879 days ago

all tranny must die during surgery Reply Report