Girl suffocates in plastic bag

Poor girl gets put in a plastic bag and is left to suffocate.

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anotherone +134 points1879 days ago

I can not fap to this. Because she didnt die Reply Report

Perverteddeviant   0 points637 days ago

I hear you I wished she had died but atleast its still a fucking hot video! Reply Report

chrissyslave +17 points1629 days ago

Beautiful !!! I came two times watching this picturing myself in there . She is a good submissive cunt. Reply Report

Gcj -2 points700 days ago

It'd be nice an comfortable in there for you Reply Report

explorer +2 points1080 days ago

I almost forgot about sex when I watched it, lol. But I understand how you can have felt differently if you already have an oxygen-restraint fetish. I guess you saw it the way it was meant to be seen. Reply Report
slight sicko

slight sicko +16 points1826 days ago

Just wish they'd put a dildo up her cunt and switched it on before starting the vacuum: do you all think she'd have cum? Reply Report

kdka +14 points1887 days ago

This could cause brain damage but i guess a paycheck is a paycheck over there. Reply Report

deathbybagging +13 points1578 days ago

Bet her lungs were burning terribly while trying to get air. You can see her chest convulsing on its own trying to take in oxygen. I say they should have left her for about 30 more minutes sealed up. Would loved to have watched her suffocate to death. Reply Report
Perverted deviant

Perverted deviant +1 points462 days ago

That sounds fucking amazing, I would loved to have seen her die for real. :) They should have left her bagged up for aslong as it takes until she suffocated, making sure they got plenty of close up shots of her face and the terror knowing no one is going to let her out. It's gets me so hard thinking about her death inside the bag. :D Reply Report

Hedgeh   0 points95 days ago

I hope you get cancer and die Reply Report

explorer -1 points1080 days ago

You really think it takes 30 minutes to make someone suffocate to death? It takes 5 minutes at the most. Reply Report

Deathbybagging +5 points1023 days ago

No, it doesnt take 30 minutes. But just to be on the safe side she should always be suffocated for at least 30 minutes. Reply Report

I LOVE THIS SHIT!!! +12 points1605 days ago

OMG that bitch is awesome but i will still let here die in there i can't come if the women is not dead :( Reply Report
Perverted deviant

Perverted deviant +3 points462 days ago

Hahahhaha, I don't know what makes me harder watching this video or reading what you said. That sounds fucking incredible, I would have loved to see her die for real. Listening to her screams and watching her frantically trying to escape would be amazing as the horror kicks in that this shit is for real and they lied about letting her out. I'd love to wank whilst she slowly.dies, cuming at the exact t moment of her death. Fucking fantastic :D Reply Report
slave lover

slave lover +1 points448 days ago

Why kill her? She is crazy sub enough that you could do this to her a couple of times a week. Think, have friends over,and watch her go until she is about to pass out, or until she does. Reply Report

Person. +10 points1884 days ago

Don't get me wrong, my face was a picture of disgust all the way through this.

But on realising she wasn't dead and all that jazz... it's just made me think of sandwiches. And now, at five am, I'm hungry.
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jaro +7 points1886 days ago

I did this once... i died Reply Report

Simon +7 points1715 days ago

Where can i buy such a plastic bag? Reply Report

Idontknow +6 points1887 days ago

I will never understand human nature.

How long would she stay fresh in that bag ?
Reply Report

interneter +6 points1873 days ago

so many dumb red neck fucks on this sight, she didnt die, shes not dead, shes still alive at the end. how many ways can it be pointed out to some people. you silly bastards.

PS: I came like a fountain several times.
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wtf +5 points1886 days ago

did she actually enjoy it? Reply Report
Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia +1 points188 days ago

No, some girls enjoy this and they have various videos doing this but this girl, when she spoke she was asking to please stop, and at the start you can see she's very nervous and scared, she wasn't prepared for this Reply Report

explorer +2 points1080 days ago

No. She got a scare and she wasn't prepared for the experience to be the way it was. No matter how much you try to prepare yourself for getting to a point where you loose consciousness, it just isn't possible because your brain's limbic system doesn't think, it reacts to basic input and will trigger mortal fear when it detects "it's" life is being threatened. - While people who have a suffocation fetish can train themselves to only feel pleasure, this girl, whatever her reasons, it wasn't oxygen restraint/suffocation fetish. Reply Report

Carlos +5 points1885 days ago

How desperate must this woman be to allow herself to do this. Prostitution would be a better option, and she would be the one keeping her money. This is a perfect moment for IT experts to hunt down the ones who shot it. They should suffer the same fate. And to the human trash that gets off on this, it is your warped ethics and vile humanity that makes a market for this type of torture. You deserve similar treatment. This is a seriously unwarrented and criminal action. Reply Report

hollybaby245 +6 points1442 days ago

Shut up, you clearly have NO idea what you are talking about

this girl clearly consented and willingly got into the bag and she didn't get left in there to die

its not criminal when she was willing

if you don't like the video, don't watch, because stupid ignorant and pathetic people like you ruin fetishes

I don't even get off to stuff like this, I merely got curious, but all these lame ass comments are fucking stupid
Reply Report
Peter Pooper

Peter Pooper   0 points418 days ago

hollybaby, you're obviously a moron. She's clearly being taken advantage off. Either she didn't know exactly what she was agreeing to, or her need for money has been taken advantage of.

Worst of all, are the mentally sick fucks who get off on this.

If you don't like his comment, don't read it. You can't argue against this, without contradicting yourself.
Reply Report

explorer +3 points1080 days ago

Thank you for saying what I would've said if you hadn't. How sad so many people still think like this guy. Reply Report

HeavyR +5 points1884 days ago

She ain't dead, this is a fetish for some weirdos. Reply Report

king +5 points1884 days ago

that's the best porn I've seen in years. Reply Report
non member

non member +4 points1887 days ago

This Is borrible they almost killed her Reply Report

petex +4 points1887 days ago

i came Reply Report

Qwerty +4 points1885 days ago

Hot! Reply Report

thatcrazyguy +4 points1605 days ago

anotherone +1 Reply Report

sex +4 points1451 days ago

chink to go anyone? Reply Report

retards +3 points1884 days ago

She might not be killed. But her brain might have suffer very much as it dindt recieve any oxygen. way to go porn freaks Reply Report
Insomnia iPad

Insomnia iPad +3 points1584 days ago

This is so freaky!! In the end even her face took the same of a blowup sex doll.. I've never done this before but it looks incredibly painful.. Reply Report

teachme +3 points1276 days ago

I bet she had a great deal of brain damage from this..
People are stupid
Reply Report

explorer -2 points1080 days ago

No, it takes up to two minutes for that to happen. Reply Report

Ulf +2 points1885 days ago

I regret watching this.. i feel sick now.
Reply Report

Sup +2 points1833 days ago

Its not a paused video,look at her stomach Reply Report

Sup +2 points1833 days ago

wow she was in shock, btw its not a paused video, look at her stomach Reply Report

fucker +2 points1105 days ago

I need a girl like her and i want her to put me in that bag too Reply Report

fuckerkiller +2 points645 days ago

what a big slut ! just want to fuck her after her death and to frost her in plastic bag in order to eat her soon... Reply Report

wow.... +1 points1887 days ago

that was 3:15 with no oxygen........WTF????
Reply Report

lol +1 points1885 days ago

massive butthurt.

I came buckets.
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Antoine Boulderballs

Antoine Boulderballs +1 points1723 days ago

Let the cunt die and throw her in the trash like the garbage she is. Fuck the gook was already bagged. I came three times. Great use of a cunt. Reply Report
Antoine Boulderballs

Antoine Boulderballs +1 points1723 days ago

Let the cunt die and throw her in the trash like the garbage she is. Fuck the gook was already bagged. I came three times. Great use of a cunt. Reply Report

Relauty +1 points309 days ago

What the fuck is wrong with you people. How can you get off to something like this? You are fucked up in the head. Reply Report

Gdy +1 points666 days ago

It would be so much more peaceful is she was gagged Reply Report

LunaLanaMeow +1 points136 days ago

Where the fuck am I that people fap to this and complain that she's not dead? Reply Report

UguysAreLosers +1 points95 days ago

The fact that some of u get off to this shows that ur ill in the head, and the fact that some of u want her to die for real is beyond that. I'd say line up all sick fucks like u guys on a line and put a bullet in each one of ur heads would make the world a better place. Bunch of inbred cock suckers. I wish cancer and aids upon all of u. Reply Report

Lol   0 points1885 days ago

I love the part where she tries to curl up and struggles with her legs. Reply Report

Twatter   0 points1870 days ago

This will inevitably lead to brain damage. But at least she's consenting...
Reply Report

Anonymous   0 points1637 days ago

A dude in Denmark can hold his breath for 21 minutes (submerged in water). A normal human brain can last 6 minutes without oxygen (for instance after the heart stops) before damage occurs. If she pulls this stunt too often, she will experience permanent death of _some_ brain cells, but as the brain also constantly creates new cells, this can end up never showing any ill effects. Reply Report

explorer -1 points1080 days ago

Yeah, I've heard about the 20+ minutes, but these are people who have trained and who have genetically large lungs. Normal people can sometimes acquire brain damage even after little more than 2 minutes though most often it takes up to 4 minutes. You can also die from suffocation within 4-5 minutes if it is upheld (no pauses). Reply Report

Wtf   0 points1039 days ago

This is what my days have come to out of Boredum this is just like wtf in a bag like really ? Dead pussy who finds this arrousing ?

Reply Report

Weird   0 points869 days ago

I dont know why I m watching this? I dont know why the girls stepping in those bags?
I found it very disturbing to watch and can not Breathe myself
Reply Report

Hko   0 points580 days ago

I can only imagain the pain of suffocating like this. Why did she let him do it! Reply Report

Christen   0 points12 days ago

I'm wondering what the result would have been if this girl hadn't simply lost consciousness, but instead went into cardiac arrest and died. Reply Report

Christen   0 points12 days ago

I had a girlfriend who wanted me to wrap a silk scarf around her neck and tighten it during sex, when she was on top, and this gave her such strong orgasm. I felt bad about this because I felt she had psychological issues that I felt could lead to her accidentally disrupting blood vessels in her neck or damaging her pharenyx, which could potentially cause death. But I cared about her and she was a great partner. So I guess I have to be honest, I am turned on by light breathplay where it's a fantasy thing between to people. But I don't enjoy hardcore asphyxiation or rape videos. It reminds me of the many victims I've seen as a criminal profiler who have been raped and murdered in similar ways. These girls and women were real people. Reply Report
Nathan crew

Nathan crew   0 points394 days ago

Were fucked up and maybe psychos say yes or no
Reply Report

LostOnTheInternet   0 points360 days ago

This is someone's daughter. Reply Report

stranger   0 points338 days ago

fuck ppl it their not supposed to die it basic bdsm. not a snuff . Reply Report

Naterrr   0 points232 days ago

This was insane Reply Report
No mans friend

No mans friend   0 points115 days ago

Imagine taking a nail gun and tacking her to the floor through her fucking nipples so the bitch couldn't sit up again and then cut a slot in the bag near her hole and ream her so fucking hard in the cunt during the last minute of her life and timing your climax to the moment of death, that's what I would have done to the fucking bitch. Reply Report

snuffme69   0 points89 days ago

The loss of control, being helpless, fighting for air, the feeling of suffocation is terrifying, thrilling and erotic....I love to be suffocated. Suffocate is a beautiful, sexy word! Reply Report

November -1 points1886 days ago

Simplemente espantoso, ademas de inmundo y horrible, esta gente deberia ir presa.
no es posible que maten a alguien de una forma tan asquerosa y cruel,
y se queden tan tranquilos.
Reply Report

abba149 -1 points1834 days ago

If you know what her nipples are doin you know she is really really arroused Reply Report

explorer -2 points1080 days ago

Women's nipples - even some men's nipples - can react to touch without any sexual arousal being involved. In this case I can assure you sex was the last thing on her mind. That's not to say that I can't understand how You as a viewer may think of sex. Reply Report

Gian911it -1 points1630 days ago

Not freak. Looks for more at cocosoft... Reply Report

hermann -1 points1455 days ago

@ Ben warum gerade dieses? Reply Report

imbatman -1 points1301 days ago

You can't fix stupid. Reply Report

Tom -1 points799 days ago

After all that he lets her out... she was only getting comfortable!! Reply Report

jason -1 points974 days ago

me next Reply Report

LSLKDASKF -1 points906 days ago

Reply Report

SAMDOM -1 points872 days ago

young prostitute

young prostitute -1 points673 days ago

Sados do that to me, but with needles or clamps on my nipples and my pussy lips. Reply Report

Dfc -1 points583 days ago

Even do she stopped struggling she was still trying to breath... After 10 more minutes she's stop trying Reply Report

Skye -1 points565 days ago

Do they have this, but with men? Reply Report

Loki -2 points1828 days ago

I came. Reply Report

Ben -2 points1548 days ago

Nehmt Dieses Video vom Netz... Reply Report

hermann -1 points1455 days ago

warum gerade dieses? da ist nichts wirklich schlimmes zu sehen Reply Report

Visitor -2 points1467 days ago

Not sexy, not arousing, fucking stupid Reply Report

wow   0 points1255 days ago

amen to that fucking dumbass asian chick
Reply Report

TDK -2 points862 days ago

This is so fucked up! How can anyone get of to this! Crazy bitch put her self in this situation! Jesus Christ!!! Reply Report

s -2 points864 days ago

freshly packed girl Reply Report

hcghg -3 points1887 days ago

people who does this are stupid. Reply Report
Huh what

Huh what -3 points1878 days ago

Hey there... ma'am, you are dying. Reply Report
Dj Caca

Dj Caca -3 points1356 days ago

Anus cheese anyone? Reply Report

wilson -4 points1811 days ago

thats is all rigth more ideas for killer series!!!!!
this is a play that never i like play
Reply Report

Moo -5 points1884 days ago

Haha what a comment people who does this are stupid Reply Report

kss -5 points1878 days ago

I think this was real... she had real panic, real suffocation... and than she accepted her death in the end... this was sick! Reply Report
Billy D. Keed

Billy D. Keed -5 points1723 days ago

Very disappointed. Let this slut die. She serves no purpose. She's just a slant eyed cunt. Then again it could he the new Chinese one step birth control method. Kill the female you kill thousands like cockroaches. I did cum multiple times until he unzipped the zipperhead. Reply Report

explorer   0 points1080 days ago

Yeah yeah, sure. Keep talking, but do it elsewhere, because people here don't care about your thoughts. Reply Report

Chinkfriend -6 points1887 days ago

Cool- a lead and cadmium free vacuum stink barbie. Reply Report

fml -7 points1887 days ago

I came then was like 'wtfffffff ahhh fuuu' but I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole thing. Reply Report

""/'m -9 points1671 days ago

Sadistic cunts Reply Report
g u l l a b l e

g u l l a b l e -9 points1545 days ago

..there are cuts in the video...some of you are sooo stupid!! Reply Report

explorer +1 points1080 days ago

He's using several cameras. Her movements are continuous and in accordance with the clips, it's not a trick. Reply Report

guy -10 points1885 days ago

Its fake. There are cuts in the video. And when she doesn't move, that's just a "paused" video. Reply Report
Fucking japs

Fucking japs -12 points1678 days ago

It's not fake, look how she pushing her face at 3:45.. I was watching some porn and watched this by accident, regret it now. I would like to do this to anyone who thinks it's arousing or funny and see how you like it, except I might forget to unzip the bag at the end. Reply Report

Joe -13 points1716 days ago

Stupid woman goes along with these asshole's game? Sick asian freaks. They enjoy torture. Even after the wars, they're still doing it. Reply Report

iwantcock +5 points1484 days ago

Don't be so fucking rasist u dick face Reply Report
12 inch non-member

12 inch non-member -14 points1882 days ago

Anyone that thinks this was NOT staged start to finish is an idiot. Reply Report
if this was areal

if this was areal -14 points1865 days ago

vaccum packed bag... really and the bag was sealed cometpltely

and started to suck... all the air out

She would have been dead in a matter of seconds
Reply Report

bigramifications -14 points1772 days ago

Fake, you clowns. Lot's of little clues multiplying to form a rock-solid case for trickery. Non-Member guy has already pointed out that the clip has got breaks. Here's one more for you to mull over....

The goofy Aphex Twin "Come to Daddy" faces she was pulling at around 1:29 – 1:47 were screamingly obviously done for the horror, uncanny valley factor. Gotta admit it looked pretty freaky, that would have given a younger me nightmares for weeks.

But once or twice when she relaxes you can see there's a fair sized air pocket developing around her face, eg. at 1:33. The rest of the time she's fair dinkum at sucking-the-chrome-off-a-towball levels of suction, the way she's inhaling the plastic into her gob. High comedy!

Purely done for creep-out reasons as part of a fake video.
Reply Report