Mature Women Raped By 3 Young Guys

Why cry? She should be happy there are still people out there who want to fuck her!

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Well well

Well well +63 points1950 days ago

Those are not actually Muslims you biassed ass lickers! JEWSSS! Reply Report
anti racist

anti racist +1 points726 days ago

jewish people speak Hebrew and are not squealing in Arabic, are you trying to be some kind of racist anti-Semite or something? because you're failing badly. XD Reply Report
hi everyone

hi everyone +11 points1734 days ago

i know where is this video recorded
it's somewhere in Algeria , i can easly identify
the algerian language (i'm Tunisian), according to their accent
these animals are the "redneck"( google what redneck mean in USA)
if you're wondering if a they are muslims or no ,
no they're not ( neither me) , they are probably berber
(the native algerian and tunisian ) berbers people hate muslims
as you do and yes they can speak arabic
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xxadsxx   0 points864 days ago

Those are not algerian ... They are a libyan .....
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wahid +2 points1091 days ago

fuck you ya wahed n9ch it clearle in tunisia its not a algerian accent att all ... Reply Report

lol +7 points2158 days ago

looks like she either drunk or druged off her ass Reply Report

icame +7 points1994 days ago

and I started with good ole fashion lesbian sex... for a woman, I feel shame when I end here... Reply Report
Pussy Hunta

Pussy Hunta +7 points1856 days ago

She's a reporter I think from france Reply Report

meh +6 points1918 days ago

they really do have small cocks :/ Reply Report

Melissa +6 points1848 days ago

Not like she could feel their little cocks Reply Report

jami63 +5 points2156 days ago

fucking with sand is not good Reply Report

wardogx9 +5 points1352 days ago

bitch wanted it LOL Reply Report
Total Perv

Total Perv +1 points407 days ago

Come on that lady couldn't have wanted that done with and to her, but isn't better when a gorgeous sweet old hag like that get non consentionally smushed like that. It just would've been so much better if she didn't go in shock and still hear her really cry and whimper ...
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I LIKE TURTLES +4 points2150 days ago

This video is legit and that poor women did pass away before our eyes... I believe she was a brittish journalist Reply Report

whoremasterbastard +4 points1178 days ago

That was a nice tender rape with kissing and tit sucking. I think these guys just wanted to give her some nice fresh sperm Reply Report

anon +3 points2086 days ago

That is a french journalist. I'm sure the vid of the UK journalist should be around somewhere. The Syrian mob had her for about 45 minutes before she was rescued by about 20 military police and some Syrian women. Fyi: that UK journalist looks hot... Reply Report

MichaelP +3 points2084 days ago

This is so sick Reply Report

joe +3 points2010 days ago

these mutherfucking rats needs to die a slow death! cock sucking mutherfuckers! Reply Report

krieger +2 points2159 days ago

so im gonna say "not fake" before some other faggot comes 'round to say "fake" lol. not laughing at vid just other people Reply Report

olympus +2 points955 days ago

pity about the bad quality Reply Report

rapemygfqc +2 points875 days ago

Who want rape my Gf in quebec ? :P message me! Reply Report
Lena 11

Lena 11 +1 points178 days ago

You do not even show a picture of her :- (
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lanalovesit91 +2 points717 days ago

I'd love to be stuffed like that Reply Report

Bingo +2 points533 days ago

I think it's time to start taking revenge against Muslim women festering in the West. If you see a pretty Muslim, give her what she deserves. Reply Report

xxx +1 points2040 days ago

she is hot Reply Report

SamFillup +1 points2038 days ago

It was nice that she shaved for the boys....
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non-member +1 points1860 days ago

I have loved women all my life and now I learn to hate dirty small cock arabs.. Reply Report

karamo +1 points1614 days ago

Alah fuck bar!!!Give me please a bigest cock. Reply Report

glarb +1 points1375 days ago

She was a european reporter who was captured over in sandland and raped. she becomes catatonic at the end from the shock, not sure if she survived. Reply Report

LoveRAPE +1 points1259 days ago

I hope she died Reply Report

LoveIT +1 points1260 days ago

Who says chivalry is dead? At least there are still gentlemen like this out there who know how to treat a lady like a real lady. Good work guys :-) Reply Report

Therapist +1 points701 days ago

Mmmmm would love to slide in next Reply Report

anon   0 points2154 days ago

icame.jpg Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane   0 points1892 days ago

The British journalist you thinking about was fingered by a mob in Egypt and helped by some Egyptian women Reply Report

Wish   0 points1745 days ago

Everybody knows she is not a journalist(maybe) and "fake video". So please update 6 or 7 minutes version except seems to be crue scene. Reply Report
to pussysnaper

to pussysnaper   0 points1399 days ago

Please prooflink to bestgore context Reply Report

sadasdasd   0 points1181 days ago

asdasdsa Reply Report

cedeba21   0 points555 days ago

English journalist raped by egyptian guys during the "arab spring" Reply Report
Muslim Hunter

Muslim Hunter   0 points1005 days ago

Thats MUSLIM SCUM BASTARDS... Kill this SCUM! Reply Report
Steve Sacks

Steve Sacks   0 points943 days ago

They say if you get sand in your pussy it becomes a beautiful pearl! Reply Report
Trump Is God

Trump Is God   0 points923 days ago

it's time to wipe all dirty sandniggers from the face of the earth Reply Report

Mava   0 points419 days ago

Yeah, fuck that fat pig up. Piss in her fat pig face. Worthless tub of shit. I wish they beat the fuck out of her old ass. Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points375 days ago

Nice sexy mature Reply Report

FACTS   0 points104 days ago

This is a reporter back when NATO bombed Lybia, those are just horny kids who found a naive weak foreign pussy, easy target, im happy they enjoyed their probably first sex :) Reply Report

FACTS   0 points104 days ago

@FACTS And she was a reporter from west europe, i dont remember wich country (maybe ENGLAND) Reply Report

sickrick -1 points2147 days ago

I really hope those guys fucked that bitches asshole, if I were there I pounded that bitches asshole till the sun cums down... she had nice tits, I would have jizzed in her mouth... this video made my dick rock hard- more like this please but for fuck sakes guys, stick your dick up there ass ITS TIGHT Reply Report

muslimmustdied -1 points2114 days ago

Esto es lo que hacen los musulmanes de mierda con las mujeres.
Son tan hombres que no tienen cojones para ir de cara.
Son lo que ellos mas odian unos cerdos. El que disfrute con esto
tan cerdo e inhumano como ellos.
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not jews

not jews -1 points1837 days ago

these guys are actually not jewish
1) They are not speaking hebrew
2) their dicks are not circumcised

You can't be a jew if you're not circumcised....
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FUCK MOHHAMMAD -2 points1842 days ago

All the arabs are fucking terrorists and rapist i never met a good one.
I dont remember i saw terrorist attack by other than muslim fucks!
And the monkeys in the video are MUSLIM they speak arabic - no one in the world excpt arabs speak arabic.
The world will be good when all muslim fucks will die.
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Sadist -2 points1259 days ago

I find women who live alone and sneek in their house while their at work. I try to hide till they get in the shower but usually end up makin my move sooner. I taze them and then hogtie and gag em. cut off the cloths and have my fun. I perfer to just beat them with an blunt object, I broke my finger before so I learned my lesson. I hang em by the neck after im done fuckin em and use them as batting practice till they choke out. then I just leave the bitch there to be found later. In Satans name and glory Reply Report

allgicvj   0 points189 days ago

@Sadist NIGGA WHAT THE FUCK Reply Report

what -4 points2155 days ago

Isnt this the full video? Reply Report
2nd Best

2nd Best -5 points2065 days ago

Durka Durka fap fap Allllaaaaah akbar! Reply Report

minnie -9 points2114 days ago

pray to jesus he cares Reply Report

Death -14 points2040 days ago

All muslims are on a one way road to Hell. Reply Report
She died in the end and still they fuck

She died in the end and still they fuck -20 points2064 days ago

I hate muslim. One day I swear to kill these guys in the video. Reply Report

hel -22 points2157 days ago

fuck al moslims Reply Report
u are wrong

u are wrong -22 points2156 days ago

bitch wat the fux is wrong with yall do u get turned on by bitches geting raped so wrong
Reply Report

GTFO -38 points2080 days ago

All arabs need 2 die world war 3 would be a good way to wipe this desease out. All those ppl can do is rape kill and pray to there retarded god alla. "Bring on the war we will win" Reply Report

baconator -42 points2154 days ago

allah and all his sand niggers can die....those faggots have a mental disease and it won't end until we nuke those retarded fucks. Reply Report