Playing With My Sister's Tits While She's Asleep

Look how hard are her nipples get when I touch them!

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fernleyguy +23 points1892 days ago

I'm surprised she didn't wake up, most gals do when they're touched.

Good video though, from what I can see of her, your sister is pretty hot!
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sisfucker +14 points1812 days ago

i used to fuck my sister while she was sleepin..her ass made my dick bigger then it ever was..i love fuckin incest Reply Report

fuckhole69 +12 points1891 days ago

I used to finger-fuck my cousin while she slept. Too bad he didn't get a cunt shot. Reply Report

simplydivine +10 points1889 days ago

you sure know how to play with nipples. made my pussy wet to watch! Reply Report

stranger +9 points1808 days ago

matt ice: the fucking your sister - thing is ok but the tampon is just disgusting ;) Reply Report

hot +7 points1891 days ago

i have a very hot sister and i wish i could do this to her.. too bad i dont have the guts.. i really like her sexually.. i always find her dirty wet underwear and lick them.. lol Reply Report

wtf +6 points1891 days ago

in holland we cal that rape Reply Report

TECHNO BLACK GUY +6 points1743 days ago

I remember me doing this to my step sister not fucking her but dry humping her insert my dick between her upper thighs close to her pussy and pound it but that's when she sleeping on her stomach pull her yoga like pants or shorts down and dry fuck her with enough friction and the fact when I came back down on her ass it be jiggle a little bit she wasn't fat cause she into sports but when her ass jiggled it turned me on but I knew it wasn't going to last 4ever so I put it into not really a medium pace but enough to where I would cum on her ass or turn her over on her back and cum on her hairy pussy or cum on her face then pull her yoga pants or shorts back up and in the morning act like nothing ever happened she didn't even knew what I would be doing with her body just about every night Reply Report

Billy +5 points1891 days ago

I would've wanked it & jizzed all over her tits.

@LOL, seriously? Your on this website & calling him twisted?
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Just Saying

Just Saying +2 points1877 days ago

I clicked on the video just to read the comments.... but man... you showed part of her face lol.... I'm pretty sure if I were her id see that and the bra, put 2 and 2 together and castrate you.... what are you gunna do if she sees this? Reply Report

grrr +2 points1475 days ago

I'll remember this when i do to my sister while she's sleeping..i just grope her breast n lick it..then cum at her leg.. Reply Report
edmond wan

edmond wan +1 points1456 days ago

I wish we get to see your sister's panties as well while she is sleeping! Reply Report

buddy! +1 points1124 days ago

When I was ten years old me and my older sister where watching a movie an I fell asleep in my underwear and could feel my sister's hand on my d*ck squeezing it and jerking me off. It felt soon good that I got a boner and cummed in her hand. I just hope she swallowed my cum off her hand.! Reply Report

su1c1d3   0 points1681 days ago

its most likely his fantasy tho Reply Report
fuk matt ice

fuk matt ice -3 points1889 days ago

matt ice you are the most terrible guy of this fuking world Reply Report
Matt ice

Matt ice -4 points1889 days ago

I fuck my sister whilst she's past out drunk I cum up her as well. Next day she thinks she had a 1 night stand and forgot who it's with. I also love sucking her used tampons the taste of her bloody minge drives me wild , I cum in seconds Reply Report

LOL -9 points1891 days ago

Your sister huh ? Twisted fuck...... Reply Report