Rape Fantasy

Girl wanted to know what it felt like to get raped. So her boyfriend arranged a friend who would break into her room and fuck the shit out of her while he films it.

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Yum +47 points2097 days ago

I want my pussy raped. I can only cum when I think about being forced to cum all over some strangers cock. Reply Report
John Smith

John Smith +7 points1935 days ago

These comments always make me laugh. Reply Report

incestraper +5 points2146 days ago

I raped my cousin like that a few years back and now she wants me to fuck her every time we see eachother. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +4 points2008 days ago

when i wear a skirt or dress, it makes it really easier for him to rape me. that is why i wear them, and pantie hose too.
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miriamlondon +3 points1614 days ago

He's gorgeous, love the socks on Reply Report
Rape me

Rape me +2 points172 days ago

I have always had fantasies about being dominated. Having no free will. And being raped. I'm 15 and I don't know what's wrong with me Reply Report

Tititititi +1 points2154 days ago

Bite his dick off
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ass fucker

ass fucker +1 points1775 days ago

Wow I like to c them fighting 4 their life Reply Report
15 yr old hornee

15 yr old hornee +1 points358 days ago

I had a dream I was raped its made me very horny since
Reply Report
Fuck off

Fuck off   0 points15 days ago

It's not rape if she asked for it she consented Reply Report
Why cant this happen to me

Why cant this happen to me   0 points664 days ago

i want this to happen to me so bad!! shes so lucky <3 Reply Report

Danklord   0 points470 days ago

Anyone else notice she looks surprisingly like Anne Hathaway? Reply Report

jamiec   0 points441 days ago

God I wish this happened to me Reply Report

Fkitall   0 points47 days ago

You all need to be chipped Reply Report
Safety dancer

Safety dancer   0 points94 days ago

Just wanted to let all the exceptional viewers know that this video is not gay because the man has socks on and there was no eye contact
-safety dancer
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Jin -1 points2028 days ago

Cool Reply Report

daniel -2 points2174 days ago

I wish i could do that too, he culd film tjat too and sell it or keep it but i would rape his.wife.if he would let me.i would cum in her ass so as. Not to impregnate her. Reply Report
Horny Teen

Horny Teen -10 points2052 days ago

I wish my dad would do this to me. i flash him my pussy all the time. i know he wants it :( Reply Report
15 year ols sluy

15 year ols sluy   0 points421 days ago

yea girl im the same way would love my daddy to rape my hot ass Reply Report
Worried Mom

Worried Mom -18 points2065 days ago

This is really bad. I just caught my son watch this. I hope all these videos will stop Reply Report

Shanbob +4 points711 days ago

It's a fantasy video chill out. You do realise women have dark sexual fantasies just as much as men do? Around 50% of women like the bdsm scene and these sort of roleplay scenarios. Reply Report
Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Marshall Bruce Mathers III -19 points2056 days ago

Videos like this are unexceptional I caught my daughter watching this and now her electronics are broken and thrown it away Reply Report
Smart Person

Smart Person +4 points1341 days ago

u r retarded s1r Reply Report

Shanbob -2 points711 days ago

The funny thing is they took the time to leave the comment after confiscating their children's access to it. Probably love the videos themselves the massive hypocrites. It's like those parents that tell their kids not to do drugs while partaking the shit out of drugs themselves. lmao Reply Report