Girl Fucked And Murdered - Snuff Movie

Due to all the pain she probably didn't even notice the guy fucking her.

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non member

non member +50 points1856 days ago

Better be a fake - that is sick Reply Report

lliiilliiilliiill   0 points543 days ago

its fake think about it if someone was trying to cut your toung off when they had there fingers in your mouth you would bite them off Reply Report

jkidd +15 points1894 days ago

Fake or not. Absolutely Terrible!!! Should be impossible to get off to unless youre psychotic. Reply Report

sickcunts +11 points1869 days ago

this is not fake its torture murder. sick fucks will burn in hell for eternity Reply Report

Me +10 points1894 days ago

Police have seen these movies???? Reply Report
that girl

that girl +10 points1894 days ago

fake or not the idea is still disgusting Reply Report

ght +8 points1895 days ago

censored? why? :'( Reply Report

Joe +8 points1814 days ago

What's the purpose of even making this film?Are they making them to distribute to sickos?Serial killers like to see animals and people suffer. Then there are the natuarly born creeps that think it's amusing. The video should be traced and same thing done to them. Reply Report

Wow +2 points965 days ago

I can't fucking believe how many people had to click on the video to comment, then are all bitchy about how it is sick, different people have different kinks this is not the worst out there by far, so shut the Fuck up and keep your comments to yourself Reply Report

member +6 points1897 days ago

Pretty sure this is fake.. However it lets me think of the film Hostel :D Reply Report

bri +6 points1820 days ago

Reply Report

asd +5 points1897 days ago

Trololol OUTSCH Reply Report

lol +5 points1805 days ago

film the murder, censor the pussy, we don't want kids to see it! Reply Report

Aim-able +5 points1755 days ago

I could not sleep properly for 2 days after watching this movie. Thanks to the commentator in this list for telling people that it is not real. IT IS A BIG RELIEF FOR ME. Reply Report

chernika   0 points687 days ago

So why are you watching and searching for such sites and videos ?!! =D
The choise is always yours ;)
Reply Report

Mistress. +5 points1737 days ago

This needs to be removed.. Reply Report
Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson +4 points1835 days ago

Chinks are almost as dumb as the Jews.
But, I fapped anyhows.
Reply Report

dogfucker +3 points1701 days ago

lol too late already downloaded, good luck feds
Reply Report

Mobstarr   0 points1457 days ago

lol Reply Report
Muslims = Filthy People

Muslims = Filthy People +2 points1896 days ago

Fake Reply Report

God +2 points1895 days ago

Because it's a big fake, it looks like japanese rape porn. Silly people. Reply Report

guest +2 points1887 days ago

not good. whoever did this, would go to jail. Reply Report

gnome +1 points1895 days ago

its fake look at the how long her foot is its near the edge of the bed and y is it not moving like the other one. oh and the tongue thing is also fake
Reply Report

odr +1 points1799 days ago

Really hope this is fake Reply Report

guyme91 +1 points1039 days ago

There are a few things that tell me that this is fake.
1. The blurring of genitals, this is always done in Japanese porn, I assume it is a law, but I'm not going to bother to look it up.
2. The left foot being cut off, she didn't scream, the foot it covered instead of being bare to hide that it is fake. In addition she never moved her left leg.
3. She doesn't struggle enough for someone in a situation like this.
4. Too many people participating in the action
5. It is filmed too well.

So there you go, it is still quite disturbing, but totally fake.
Reply Report

Yup   0 points965 days ago

The censorship act of like 1917 Reply Report

Nonmember   0 points1895 days ago

Hope those sick fucks rot in hell Reply Report

fasko   0 points1779 days ago

this very very bad video - so if it did not relay - please " remove " it as fast as you can Reply Report

lisa   0 points1775 days ago

sick know hate is video all think not fake Reply Report

Membe   0 points1765 days ago

I'm sure, that's fake. Reply Report
fuck off

fuck off   0 points1682 days ago

this video is sick,why don't rape her untill dead
Reply Report

Damn!   0 points1679 days ago

Come on guys! Say it's fake! Reply Report

Ruse   0 points1645 days ago

I'm assuming the people who watch these fake snuff videos don't know how loud and long a person actually screams when this kind of thing happens. Of course you don't, but there would be a way more horrifying reaction than this and if you fap to this then...theres nothing wrong with you right? Reply Report

dudewtf??   0 points1625 days ago

that is too fucked up to even describe.... surly not real??? Reply Report
Bear daddy

Bear daddy   0 points1509 days ago

owwww owwww owwww shut up its all fake guys , fucking bitch Reply Report

Coconut   0 points1413 days ago

ANY rape video that does not display a porn domain we can go to, with the actresses/actors porn names, should not be allowed on this site. Reply Report

sickened   0 points1401 days ago

This is disgusting, even if it is fake. Reply Report

iHeartSexTrafficing   0 points1345 days ago

Mel Gibson Reply Report


That's how to treat a cunt! LOVED the abuse,the torture,her pain.I hope it's real,peel her skin back! Reply Report

Grimm   0 points808 days ago

This is fucking gross!! A lot of sick fucks in the world Reply Report
sick fuckers

sick fuckers   0 points565 days ago

Fucking disgusting i hope its fake you sick fucks Reply Report

Neon   0 points481 days ago

My friend starred in a fake snuff. This is totally fake. People are easy to fool with the right props. Reply Report
This isn\'t porn

This isn\'t porn   0 points467 days ago

This is disgusting needs removing Reply Report

traveller001   0 points404 days ago

oh my God. This crazy guys must be arrested! where is the police? :(
Reply Report

Badboymo   0 points245 days ago

Reason why this is fake why blur vagina and not the victims head as showing genitals is illigal in Japan so is torture they probably used animal tongue and movie stuff to make it look real. Reply Report

Ramboon -1 points1785 days ago

Hey all If this is really real with what i wont have any difficult to believe. you know They do almost the same thing to animals like Dogs,Cats and other species... if you want to know that Asians are ready to do anything for money plz go see On You Tube video called (THIS HAS TO STOP KILLING DOG ) Me watching this movie almost made me Crazy because I have pets and I love them more than anything So you can Imagine the rest Peace c ya all Reply Report
Non-Member jpn�

Non-Member jpn -2 points1886 days ago

This is a fake.
But two weeks afterward, she jumped into the train and committed suicide.
Reply Report
Fick dich

Fick dich -3 points1805 days ago

So eine scheisse hab ich selten gesehen !!!! Kopiert wie immer !!! Scheiß Schlitzaugen...!!!! Verreckt alle mit !!!! Reply Report
Arse Destroyer

Arse Destroyer -4 points1851 days ago

I don't find anything wrong with this I think it's pretty horny. Reply Report

rapist -6 points1834 days ago

so fucking hot, i would rape her as shes dyeing!! love how she starts screaming Reply Report

iHeartSexTrafficing +1 points1345 days ago

Lets do it together. I've always wanted to penetrate an eye socket. Reply Report