Forced Lesbian Sex

Horny girl sits on other girl's face who's wrapped in bandage and forces her to eat her pussy.

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ilovepussy +28 points2108 days ago

beautiful cummed so hard Reply Report

PrincessFemme +18 points872 days ago

I wish someone would do this to my pussy Reply Report

tryme135 +2 points682 days ago

I would certainly do this ot your pussy force my mouth right now! LESBIAN ACTION Reply Report

Treestality +7 points620 days ago

I fucked a tree before. Reply Report

lol +4 points1694 days ago

She kinda brought it on herself by letting a horny lesbian wrap her in bandages... Reply Report

Mmhmmm +4 points582 days ago

I'd love someone to sit on my face like that. Put my tongue all up in that pussy Reply Report

*moan* +3 points802 days ago

you make me wanna eat your pussy. I'm cumming as I'm typing.
Reply Report
Bisexual bitch

Bisexual bitch +3 points658 days ago

Mm wish a girl done this to me Reply Report

jamiec +3 points421 days ago

I would love to be raped like this. Or at the very least fucked. I'll do anything to be raped like this. Hmu if ur interested Reply Report

Mmmmm +2 points1669 days ago

...using her pussy to suffocate...was hot. Reply Report

Displease +2 points210 days ago

She was basic as fuck.. sitting on her face no real pleasure going on straight face or slight smile crossing legs etc wtf.. her clit was mostly on her nose so how does that work when that's the main attention point!!!. Fuck her face go all out this was boring as fuck!!!! I turned it off used my imagination instead.. shit quality. Reply Report

lickabitch +1 points1706 days ago

I need a woman to do this to me. Reply Report

Needthis   0 points660 days ago

I want to this to so done so baaad I just came so hard just by thought of it. Reply Report

PleasurePresent   0 points332 days ago

I want this and more... Who's up for doing it with me? Reply Report

Anallick -1 points2108 days ago

I would like to lick her ASS too mm... Very nice Reply Report

wtf -1 points1862 days ago

oh the shit i see on this website Reply Report

Suckmeoff -1 points730 days ago

Fuck yes so damn hot Reply Report

youragonysustainsme -4 points1628 days ago

The dominate one needs to be gang banged while she is getting sucked off make her slave suck each load out of her Reply Report

Wannabenonvirgin -5 points1526 days ago

Wow that's sexy Reply Report

slut -5 points1396 days ago

Why can't a man do this to me is love just to be beaten up by a guy and raped A.S.A.P Reply Report

When   0 points45 days ago

@slut Reply Report

Ew +15 points862 days ago

Because you don't deserve the pleasure Reply Report
The porn addict

The porn addict -6 points1743 days ago

When I was done cum was everywhere Reply Report

Cider -6 points1334 days ago

I started to like at 9:40. She did't even seem to appreciate and having an orgasm after such a long ''cunnilingus''. Well, one forgets the person with the camerea who would have saved the girl wrapped in bandages if she would have suffocated. Nevertheless, what a trial. Ah... licking a pussy and a clit for hours : what a test ! What a surprise to realise that the wrapped girl has only her pussy and her breast free... What a staging. Reply Report
Boy 13

Boy 13 -7 points1539 days ago

I wish I was a girl Reply Report

nonmember -9 points1908 days ago

wat-is-her-name-pleasee Reply Report
BiToiletSlave boy

BiToiletSlave boy -11 points2027 days ago

I would love to be & I wish to be a Bisexual Pornstarr that gets HumanToilet Slaved & Used & Abused & BDSM'd & Sexslaved that has to eat/drink/swallow mens&Womens&trannys excretionz/secretionz/cummjuicez & recieve it all over me from head to toes. I would love to become a slave for a porn production company a.s.a.p. Reply Report

Slaved -31 points1981 days ago

I be like yo pussy stank get the fuck off whore before I bite cho pussy and call the cops Reply Report
That is so sad

That is so sad +18 points1694 days ago

Which school system failed to teach you basic grammar? Reply Report