Girl Drugged And Raped

He slipped rape drugs in her drink and waited for her to pass out. While she was asleep he fucked her and cleaned everything up after he was finished with her.

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sexy guy here

sexy guy here +37 points2311 days ago

wish this was me Reply Report

immaculate +10 points1937 days ago

is this how jesus was born? Reply Report

rapeme +10 points1463 days ago

mmm, the thought of this makes me so wet... wish i was drugged and fucked hard while i was passed out then cum in, mmm... any takers haha ;) Reply Report

eri +9 points1473 days ago

wth is wrong with the audio Reply Report

rapedlove +8 points2356 days ago

this is good quality Reply Report

HARD FUCKER +5 points1796 days ago

Good one! But if that was me, I would have pumped all my semen deep inside her vagina and made her pregnant..... Reply Report

Narutokakashi   0 points563 days ago

Same but I'm a girl so Reply Report

rapeman +3 points2245 days ago

i want to try that :P Reply Report

birch +3 points2207 days ago

nice rape fantasy. when she wakes up she won't have a clue other than a happy pussy.
Reply Report

sexy_love19 +3 points1909 days ago

Mmm yummy Reply Report
Slippery eel

Slippery eel   0 points547 days ago

I would do you Reply Report
Screw you

Screw you +2 points547 days ago

Fucked a dirty slut last night after drugged her cum in her arse lovely Reply Report

Desiree +1 points2149 days ago

How was there a conversation happening?
I wear underwear made out of metal with the outisde coated in habanero pickle juice. This will never happen to me.
Reply Report

babygirl074   0 points289 days ago

@Desiree Never say never I said that once. Reply Report

thakima +1 points1896 days ago

Its a very beautifully film Reply Report

Boatbarbeque +1 points1852 days ago

Beat your rear on the toilet fear Reply Report

Boatbase +1 points1852 days ago

Beat your rear on the toilet fear Reply Report

Horny +1 points1709 days ago

Oh god I wish that was me being dominated mmm Reply Report

Alpha +1 points1511 days ago

She does a good staying limp, unlike most of these drugged fantasy videos. Reply Report

eri +1 points1473 days ago

i've been looking for this vid forever Reply Report

FoxTailedCritter +1 points863 days ago

I want that to happen to me too.
Someone spikes me and then cums in me. <3
Reply Report
HayleyStonez is my kik name

HayleyStonez is my kik name +1 points427 days ago

I love the idea of being raped and im a girl>.< idk whats wrong with me Reply Report

clair   0 points2324 days ago

i would want to be awake i need more cocks though Reply Report

smart   0 points2252 days ago

no trace XP Reply Report

0.o   0 points2252 days ago

he good at making look like nothing happened XD Reply Report

Boogaloo   0 points2248 days ago

So Fake! I would damn well wonder why tea made me suddenly sleepy
Reply Report

hy3   0 points982 days ago

i wish i had her body Reply Report
high and horny

high and horny   0 points67 days ago

God my pussy is dripping wet over this. I can't stop touching myself and cumming over and over. I'm addicted mmmmm... Reply Report

Dhjccf   0 points812 days ago

D Reply Report
White supremacy

White supremacy   0 points59 days ago

Niggers should work in fields not in offices Reply Report

freakygirl69   0 points450 days ago

see myu videos Reply Report

Sunny91   0 points365 days ago

Can I b next Reply Report
Biggest Fan

Biggest Fan   0 points278 days ago

Isabel Alejandra Buendia Nuñez...after a drugged drink you will be mine Reply Report

Alexandria   0 points168 days ago

Reply Report

Alexandria   0 points168 days ago

Reply Report

Alexandria.   0 points168 days ago

Reply Report

Alexandria   0 points168 days ago

No,I won’t be yours.See I play hard to get,but that ain’t even my real name though.It’s a fake name. Reply Report

paulmckay321 -2 points1801 days ago

Anyone want to trade or buy real drugged videos inbox me Reply Report

Girlkiller69 -2 points1711 days ago

Or me the audio is ahead of the video Reply Report
SC and NC sickos

SC and NC sickos -12 points1916 days ago rape your wife.....this is being done to me....he hurt me, bruises between thighs, rectal and hurt my arm elbow and wrist.....omg....hurt over seeing this. Reply Report