Man's Arm and Foot Cut Off By Drug Cartel

Man left squirming on the street after his right arm and left foot got cut off by rival drug cartel.

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Troy +51 points1904 days ago

Humans are a sick fucking species I'm sometimes ashamed to be one. Reply Report
I am me

I am me +3 points1303 days ago

I'm ALWAYS ashamed to be a Homo Erectus Reply Report

jazdream +18 points1900 days ago

one thing i will never understand is how people can just stand by and watch Reply Report

Taint +7 points1902 days ago

He didn't have a leg to stand on, give him a hand Reply Report

chrissy +5 points1830 days ago

poor fucker.this proper nightmarish shit Reply Report

ud +4 points1904 days ago

All in the name of profits. Sad world we live in. I hope his after life is better than this world could offered. Reply Report

raymond504 +4 points1897 days ago

And that people is why i will stay in the US and Denver Colorado. forever. Reply Report

:-l +2 points1867 days ago

Thats what happens when you choose the life of a thug :-l PS i love paramedics <3 Reply Report

benito +2 points1731 days ago

i never want to get hurt in a foreign country.. Quality of medical care sucks.. professional knowledge is non-existant.. nobody cares or helps they just stand and watch and video tape.. makes me glad to be in america where doctors and paramedics know what the hell their doing Reply Report

garner +1 points1904 days ago

the shop in the back ground were doing 50% off gloves and socks?? Reply Report

me +1 points1623 days ago

They should have forgotten the chunks :( Reply Report

Desensitized   0 points1598 days ago

Dont get any onya...just keep movin fuckin worms! Reply Report

DonDormio86   0 points292 days ago

Most of the time the people watching are unable to help as they would be treat in a similer way to the gang members if they are seen helping.

It's a fear tactic that keeps everyone in line
Reply Report

Fake   0 points55 days ago

Fake Reply Report

cocknocker -1 points1901 days ago

pretty armless vid, i saw worse :) Reply Report

Mike -2 points1903 days ago

@ neil, did not just say
Reply Report

haha -2 points1725 days ago

good Reply Report

neil -3 points1904 days ago

Someone give that man a hand. It's gonna cost an arm and a leg to fix this Reply Report

d1ty -4 points1389 days ago

i couldn't get over all those compassionate people trying to help him it almost bought a tear to my japs eye, he'll make a great pirate now though. Reply Report
fuck you

fuck you +2 points1357 days ago

Your should have been destroyed at birth you piece of shit! And your mother should have choked on her own shit! Reply Report

pestyone -5 points1780 days ago

You lay down with dogs you get flees, cutting off limbs is a sign to all "this will happen to anyone else that steals from us" as for the foot being cut off.....well because he ran and made them come chase him. Reply Report

EastVanRulz   0 points306 days ago

Yes this is sending a message to others...would have been easier to just but a bullet in his head , but that would ''defeet'' the purpose Reply Report

Mike -16 points1902 days ago

Neil that was some funny shit.
He's gonna have a hard time learning to wank with his left hand. Lol
Reply Report