Couple Rape Girl Together

Crazy girl partners up with boyfriend and helps him rape other girls.

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That Girl

That Girl +79 points1642 days ago

hey "Non-Member That girl", I was that girl as well! in fact I STILL AM! see, it's my name as well so you know I didn't make it up... just now, after seeing your comment. Reply Report

incestlover +29 points1780 days ago

I raped my cousin in my car. Now she wants me to fuck her every time she comes over. Sometimes they just need a little push to know how good something feels Reply Report

Lady76   0 points352 days ago

Rape me Reply Report

dobby -3 points337 days ago

I would rape you Reply Report
see me

see me   0 points709 days ago

Reply Report
Clorox Bleach

Clorox Bleach +8 points512 days ago

Drink me Reply Report

theninja +19 points1739 days ago

just love it when a woman helps her fella to rape a slut, fantastic the way she was made to lick her cunt Reply Report

Me +18 points1801 days ago

I wanna be her Reply Report

ALpha +17 points1888 days ago

A couple who rapes together stays together.xD Reply Report

Ross +17 points1699 days ago

The same people who think this is REAL probably watch violent Hollywood features and think they are REAL as well.... you're pathetic, there is a reason you see camera cuts and the actress opening her mouth to take cock ... U MORONS!!!! Go elsewhere if u don't like it... Reply Report

Lilwhitegirl +14 points1421 days ago

Nice, but a little bit apitty that this nice wife don´t piss about her when he fcks her and she holds her down. Reply Report

F*cktoy +13 points1610 days ago

every girl has rape fantasies, and any girl who says she doesn't is lying and I don't care if you have been raped before... and this video is hot... I cum to it everytime I watch it! My old standby when a girl is on her own! Reply Report

shitfilledvagina   0 points63 days ago

@F*cktoy I'm a rape victim and I love this stuff. Honestly I'm pretty alright with the memory of the rape. Kinda want it to happen again!! Reply Report

leanne +12 points1886 days ago

i would love a whole truck load of men doing this to me Reply Report

Lizy   0 points235 days ago

Me too Reply Report

Mike +11 points1639 days ago

awww thats so cute, they do everything as a couple!
even rape
Reply Report
non member

non member +10 points1721 days ago

To non member raped by 5 guys lets shoot for 6.. id love to beat u down and take u when u have no fight left in u...u love it stop pretending.. letting 5 dudes nut up in that tired beat up stretched out ass while ur all like oh no im being raped but wait let me taste that bloody cock and lick it clean for u before I cry rape..hahaha what a joke Reply Report

No +10 points1617 days ago

Anyone else only liked the Nissan skyline gtr ? Reply Report
Public Masturbating Cummer

Public Masturbating Cummer +10 points1482 days ago

I love jacking off and cumming in front of traffic, but fucking a teen in public is even sexier. Reply Report
sexy lil cum.whore

sexy lil cum.whore +8 points1853 days ago

Want several guys to take me hard core any takers? Reply Report

Noooo +8 points1281 days ago

He sounds like a fucking donkey. *eååh eååh** Reply Report
Latina bitch

Latina bitch +8 points891 days ago

I can see me and my man doing this to a girl Reply Report

Non-Member +7 points1852 days ago

all porn videos = fake
but we see porn videos for fun
Reply Report
Coulda been better

Coulda been better +7 points1887 days ago

He should have fucked her in the ass! Reply Report

imbatman +7 points1827 days ago

A couple who rapes together stays together...just like Bonnie and Clyde...well that's until they died. Reply Report

jessica +7 points1698 days ago

All us girls should be raped when we are 18 to 21 for your first sex , it should be done by brother or dad in all opening for 24 hours. Reply Report

wolfpup +8 points445 days ago

girls like you scare girls like me, for one reason: a woman should have valued input on what is done to her body, we are should not be fucked unless we consent (same for guys, cause it's an issue for y'all as well) Reply Report
Clorox Bleach

Clorox Bleach -2 points397 days ago

We don't need your feminist vitriol here, woman. This is a rape vid. Why'd u click on it if it triggers you? Are u just here to troll, or are u the world's biggest hypocrite? Drink me pls. Reply Report

TRIGGER -2 points392 days ago

My fuckin god you owned her clorox Reply Report
Kik: harcpizza

Kik: harcpizza -2 points655 days ago

Old enough to walk then it should be open access to the household. Reply Report

ray +1 points1261 days ago

Wants ur number jessica I would like to find a girl like u Reply Report

naughtygirl +7 points1667 days ago

oh god! my fantasy right here! Reply Report

daddyd +7 points1258 days ago

fuck so hot Reply Report

ha! +6 points1898 days ago

I don't understand what she's complaining so much for??? She gets the fuck of her life for nothing... I'd be so lucky ;-) Reply Report

lolidiots +6 points1737 days ago

It's fake. Duh. All porn is and to the retard that hopes no rapist uploads their videos, FYI Rape Porn is Legal. Just not the ACT. Reply Report

Fuckinator +1 points563 days ago

Only legal if it is staged, actual rape porn is tech just illegal but like most things hardly enforced Reply Report
slutty cunt

slutty cunt +6 points1336 days ago

This video is hot!;) Turns me on Reply Report

BuzzKill +5 points1786 days ago

On the Nissan Skyline? Really? Give me the car and you can have my shitty car instead! Reply Report

nomercyforsluts +5 points653 days ago

All women love rape.. ALL of them. No exception. In fact there is no rape. They want it, it really does not matter if they say yes or no. Reply Report

Mssk +4 points1603 days ago

Very hot & nice video! Reply Report

Fuckinator +4 points563 days ago

I watch this knowing it isn't real, then see you all just saying all women need to be raped, yeah tell me how that goes, idiots Reply Report

mark +3 points1904 days ago

i would lopve to be next on her Reply Report

2 +3 points1851 days ago

this video is a legend <3 Reply Report
SeX adDiCt

SeX adDiCt +3 points1652 days ago

i would so love to fuck that pussy Reply Report

Xxxfucker +3 points1624 days ago

That was so fucking hot I'm dripping with cum Reply Report
to the girl that thinks this is disgusting give us

to the girl that thinks this is disgusting give us +2 points1721 days ago

Fu Reply Report

fucky +2 points1674 days ago

omfg i want to get my fucking couchie fucked Reply Report

Paige +2 points1362 days ago

We all do Reply Report

AdJ +2 points348 days ago

I absolutely love this. I gotta find a bf that's down to help me force a slut to please us
My favorite part is when you can hear the slut groan face deep in her pussy and hear the balls slap
Reply Report

Drippingwetpussylipz +2 points718 days ago

Someone rape me please fickle all my holes I beg make me cry out Reply Report

Ddf +2 points767 days ago

Spaghetti Reply Report

Kwon +2 points738 days ago

Okay, you people seem to forget that ALL women DESERVE to be raped. Not only do they seek attention afterwards, like they're "victims" of something they craved to begin with, but religious texts all over the world encourage it. Reply Report

........... +2 points673 days ago

i wanna get raped sooo badly. ive been thinnking about going to the bars in little to nothing and leading guys on see what happens.
Reply Report
the guy that raped her

the guy that raped her +1 points1836 days ago

i had fun Reply Report

Asma +1 points1790 days ago

Hello guys Asma Here from islamabad much better item then this one contact me on +923145796769 Reply Report

anon +1 points1771 days ago

The dude in the video needs to shut the fuck up Reply Report
couple rape girl  together

couple rape girl together +1 points1692 days ago

Sexy and very beautifull u are my girl because u are hot to rape Reply Report
That girl

That girl +1 points1686 days ago

I was that girl I was not rape I am a porn star Reply Report

Paige +3 points1362 days ago

Really Reply Report

bbc7590 +1 points725 days ago

i clicked on this video because the nissan r34 Reply Report

Koitattooed +1 points890 days ago

Well thanks for being raped I hope you enjoyed it. Reply Report

fidelius +1 points575 days ago

Kann nicht verstehen, wie man einen solchen Mistfilm 82 komentieren kann. Unglaublich. Reply Report

bbwfuckslut69 +1 points467 days ago

Love this to happen to me Reply Report

treeguy   0 points326 days ago

Went on a Tinder date once. First date she wanted me to bring duct tape a knife and a shovel! She wanted me to take her for a drive into the woods,. Reply Report

Hellers   0 points1761 days ago

I hope a real rapist isn't dumb enough to put their rape on the internet..haha Reply Report

peter38   0 points1718 days ago

i fuck here too Reply Report

peter38   0 points1718 days ago

ad hrer pussy and here ass,white my dick and my fist Reply Report

Paige   0 points1539 days ago

Even old people are perverts that lady sure is one he looks pretty old to m Reply Report

FAKE   0 points1494 days ago

Come on guys/girls we all know this is fake the camera angles alone show that this is a planned rape seance. Reply Report

joi   0 points892 days ago

I'm a guy and want to Happen to me Reply Report

rdnck1   0 points304 days ago

Hot! Ive done this to my cousin and made her lick my cowboy boots afterward and she still wants more. Anyone know the guys name in this video? Reply Report
Road construction

Road construction   0 points865 days ago

Fake Reply Report

gg   0 points860 days ago

Is hhh Reply Report

Dad   0 points438 days ago

Wtf Reply Report

O.O   0 points278 days ago

Wow why does this turn me on so much O.O Reply Report

Nonmember   0 points747 days ago

This is hot I'm so wet!
Reply Report
Rebel Son

Rebel Son   0 points605 days ago

that's kindda hot! Reply Report

sunshineslutgirl531   0 points563 days ago

i wanna be this girl
Reply Report

Obama   0 points547 days ago

Me and Michelle do this all the time, she loves her some role play. Reply Report

rapemygfqc   0 points399 days ago

someone from québec want rape my Gf whit me ? Pm me ! Reply Report

hedoman   0 points25 days ago

where do i find a gf like her????
Reply Report

Lol -1 points1883 days ago

It's obviously fake. How many camera angles do they need?? Seriously, the way this is filmed isn't fooling anyone Reply Report
you are fuck up

you are fuck up -1 points1554 days ago

In the head
Reply Report

Why -1 points1547 days ago

Why dont they fuck each other Reply Report

n -1 points1347 days ago

i want todo sex with
this girl
Reply Report

22 -2 points1851 days ago

& ofc its not reall u idiots, i know this movie since 2006 lol Reply Report
Kamer rider fighter

Kamer rider fighter -2 points1821 days ago

.?? Reply Report

Kwon -2 points738 days ago

Okay, you people seem to forget that ALL women DESERVE to be raped. Not only do they seek attention afterwards, like they're "victims" of something they craved to begin with, but religious texts all over the world encourage it. Reply Report

n -3 points1594 days ago

she have sexy ass
Reply Report
You are all gay

You are all gay -4 points1862 days ago

Expecting the vid to be real, even after the first few very obvious seconds? Gay vv Reply Report

Paige -4 points1696 days ago

Paige again I would love to know how real this is but it's sick Reply Report

Man -7 points936 days ago

The bitch needs to stop her complaining. Women are good for one thing and one thing be used for sex. She needs to shut up and eat pussy when ordered and take the cock when ordered. Women should have no rights. Reply Report
None Member - that nigga

None Member - that nigga -8 points1817 days ago

Ew Reply Report

angel -8 points1744 days ago

You policy are sick ivory been raped by 5 different men in my liit'self not cool or fun you all need mental help Reply Report

jannybh +9 points1384 days ago

My younger grlfriend, sitting at my side, her fingers in her cnt, just told to me, that she hopes it will happen angain and again till you finally crave for it like the normal grls who commented here. Reply Report

Damn -3 points1537 days ago

If you've been raped five times in your life then it's your fault for making the same mistakes over and over. Reply Report

MissySlut -4 points1424 days ago

THat really is true Reply Report

L -8 points1708 days ago

They are a couple they should Fuck there self and not rape other girl Reply Report

gohan +3 points1396 days ago

maybe they have alot of kinks. Reply Report

urma -9 points1682 days ago

dont be so fucking gross you old lazy perverts your all gay and y would you wanna be raped

Reply Report

Doh -10 points1565 days ago

You perverts should stop pretending to be girls that want to be raped. Girls don't want that. Get a life. Reply Report

hyh -9 points1345 days ago

I agree people are fucked up. Reply Report

Fuckboy -11 points1085 days ago

It is fake but still rape is not a fucking joke it is a bad fucking thing for all of you who came here for a rape video not hard porn fucking die. That is called motherfucking evelution and the good of the human race that rapeists die in hell Reply Report

Devil +1 points1007 days ago

See you in hell. Soon Reply Report

wow -14 points1725 days ago

this is disgusting and for everyone who said this is amazing you should rot in hell. you say its amazing but when it happens to you your crying a river. All of you guys will burn in hell saying this video was fun im mad i was dared to watch this shit by my friends. this is nasty and sick and rude and mean i hope every one of you gets raped gets stds and dies in hell while demons beat the living ''HELL'' out of you!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

!!!! +2 points1263 days ago

if you think its so sick why did you watch it? Reply Report
In the shadow

In the shadow -10 points1520 days ago

I totally agree with everything you said this is some really fucked up shit. I bet you would help me beat these peoples asses. Reply Report

burk -16 points1889 days ago

seeing a women getting raped does not turnme on all i dont understand why are this ma n and women not in jail i hope the victim reported them i hope the wan and blond women go to prison aon a life sentence wqithout parole Reply Report
raped and battered is terrible

raped and battered is terrible -20 points1567 days ago

Seriously you pathetic. I was dared to watch this video and I am disgusted beyond levels I threw up. How can you guys watch this. Try a life. I mean seriously go find a girlfriend and tuck her! Not watch lorn for ever. Ewwie Ewwie Ewwie!!!!!!!!! Reply Report
The Mystic

The Mystic   0 points1357 days ago

That's difficult for me I like your comment You make an interesting arguement Reply Report

Paige -1 points1362 days ago

Umm it's fake all the rape porns on here are fake they make me mad too believe me and you are right in a way but if you don't like please don't watch
Reply Report
In the shadow

In the shadow -19 points1520 days ago

I just stumbled across this by accident & man this is some fucked up shit makes me mad & want to beat some ones ass seeing this shit happen to some poor girl. Man im furious Reply Report