Girl gets stabbed to death

Psychopath stabs young girl to death with huge knife.

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ugd +12 points1913 days ago

Sad world we live in. I hope Karma pays him a visit in the near future, if it hasn't already. Reply Report
Rollie B.Good

Rollie B.Good +6 points1913 days ago

WTF is wrong with these people? Reply Report

shawn +6 points1908 days ago

i hate when people insist on calling a video fake when clearly its not. Reply Report

Member +4 points1913 days ago

That's really gruesome. Reply Report

z +3 points1912 days ago

im madder at the dog for pissing where she had to lay Reply Report
Knifey spoony

Knifey spoony +3 points1799 days ago

Fuck he really got the knife in there. Back of the ribs into the lung. She's be dead for sure. He was calm as a coma walking away. Not scared at all. Folks how ever old you are go learn some martial arts. Reply Report
Allah is fake

Allah is fake +3 points1750 days ago

"Allah" can suck my dick! Because she or he is fake! シ Reply Report

kokons +1 points1911 days ago

She probably cheated on him. God damn it i hope this man burns for eternity. What a waste she was pretty. Reply Report
Hard to say

Hard to say   0 points1908 days ago

It could be that she cheated him for whatever. She looks to be a prostitute and the place looks like a cheap brothel somewhere in Philippines or South America somewhere. Anyway, when u play with fire, u will get burned Reply Report

et   0 points1620 days ago

what"s with the guy who stepped over her? and didn't help? Reply Report

wtf -1 points1867 days ago

Yeah, it's wrong. But there is treatment available. Reply Report
Sgt Pepper

Sgt Pepper -4 points1908 days ago

Is it wrong that i got off to this? Reply Report
Fuck Allah

Fuck Allah -5 points1908 days ago

Fake Reply Report

imbatman -17 points1841 days ago

Good Morning. Good Afternoon and Good Night.

I'm Batman!
Reply Report