Skinny Anorexic Girl Posing - Pro Anorexia Video

Anorexic slut is feeling sexy tonight. What do you guys think, hot or not?

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bob +54 points2030 days ago

this woman is clearly mentally ill and needs to be taken into care Reply Report

Tocoolforschool +14 points2030 days ago

Put my dick in her and hear her bones crack. Hahaha
Reply Report

rick +14 points1576 days ago

Why do they never show their pussies? Reply Report

kbird1 +15 points1565 days ago

Because they turned into dust and blew away. Reply Report

madmick +13 points1592 days ago

I would paye big money for sex with her Reply Report

Scared +12 points2002 days ago

This is so sad. She needs fucking help not exploitation. Reply Report
mad mick

mad mick +10 points1861 days ago

I would love to see my cock sliding in and out of her little pussy Reply Report

fact +8 points2030 days ago

that is fucking disgusting, people who find this attractive are sick. this girl is ill. women should be soft and delicate in their skin. not sharp boney and fragile. Reply Report

Kaiser +8 points1946 days ago

Please Baby EAT... U DIE !!! Reply Report

hein +8 points1907 days ago

she need food, i can give her a lots of protein Reply Report

pedo +6 points1271 days ago

i love skinny girls couse they look like children! Reply Report

IAgree!!! +5 points1868 days ago

I agree Stasha is SOOO FUCKING SEXY! Too bad ur bf don't care id love to be with a girl like u i bet your sexy as hell Reply Report

concerned +4 points2026 days ago

How shocking is this video that poor girl needs help now .
Reply Report

asylumannie +4 points2012 days ago

She looks a little Frail to me lol. Reply Report
Herr Hitler

Herr Hitler +4 points1653 days ago

When i did this to the Jews everyone got butthurt. Now its porn/art? Go fuck yourselfs. Reply Report

Sternman +4 points801 days ago

Disgusting fatso! :D Reply Report

pol +3 points2003 days ago

the person who put this shit up need to take that girl to a clinic then put him or herself in a mental clinic! Where in the world is that good to be that skinny? that girl is under alll critic. fuck this was horny now im just angry and sad!! Reply Report

tor +3 points1938 days ago

I love her bones,she is the most sexy girl i ever have se i have a very small cock but i think it is big enof to fuck her bony sexy body i wil mary her and fuck her bones every day,she is so anorexic hot and sexy Reply Report

slimjim +3 points1867 days ago

Love that bony hallow ass and micro tits! Would hit that everyday! Those bones r sexxxxxxxy! Reply Report

Damn +3 points1727 days ago

I can't watch this whole video... It's just too disturbing to me to see this girl so damn skinny, she's like a damn skeleton with some skin wrapped around it! Reply Report
So hard !!

So hard !! +3 points1521 days ago

So hot perfect Reply Report

sadiechoke +3 points1199 days ago

I'm a 23 year old girl looking to be forced to be skinny Reply Report

FatHater +3 points421 days ago

What a disgusting fatso! She should go on diet.. Reply Report

Jeremy +2 points2030 days ago

Talk about rocking somebodies bones... hell, she would fall apart. please feed this poor girl. Reply Report

Gucci +2 points2020 days ago

Fuck u all bitches if u think this is attractive you all niggas be making videos about bat bithches not ILL ppls Reply Report
Jonny Boy

Jonny Boy +2 points1957 days ago

She is so fucki g hot omg!! I would love to make her pussy squirt all over my face. I want to feel every bone !! So hot!! Reply Report

Feetman +1 points2029 days ago

I love her sexy feet!!!! ;) Reply Report

skinnyluvr +1 points2010 days ago

This girl needs to be fucked really hard with big cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love how big the gap is between her legs very sexy, I would lay money on it that this slut would have a fuckin big hole skinny sluts always have big cunts :) :-0
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duffy +1 points1865 days ago

poor girl Reply Report

Sman +1 points1070 days ago

She is beautiful. She knows how beautiful she is. She is so fragile and special. I would love to have a girl like that. Reply Report

faeriejane +1 points583 days ago

Is she still alive? Reply Report

k1nkyb0y   0 points2032 days ago

wow absolutely beautiful body mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Reply Report
lee lee

lee lee   0 points2030 days ago

omg Reply Report

piet   0 points2030 days ago

poor girl. this can't. I don't understand they have to look like this for a photo shoot Reply Report

okonan   0 points2029 days ago

Alive fodder for dog!!! My Good. Shocking. Reply Report

owl   0 points1995 days ago

Yes, she is probably sick. But very very sexy! Reply Report

patri4888   0 points1995 days ago

No me lo creo, el cuerpo esta totalmente en los huesos, pero la cara es tan normal con mejillas y color, una anorexica de verdad esta en los huesos por todo el cuerpo y la cara casi descompuesta, con caida de pelo incluida, y la cara de esta chica y su pelo es tan normal... PLAGIO? Reply Report

snakeman   0 points13 days ago

that is so beautiful, what fun it would be to cum inside of her sweet pussy Reply Report

Nice   0 points330 days ago

Hottttttt !!! Reply Report

MelodyX   0 points76 days ago

I'd do anything to look like her... <3 Reply Report
Lars the raper

Lars the raper   0 points137 days ago

Too many bones Reply Report

sknyluvr   0 points71 days ago

She is the most gorgeous person I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful, perfect. I love all her bones and would do anything to be with her. She mesmerizes me. I love skeletal bones ands she is number one. Just want her to be careful and stay alive and well. Reply Report

chalky56 -1 points2030 days ago

'wasting our time and money.' What are you fucking on about, twat?
I cannot stand fat people. I like slim, even skinny. I thought she was far too thin even for me, and yet...she turned me on...
Reply Report

jorge -1 points2030 days ago

hermosa, pero enferma, duele eso, me gusta el video..ella, pero esta, que comience su recuperacion. Reply Report

Mikl -1 points2017 days ago

somebody want fuck Death itself? Reply Report

Facts -2 points2030 days ago

This is ring that girl needs help damn...... Kinda creepy but still Reply Report
Jonny boy

Jonny boy -2 points1775 days ago

Think this one is my favorite one of her because she looks the thinnest... Mmmm Reply Report

okonan -3 points2029 days ago

Video - OK, Body - shocking! :-( Reply Report

- -3 points2012 days ago

SICk Reply Report
Jonny boy

Jonny boy -4 points1778 days ago

Underweight, I would love to show you how hot you are, sux your man doesn't care keep up the sexy !!!!! Reply Report

alexandria76 -6 points2030 days ago

I want to rub my cock all over her bones. Please! More women should aspire to be thinner. Fat is gross. Reply Report
Jonny boy

Jonny boy -6 points1778 days ago

Omg I can't get enough of the ultra skinny it just makes me throb Reply Report

Pissboy -8 points2024 days ago

WOW, fucking hot man. Reply Report

wack -12 points1934 days ago

gross Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan -14 points2034 days ago

Is she a ghost from the Holocaust? Fuck sakes, whats wrong with these fucking attention whore freaks these days. I wish they'd all just kill themselves instead of wasting our time and money. Reply Report

Anon -14 points1891 days ago

She doesn't even look human! My god, this is disturbing. Somebody get that girl to a buffet, stat... Reply Report

Underweight -115 points1891 days ago

Stasha is the most beautiful girl in the world. I'm striving to look more like her, I'm only just underweight but would like to lose more, although I don't want to be AS skinny as her. It's a shame my current boyfriend doesn't care what size I am lol. Reply Report