Woman Raped In Her Home

Rapist breaks into woman's home to have sex with her.

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Iloverape +16 points1779 days ago

They are married/: both have rings on! Such a shame! Reply Report

jmease361 +2 points928 days ago

they could be married to different people Reply Report
Love Rape

Love Rape   0 points615 days ago

This is just stupid, not thrilling enough
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this one gave up and let me rape her.

this one gave up and let me rape her.   0 points647 days ago

1min 53sec almost striped ,3mins16sec panties off 3mins 28sec bare vagina exposed 3mins 38sec force legs apart to finger fuck.4mins 16sec erect hard throbbing ten inch penis entered her vagina with intent to rape her 5mins 48sec conpleatly naked at last.now to fuck her though her orginasam.making sure she commbs 6min 26sec wrists tied to bed post my ten inch erection deep in her vagina fucking her hard and deep... Reply Report
take a chance

take a chance -1 points219 days ago

are you excited you should be II am arouse by my thoughts of stripping you completely naked ! how big are your breasts when I remove your bra, will your nipples be erect sticking out proud. just the thought my erection raping you or how tight your vagina is when I remove your panties to find out. how big is my penis? may be I will finger fuck you first. you know first one finger up to my third knuckle joint, then two then three fingers up your vagina then my erect penis, will it hurt, you tell me.lady my erection is 10 inchs and yes I will rape you time for your top to come off I I like my women naked when I fuck them. I,ve watched you dreaming one day when you leave your door unlocked I will take the chance creep in catch you naked in the bath or strip your body like today a gag to stop your screams your wrists tied to bed helpless naked being raped you make a good fuck your so good t,ve cumm inside you. a rematch on your back lady spread your bare thighs this time you climax too Reply Report