Muslims go nuts during anti-islamic movie

Muslims go absolutely while showing anti-islamic film.

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Name +29 points2315 days ago

Religion of peace my ass. Reply Report

Simon +21 points2315 days ago

Why do you never see muslims smile? They are so angry about everything. What a bloody miserable life they lead. Reply Report

Ulf +19 points2315 days ago

That is from Uppsala, Sweden.. The only thing the artist has done is made humorous images of Allaj, and they are totally insane about it. He's got tons of death treats.. muslims cannot behave in groups... Reply Report
Paki Hater

Paki Hater +19 points2315 days ago

Why are they so angry, everyone knows that muslims are homosexual, thats why they hate women. Muhamed is a cunt. Reply Report

Anti-Islam +18 points2314 days ago

Islam must be destroyed! the quicker the better! all the liberal assholes in europe and the states must understand that as soon as possible or else we are all fucked! These monkeys dont respect anybody else, you give them all the rights and they all act like they are in the 13th century! KILL EM ALL!!! Reply Report
anti muslim

anti muslim +17 points2315 days ago

muslims can't even control themselves ... a sorry race Reply Report
Ali Akbar

Ali Akbar +14 points2315 days ago

No one will respect muslims if you keep acting like this. Ya'll bitches cry at every little thing. Reply Report

redneck +13 points2314 days ago

Islam is it's own worst enemy. Reply Report

Dumdass +13 points2308 days ago

Religion doesn't cause irrationality. It's irrational people who behave irrationally. Period. You don't see Singapore Muslims, or American Buddhists or Malaysian Protestants or china Hindus behave this way! Reply Report

z +12 points2309 days ago

when they cut somebody's head thats ok, but when you play film it's disaster... what a fuckin idiots... FUCK ALLAH FUCK MUSLIMS Reply Report

Sup +12 points2156 days ago

Where's a suicide bomber when you need it? Reply Report

huu +11 points2312 days ago

yttrandefrihet?bara för muslimer!? Reply Report
what if

what if +11 points2312 days ago

what if an european did that in arabic country?
Reply Report
Prophet Mohammed

Prophet Mohammed +9 points2308 days ago

Deport 'em. They're full of shit Muslim pedo cunts. Reply Report

Scot +9 points2307 days ago

The Planet will be a Healthier, Cleaner, Happier, Safer place when the last one of the Parasitic Vermin are wiped from its face it. And the sooner the better, as they breed like rats all over Europe!!! Reply Report

huu +8 points2312 days ago

wtf har dom inte flytt från den skiten? Reply Report
You pigs....

You pigs.... +8 points2297 days ago

You guys are terribly smart, and I'm sure you're all swell people Reply Report

FUCK MUSLMIS +7 points2309 days ago

they bitch about a film but yet its ok for them to kill.. if you dont want people insulting your fucked up religion dont go killing people and say "its in the name of god" God can put people here but cant take them out? all religions are against murder but this so called religon of peace allows it. MUSLIMS ARE SCUM OF THE EARTH! Reply Report

MIKE HUNT +7 points2309 days ago


Muhamid +7 points2308 days ago

Arrest all of them, document them and cancel there passports and visa's. Put them on the CIA ghost plane and drop them off in Afghanistan. You cant behave as a guest in a foreign country then out you go. You can't survive the bombs and bullets in Afghanistan then tough shit. Reply Report

fuckhole69 +7 points2307 days ago

There is nothing wrong with Islam that a few nuclear weapons can't fix. Reply Report

ItsMe +6 points2313 days ago

ahhh..i forgot....Islam is THE Religion of
Reply Report

No +5 points2315 days ago

Fuck the sand niggers. Reply Report
Nordic Man

Nordic Man +5 points2309 days ago

Fucking Arab NIGGERS,.... Thats all they are is SAND-NIGGERS! Carzy, DUMBASS MUTHERFUCKERS. Wipe them off the face of the Earth: PLEASE!!! Reply Report
Allah Suck Cocks

Allah Suck Cocks +5 points2308 days ago

and muslims are faggots Reply Report

SMH +4 points2290 days ago

Freedom of speech motherfuckers! Dont like it? go back to your oppressive sandboxes Reply Report

OK +3 points2308 days ago

FUCK ALLAX Reply Report

rockhard +2 points2309 days ago

Ya fuck them !! Reply Report
Arabs Are Scumbag

Arabs Are Scumbag +2 points2308 days ago

And smell like crap Reply Report

wtf +2 points2259 days ago

Islam is a religion torn out from its intolerant Eastern roots and grafted onto liberal Western democracies. It is incapable of accepting the normal, rigorous criticism that the West subjects anything and everything to. It's followers, who come here to benefit from our tolerance, feel free to abuse it anytime it suits. That baying mob belongs in Asia, not Europe and North America. Liberals carry the blame for the bigoted flood allowed to move here. Oil and water do not mix - they soon separate, and are incompatible with each other. Western governments will only solve the problem by encouraging Muslims to return to their ancestral lands (with financial assistance, if necessary), where they can practice their medieval, barbaric, dictatorial religion with their own kind. Reply Report

Solomon +7 points1656 days ago

Still the western girls flock to muslim countries to lend their ass for some trivial gifts. Reply Report

jarc +1 points2314 days ago

Why the fuck do we let these muslims into our western countries. My american dream is that we send all muslims (good bad or indifferent ones) swimming back to their respective countries with a jew under one arm and a indian under the other. Reply Report

LULZ +1 points2314 days ago

Not big Electric Six fans I take it, I acted the same way during a Justin Beiber concert... Reply Report
bane of humanity

bane of humanity +1 points2309 days ago

fucking muslims... worse than dogs Reply Report
The Moslem fucker

The Moslem fucker +1 points2278 days ago

Fuck of Islam !!!! The biggest bullshit in the World!!! Reply Report

cachufleta   0 points2308 days ago

this one goes from 0 to 100 allahu snakbars per second Reply Report

drphil   0 points2282 days ago


Sup   0 points2156 days ago


mrrotorooter   0 points970 days ago

Religions suck, all 4,00+ of them. Good news is all beliefs die when their civilization dies out making room for new beliefs, Reply Report
Dirty Jewish

Dirty Jewish   0 points792 days ago

Jews know how to instigate muslim. they killed jesus and made Christian happy. Reply Report

nobodyimportant   0 points419 days ago

Getting up and leaving was not an option? Reply Report
Boo boo

Boo boo   0 points307 days ago

Allahu akbar aint going to stop the fuking vile shit lool Reply Report

fuckallah -1 points2305 days ago

Primitive genes, irrational religion, and oil is all they have to offer. Once they run out , they'll again become irrelevant. Fuck your allah and your radical way. If its one religion we should completely destroy off the face off the earth, let it be Muslims. Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan -2 points2314 days ago

No sense of humour whatsoever, fucking Islamics needs to learn to lighten up. Reply Report

dxe -2 points2314 days ago

Is this a presentation for special ed students? Reply Report
allah is my bitch

allah is my bitch -2 points2295 days ago

fuck muhamed, fuck allah, we fukn rule you muslim fuckers and can end your exsistance any time we want, muhammad is GAY, ALLAH IS QUEER,, ALLAH IS LITTLE BITCH Reply Report

Human -2 points2273 days ago

I'm a muslim and i'm proud of it. Propaganda everywhere. Peace :) Reply Report
Moe Hammed Sux

Moe Hammed Sux -4 points2308 days ago

Fuck em if they can't take a joke! Kill their leaders and convert all these shitheads to Christianity!
Reply Report

gee -4 points2295 days ago

if you dont like the movie , you dont go to watch it. Its that simple idiots. Reply Report

donray48 -4 points2235 days ago

What the police should have done was kick there muslims ass. Reply Report

germany -4 points2050 days ago

fuck muslims. fuck them all Reply Report
Joe Dirt

Joe Dirt -5 points2309 days ago

Okay.. now, now chill da fuck out my fellow human fuckin being. how about go get your ass sum beer and be chill okay.. Reply Report
Sand niggers

Sand niggers -5 points2241 days ago

Truth hurts you sand niggers Reply Report

stone -6 points2220 days ago

fuck all allah akbars fuckers. this fucking monkeys. kill them all.... Reply Report

aRcaNum -6 points2209 days ago

Brainless brainwashed scum Reply Report

me -6 points2172 days ago

freedom of speech!!!!!! they hsve every right to show the movie. now i am not the most religous person but what the hell. they had to have some idea what the movie was about before walking in! all these religous nuts are like a bunch of little kids argueing on the playground about who has the best imnaginary friend. cant we all just get along!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

sf -6 points2060 days ago

when the movie is crap i just get up and leave..why can they not do the same. Reply Report

fthtf -7 points2315 days ago

lol when reptilians attack Reply Report

FUCK -7 points2314 days ago

RELIGION Reply Report

mangoo -7 points2309 days ago

This is the reason why religion is so dangerous. It causes irrational thinking, fear, fanaticism, violence. In my opinion we can all do away with religion, cause it only leads to confusionand leaves people seeking for the real truth. Reply Report

Allah -8 points1848 days ago

someone should have shut that stinking ugly muslim whore up Reply Report
Muslims are Pigs

Muslims are Pigs -9 points2315 days ago

Fake Reply Report

visdem -9 points2231 days ago

These people are fukin ape................ Reply Report

Marinemachine44 -9 points2091 days ago

I keep hearing all about this Snack bar from everyone, where the hell is it. Reply Report

d1ty -9 points1486 days ago

muslim people are so full of contradiction it makes me want to hurt the next one i lay my eyes on, they are full of shit and kick off at the slightest thing. Reply Report
Stupid Arabs

Stupid Arabs -9 points1488 days ago

These Sunnie Arab Muslim are very barbaric. Fuck all Arabs. Fuck ISIS. Fuck all Sunnie Arab Muslim from Saudi Arabia, Dubi, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt,... Reply Report

phantom -9 points1453 days ago

Me and my 50cal are coming for all you isis motherfuckers see you soon...
Reply Report
what tha?!

what tha?! -10 points2314 days ago

Remember, these were the first people of our existence per the bible. Obviously they didn't get the message back then and still don't care to hear anyone else's now. Reply Report

azsxdcfghj -11 points2307 days ago

i would have shit myself when he shouted 'allahu akbar' Reply Report

Yeahbuddy043 -14 points2020 days ago

fuck all them muslims they all should be dead this world would be better without them

100% white 100% proud
Reply Report

ItsMe -61 points2313 days ago

Muslims treat Nonbelievers like animals. I dont get it, why we dont treat them like the subhumans they are. In Europe we are giving millions of euros to this bunch of racist,lunatic,womenbeating,childabusing,hand&feethacking,honourkilling,snackbarshouting sandniggers. Reply Report