Public Wanking In Front Of Teen Girl

You can see she is a little curious.

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healthystrokingforall +23 points1917 days ago

LOL look how shes watching from the corner of her eye fucking funny shit Reply Report
Gaga Babe

Gaga Babe -5 points388 days ago

She never looked.
We have no interest in this perv crap.
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rockhard +11 points1917 days ago

Wish i could do this!! Well without going to jail and havinv to be a registered sex offender!!lol Reply Report

rapeisgood +8 points1773 days ago

I'm sure the bitch wanna have a taste... Reply Report

dad   0 points1414 days ago

wish i was on the bus with my daughter he love her
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Billy Boy 1971

Billy Boy 1971 +7 points1706 days ago

She was well enjoying that, as you could tell by the way she was looking, while trying to disguise it. Also, she would have turned and faced the window if she didnt like it. I bet she was well moist down below. Reply Report

Hornyduh +7 points1654 days ago

Can't wait to get a situation like that...i want to at least once in my life masturbate in front of some random bitch. Id prefer to be packed in a bus with her ass against my throbbing bare cock.. Reply Report

nice +5 points1917 days ago

it's in germany. "nächste station..." (= next stop...) :) Reply Report

asd +4 points1404 days ago

i wouldnt call it curious, i would call it oh god please say this isnt happening i dont want to get raped today but hey, whatever gets your load out i guess Reply Report

asslover15 +1 points1234 days ago

i done this on the bus the other day..was sitting behind a girl ,,,was jerking off came all over her hair and jacket,,,,she was hot....
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Luke Ahead

Luke Ahead   0 points1916 days ago

It's a well known fact that ALL perverts have small dicks like this guy. Ever likely he has to wank to strangers, that little pidge could never satisfy a woman in a relationship. Reply Report
horny guy

horny guy +1 points72 days ago

you don't know everyone's personal kink. i know some girl who would get horny, and even "lend a hand" and then some. Reply Report
Gaga Babe

Gaga Babe   0 points388 days ago

When will guys learn this does NOT turn us on at all.
It is scary to us.
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Cmydick   0 points224 days ago

That's brave, I love exhibitionism but not to unsuspecting strangers they're more scared than curious. Reply Report

haha -3 points1536 days ago

it actually looks tiny xD Reply Report

respect -9 points1639 days ago

fucking sick ass hole i wish someone would do that infront of me i'll have the police arrest his ass Reply Report