Girl With Head Blow Off Is Still Breathing

Horrible video of girl with completely emptied skull but is still breathing.

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Anon +9 points2228 days ago

Not that strange. As long as the brain stem (or Medulla Oblongata) is intact, the body can still function relatively fine. She's obviously brain-dead and is essentially dead though. Reply Report

chfgv +3 points2228 days ago

Can they just stop calling it "alah duckbar" or fucking bar? Why do they need to go to a bar in such situation? Reply Report

theVortex +3 points2227 days ago

btw "la illaha ila allah" -there is no God but God! Reply Report

chfgv +2 points2227 days ago

I really feel sorry for arabian females... poor women, i've heard all of them live in hell among these wild neanderthals, fuck Reply Report

theVortex +1 points2227 days ago

The girl is not breathing. The grouning sound which you hear is caused by the emptying of her lungs, which in turns also can also stimulate the vocal chords. Nothing unusual for corpses which get moved right after death. Reply Report
giggle happy tree

giggle happy tree   0 points664 days ago

that's not the case, she is still alive, however, death is imminent. Reply Report

jhg +1 points2227 days ago

Human, so primitive. Reply Report

sleepfeeteye +1 points833 days ago

Alá Jacbar = Big is God Reply Report

chfgv   0 points2227 days ago

so you basically have 7 words, from I and L? ILAILAILAILA(h)? WTF? Reply Report
Drizzle D

Drizzle D   0 points174 days ago

Who the fuck is Alan Ackbar ??
Reply Report

reeps   0 points3 days ago

poor, poor kid. Children pay the price far too often because of sick fucked up adults. Reply Report