Soldiers Rape Girl

Poor girl was all alone and too weak to resists against these guys. They force her to suck their dicks and take turns fucking her.

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love it

love it +62 points1841 days ago

I have a fantasy of getting fucked by strangers. this video makes me want to get fucked right now Reply Report

Rapistescapist +3 points625 days ago

I'd fuck you nice n hard, with a gag in your mouth and a hand around your neck. ;) Reply Report
Rape Me

Rape Me +10 points1432 days ago

I want my pussy to be fucked I don't care if I become a sex slave the rapist will love my fucking tight pussy he can cum inside my pussy as much as he wants & pee inside my pussy and he wants me to have his babies & make me his & his alone & im a virgin and he can fuck my pussy nonstop Reply Report

loveincestaz +3 points282 days ago

Than I am making u my sex slave now and I will get u pregnant and we will suck and fuck our kids too and. I will watch u take ever huge black cock and suck them with u I'm in love with u my little slut bitch hoe I love u 6236958818 Reply Report
big dick

big dick   0 points497 days ago

when n where Reply Report

driller +7 points1818 days ago

oh my god!this movie is a really hot! İd like to know this delicious teen's name see more movies of her!Her tits are so beautiful.These guys are fucking lucky shits! Reply Report

viking +5 points1170 days ago

Great video ... these soldiers are not perverted, they just needed a fresh, young body to have fun with, they found this little teen and they literally devoured her!! They must have been really hungry ... like especially the beginning, when they make her drink and then explore her body all the way through, her juicy tits, her smooth thighs, her tiny round ass ... let me fantasize about the viking warriors having fun with the youngest teens of the villages they conquer, making them drink and amuse themselves with their fresh bodies ... Reply Report

funbarbie3 +3 points1585 days ago

i love wearing my dresses or skirts in the snow. but my legs get so cold even in my pantie hose. Reply Report
Guy with rape fetish

Guy with rape fetish +3 points1377 days ago

I would love this video a lot more if it wasn't fake. Reply Report

meme +1 points1584 days ago

I wish someone would do this to me... and I'm a guy! Reply Report
sex slave

sex slave +1 points1231 days ago

wish it was I love being fucked over and over again Reply Report

Perla   0 points751 days ago

Did not download video Reply Report

RapeMe01   0 points648 days ago

I would love to be fucked forcefully..I've always had a rape fantasy and this really turns me on!! Reply Report

Shit -3 points1460 days ago

Fake! Reply Report
You don't say

You don't say +6 points1316 days ago

You do realize it's porn right? If you're looking for documentaries you just might be on the wrong site. Reply Report

Sick +6 points1365 days ago

Because it would be better if it was real? Reply Report