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LOL +5 points2234 days ago

I find it funny that whites think nigger is still offensive to us lol we take your woman and if we dont i but your woman has dreams about fucking us so all i have to say is "LOL" because the reason you guys go around the internet is because you feel intimadated. Thumbs me down , you will only prove my point crackers lmfao Reply Report

Whitemaster4niggersub +1 points371 days ago

@lol First off nigger my wife daughters and mother have more class in there fingernail than any of you porch monkey niggers ever thought about having so they wouldn't give a nigger the time of day let alone fuck one. The only white bitchs that fuck nigger are 1 fat as hell and no white guys would touch them anyhow or 2 nasty skanks like this whore that don't shower on a reg base's Reply Report
just saying

just saying +2 points2319 days ago

all niggers are black I think you'll find Reply Report
Just Reminding

Just Reminding +2 points1584 days ago

your girls are always crazy for black dicks. Reply Report

Moeshwe +2 points1584 days ago

Give them a chance, they will never go for anything, big or small, other than black. Reply Report
Uh Oh

Uh Oh +1 points1634 days ago

Shoulda been reversed...a white dude smoke-jumping some black ass. Reply Report

pennrandall -1 points807 days ago

Why? It is Reparations Sex that needs to be encouraged For centuries it was exclusively white men having sex upon demand with black women that was the law, and there weren't any ridiculous age of consent laws either. If men could get their cock in her, the young girls were old enough for sex, periof! Today, social justice demands the roles be reversed and all white girls regardless of age, boyfriends or husbands need to practice BBC Reparations Sex upon demand with any and all black men that want them. A rapidly growing number of white men understand this and now encourage and support their girlfriends, wives and young daughters to engage in Social Justice Reparations Sex. White men had centuries to do this, now it is time for black men to seed white girls. White men banging black women is akin to rape and should be fully prosecuted. Black men seeding young white girls should always be encouragedand supported everywhere which is why it is called Social Justice, Reparations Sex and is the single most important thing young and very young white girls can do to permanently break down the sex barriers between the races. It is important to encourage and support this everywhere. Reply Report

ItDon\'tFuckinMatter +1 points234 days ago

Porch monkeys you say lls when it has been scientifically provened that your DNA has Traces of monkeys blood in it you know the RH+ factor you all are quick to call blacks monkeys when your DNA is sliced with so many other species including dog and pig GTFOH Reply Report

xsolo18x   0 points2321 days ago

exelent video Reply Report

lmaoo   0 points1975 days ago

wasnt gonna go there but not all but the "ghetto" blacks think because they have bick dicks suddenly girls are interested, man aint nothing gonna help with that fucking face go get a job like other blacks and become succesful dont start shit about how white girls want all blacks hahaha for fucks sake its a porn site Reply Report
love my BBCLOVER

love my BBCLOVER   0 points92 days ago

i wouldnt waste me time on a white boy...i love black dick and im neither fat or a whore. i want pleasure not wasted time..so i will always crave a sexy black dick... Reply Report

pennrandall   0 points807 days ago

Beautiful example of how a young white girl should submit to BBC sex. Wonderful fucking, but black men should always seed white pussy. Ass and facial cummung is just a waste of good black sperm that should be planted in young white pussies everywhere. Reply Report
OK then

OK then -1 points2017 days ago

how meany people Even know the definition of nigger ? it is not only for blacks wite people can be niggers to just saying and I am wite Reply Report

sad -2 points2238 days ago

who is? Reply Report

yez -3 points2015 days ago

fuck her goody asole black niger Reply Report