Chinese Girl Abused

Poor Chinese girl gets forced by bullies to take off her clothes and gets humiliated on camera fully naked.

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Loves Slaves

Loves Slaves +66 points1231 days ago

Girl is a total slave. She is like crazy sub. She never does anything to object resist or anything. Does not look like she thinks they are doing anything wrong although she is not always having fun. I think she gets off on being owned Reply Report

Ha +58 points1990 days ago

If I was there I would slam dunk all the bullies and safe this naked girl for myself. At least i'll treat her with respect. What happen to thses Chinese people nowadays. Im a chinese myself bdw an am ashamed stuff like this happen. Reply Report

Hehe +47 points1990 days ago

Why am I jerking off to this...It feel so wrong and yet it turn me on so much..
I wish this girl well though... And damned those bullies to hell.
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that guy

that guy +31 points2049 days ago

Fuckin shame......I wish I was there Reply Report
Love Slaves

Love Slaves +27 points1699 days ago

I am not sure that the entire bully line fair. They do not appear to force her to remove her clothes. They rather seem to direct her, she does not want to but nor does she really object or offer any resistance of any kind. This may not be her scene, but she acts like they are well within bounds. Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane +24 points1937 days ago

About two thirds of the way through I was hoping she would turn into some sort of chopsocky superheroine and knock them all out. Reply Report

Use +13 points1919 days ago

I cummed on this but feel sorry for all of them! Reply Report

PAINPUPPY +11 points1651 days ago

girl happy to get hate- and force fucked

girl happy to get hate- and force fucked   0 points1272 days ago

If I was in the place of the girl, I would beg you and all the guys to do that, and more, to me twice a day.. Reply Report

Sorry +10 points1990 days ago

I really hope she isnt too hurt from this.
Shes such a beautiful and nice person.
I'd fuck up those bullies
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Wow. +8 points2046 days ago

This girl is so pretty too.

Proof that being pretty doesn't mean you don't get bullied.

Fucking pieces of shit!

I wonder who the uploader was. They're speaking some weird dialect of Chinese but it isn't Toisan. I actually can understand some parts of what they're saying. Anyhow, I'll kick all their asses!
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non member

non member +7 points2049 days ago

this poor girl i feel so sorry for her these people want a taste of their own medicine see how they like it Reply Report
Dont get it

Dont get it +7 points1985 days ago

Why do they always just stand there in these videos. No one ever just runs off or at least tries. Man I would love to come across this group in action. The first punch to the face of the person filming would be perfect. Reply Report
slave lover

slave lover +4 points564 days ago

Hell she is a slave, she never even has a glimmer of anger. She takes her clothes off, and spreads just because she is told. Never tries to cover, and well, when they tell her to put her hand behind her back, so they can slap her, there is stays. She keeps her hands at her sides, even while they kick her. Also you can tell that they are extremely confident she will not even raise her hands to protect her face. They know she is not going to do anything, and it is funny as hell to them but does not have that kind of aggression of bullying, but just cruelty for fun. Sorry she does not run, because she sees herself as property, and so do they. She is actually quite well trained. I would expect that she agreed to be somebodies slave, and he has been training her for a couple of years, and now he and his friends have utterly objectified her. Everybody here knows a video is being shot, and likely going to be posted and nobody is concerned. That would tell me, that frankly she is in on it, or more likely her "owner" is. She is one of those marvelous, natural slaves. Once she started down that road, she became livestock in her own mind. The girls hitting her, likely used to be her friends, and well frankly likely feel if she is going to be like this, she deserves to have to do whatever she will not resist.
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chinese +7 points1982 days ago

看的出这是个真实的事做为中国人我很悲哀,中国已经没有人权在中国我们活的没有尊严从片中看出中国的教育是那么的悲哀,这些人给女孩造成了终身不可磨灭的痛苦但还上传本片如果人家都知道那么这女孩该怎么活下去有可能会自杀我痛恨这样的中国,但谁可以解决中国呢可能会在来个孙中山吗?或者别的国家USA?希望不要是日本! Reply Report
Chinmoi Pandey

Chinmoi Pandey   0 points703 days ago

文盲,这是一个英文论坛,用英文写。 Reply Report

omg +5 points1952 days ago

i would fk her rather than bullie her Reply Report

Non-member +5 points1937 days ago

The girl being beaten in this video looks a lot like the girl in the other video on this page titled Nude Chinese Girl Beaten by Other Girls (one poster says it's Vietnamese). If so this could be a troupe that sets up these videos, with the victim actually being a stuntwoman who can take a punch. Reply Report
Love Slaves

Love Slaves +6 points1380 days ago

I suspect that it is that her master likes to humiliate the heck out of her, and she is happy being owned, although probably not happy with everything that goes with it. Reply Report

Me +4 points2049 days ago

Kids can b so mean... Reply Report

wingnut +4 points2049 days ago

Fuckin slinty eyed bastards.. poor girl Reply Report

Toad +4 points1851 days ago

Love these videoso Wank like fuck laughing at them. Wish they had hurt her more and PLEASE fuck her up the ass. She deserved it. Western women should be treated like this Reply Report

Hard&Cumming   0 points366 days ago

Totally agree with you! I came so fukin hard to this. Reply Report

Justice +4 points1843 days ago

forfeiting their humanity........there's no hope left in this world...hopefully those bullies are in custody..... Reply Report
girl fucking a lot

girl fucking a lot +4 points1523 days ago

Don't feel too sorry for the cute girl : she is an actress, I've seen her in another video, in a similar role. Reply Report

confused +3 points2028 days ago

she laughs at some point!? can someone translate??? lol Reply Report

brutmax +2 points1662 days ago

she was laughing cause they ordered her to laugh
Reply Report

MR RITE +3 points2004 days ago

Most if not all vids like this its asains. There must be something innately twisted about them. Reply Report

id +3 points1608 days ago

They then forced her to lick pussy and take cock in her mouth and ass.
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The one and only...?

The one and only...? +2 points1937 days ago

oh man thats really sad ;( and she didnt cry or screamed or something, maybe its something with losing their face... i guess the asian people really dont want that (losing their face) to happen! she must be really sad... but i think not she lost her face the bullies lost their face!!!

sorry for maybe not really good english im not english^^
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Sad +2 points1781 days ago

I could see at least 2 girls from group slapping this poor creature. I wish they get ass kicked and raped painfully so they can feel how painful it is. Poor girl didn't even cry and they even made her smile to click few pics. Bastards... Reply Report
Burnt Hope

Burnt Hope +2 points1757 days ago

Can someone please translate what they're saying? Why are they beating her? Is this just some sort of hazing like a college frat house or is this a bunch of bullies picking on a girl? Reply Report

john +2 points1680 days ago

hold her down so I can lick her pussy yummy Reply Report

eafawef +2 points1565 days ago

she obviously is just one of those people, who are just different from the "cool kidz". she seems to be very prudish and shy, thats the reason why they pick on her i guess. Reply Report

sheldoncooper +2 points973 days ago

why they didn't raped her ? she is very pretty and she deserve to be fucked . Reply Report

sheldoncooper +2 points973 days ago

in china you have to learn kung-fu or you will be stripped and abused .
it's the only way to survive in this crazy country .
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Midnight +2 points959 days ago

@Ha - I imagine it's not real, and she was falling out of character at 7min when she laughed.
You would be doing a grave disservice by getting her out of her thies. This wasn't a gang of men. A woman was in charge of this. I'm guessing she was slept with her boyfriend. She got off easy having a light shone on her pussy while boys filmed it. That's what she wanted to do with that woman's boyfriend. Good job teaching this slut a lesson.
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Slave lover

Slave lover +4 points942 days ago

Out of character, not at all, she is a really submissive girl, who is being taken advantage of. Basically, at some level she finds her own situation amusing, because as a slave, she kind of feels she deserves it. Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan +1 points2054 days ago

Just below the surface Asians are basically heartless & unmerciful. Reply Report

Rico +1 points2049 days ago

What a bunch of whores son of the poor! Reply Report

Idontknow +1 points2049 days ago

Poor ? How do you know? She could be loaded. Reply Report

brutmax +1 points1662 days ago

they are speaking cantonese and vietnamnese. I don't know why they are abusing her. Reply Report

george +1 points1637 days ago

wow my balls even had a orgasm but now im sad they do this to her Reply Report

rapedgirl +1 points1597 days ago

Why do you blame the Chinese ? Things like that (and worse) happen everyday in all countries. Reply Report

reviewer +1 points1545 days ago

its really sad... at first i was horny after 2mins i just felt sick
seriously i would rather watch people killing each other with a saw than this..
i cant stop feeling guilty for watching this ... i hope the uploader and the bullies die a miserable death very soon.
Reply Report
girl fucking a lot

girl fucking a lot +1 points1521 days ago

It's me again : the other video with the cute Chinese girl is on Pornhub, title "Violence". It's badly done, but you will recognize her without a doubt. Reply Report

bigroger +1 points1209 days ago

Such a shame because she's beautiful! I'd treat her like a Princess if I had her here. Treat her like a Princess and fuck her like a whore! Reply Report

realist +3 points1127 days ago

Seriously, a girl this painfully submissive, you would end up treating like dirt. She won't say no, does what she is told, and takes a beating really well. Bottom line, over time, well you will take advantage. You will fuck her like a whore, and when she doesn't say anything when you are an ass you will just keep doing it more. Reply Report
No Mercy

No Mercy +1 points777 days ago

Nice. I hope that when they left her, they took all her clothes with them. Reply Report

wtfninja +1 points1087 days ago

i tought it was fake when i klicked on the vid but its so not and this is so not cool fuck the bullies, poor girl... Reply Report

Anon +1 points1078 days ago

what is the small black kind of band around her waist? and why she isn't wear any underwear? It might suggest the video is much longer and a part is msising? Reply Report

sheldoncooper +1 points973 days ago

I think that it's part of the chinesse culture to strip someone when you are mad on Reply Report
Dark Nemesis54

Dark Nemesis54 +1 points911 days ago

I would first humiliate everyone responsible for this and then shoot them in the head, they deserve nothing less. What could this poor young lady have done to deserve this type of treatment, Reply Report
China Crank

China Crank   0 points2038 days ago

das arme Mädchen
wieso gibt es so viele Kranke Videos ?
keine macht was :((
es gibt keinen gott und wird auch keinen gott geben
Die Welt wird immer schlimmer!
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Brady   0 points703 days ago

Analphabet, Es ist ein Englisch-Forum, schreiben Sie in Englisch. Reply Report

einstein   0 points2010 days ago

This could just be hazing..... morons that jump on this instantly talk about them being chinks tell me what race does not have bullying or this kinds of acts? Sure is hell not white people Reply Report

sarah   0 points1475 days ago

I wish that I were her,I love to be treated as that,also don't mind forced to drink piss or eat scat after all the slapping
Reply Report

nobody -2 points1474 days ago

Sarah,you really a slut ,want some whipping or not? love to see you being forced to eat shit and drink piss. Reply Report

Sarah   0 points1472 days ago

I wouldn't mind being whipped, also enjoy nude in public, would like to try being forced to eat a lot of shit and drink lots of piss from a group of guys. Reply Report
girl used as a bad piece of meat

girl used as a bad piece of meat -2 points1397 days ago

Can't we do it together, Sarah ? I give you all the shit, I want do drink all the piss. Reply Report

Sarah -3 points1388 days ago

I love to eat all your shit, can you also tie me up and whip me after I finish eating all your shit ? Reply Report
Avantika Pal

Avantika Pal   0 points703 days ago

why waste your time there and go hungry, come to India, you can get plenty of both fresh steaming vegetarian and non vegetarian shit in the rice and wheat fields every morning - horse whipping is also free and once will be enough for life. Reply Report

Sarah -4 points1392 days ago

Reply Report
fuck evil chinese

fuck evil chinese   0 points1660 days ago

bully rot in hell, they behave worse than animal Reply Report

jimmy   0 points1639 days ago

so sad hopefully this is the worst thing ever happens to her is it a club thing you join by being tortured Reply Report
girl fucking a lot

girl fucking a lot   0 points1521 days ago

It's me once again : want to see the cute Chinese girl in another (but similar) role ? It's here on Heavy-r, with the title "Poor girl humiliated and beaten up". Reply Report
Lololol fucking hypocrites

Lololol fucking hypocrites   0 points421 days ago

Lol at all the peeps being hypocrites for wishing bad stuff on the bullies. You are pulling yourself down to their level lol wishing people be raped? Wishing people be beaten? Lololol hurr durr i will punch them in the face. It's called assault even if they are assaulting someone else. Funny how the law works isnt it Reply Report

Pano151   0 points800 days ago

Mmmm Reply Report
Gerald Toad

Gerald Toad   0 points628 days ago

Great video. Wish there were lots more of this type. Be great if all the boys fucked her as well. Then everyone pisses on her. Then drag her behind a bike . Then kick the fuck out of her Reply Report

filipino   0 points688 days ago

this is not bullying...this is part pf initiation of fraternity...anything they say she will just obey and after this she is a member of the frat...correction she is not chinese sounds like they are from vietnam. Reply Report

HateBullies   0 points594 days ago

Wtf, this is someones daughter. Wish I were there Id beat the shit out of each of these pieces of shit. Reply Report
sad lonely perv

sad lonely perv   0 points329 days ago

shame they do not all fuck her... slut Reply Report

Pharoah   0 points308 days ago

me as an Arabian
I would bomb the hell out of them
Made my goat fuck their tight dirty asses!!!
Reply Report

Yike   0 points63 days ago

This is either Vietnamese or Tai.
Not Chinese.
Reply Report

notathai   0 points48 days ago

@Yike this isn't thai 1million % Reply Report

Toad -1 points1851 days ago

Love these videos. I wank like fuck. Just wish them hurt her more. She deserved it the piece of shit. Western women should get this treatment too Reply Report
fallen angel

fallen angel -2 points1717 days ago

they behave worst then the devil. Reply Report

abg -2 points1708 days ago

Very worse than animals, no human so cruel to be like that on the own religion. Reply Report

fyrrig -4 points1912 days ago

Nice :)
Should have raped to...
Got a hard on from watching :)
Reply Report
Number 34 plesase

Number 34 plesase -4 points1834 days ago

She needs cream of sum young guy, with her wanton pussy,
Reply Report

Psykill -4 points1385 days ago

Booooriiiiiiing Reply Report

tom -5 points1518 days ago

All Chinese Are Bastards Reply Report
Chen Yi

Chen Yi +2 points703 days ago

Long before when the west was going naked and eating raw, the chinese were wearing silk and eating cooked food and knew the use of wheels. You are damn illiterate and uneducated. Reply Report
girl fucking a lot

girl fucking a lot -4 points1518 days ago

The Chinese are more civilized than any other people on Earth. Reply Report

hateboy -16 points1994 days ago

Why didn't they fuck her? Or did they rape her after yhe camera stopped. It would be a waste of such a pretty girl if they didnt At least for a chinese girl she is pretty good looking. Reply Report

Sockboy -17 points1947 days ago

C'mom, fuckin rape her for God's sake, you pussies!
This turned me so on I am going out and find me a girl walking the streets at night alone...
Reply Report