Dick Cut Off

Sexy castration scene from unknown movie.

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a castrer

a castrer +49 points2209 days ago

moi je trouve sa super je lui offre ma bite et mes couilles a couper sen problème mon tel 06 60 96 86 75 réponce assurée Reply Report

cut +1 points884 days ago

je vais de couper ta quéquette de salope Reply Report
 a castrer

a castrer -1 points1916 days ago

ou veut tu faire cela
Reply Report
a castrer

a castrer -4 points1855 days ago

nimporte ou Reply Report

Cerf +8 points2307 days ago

Absolutly wonderfull. Hope to meet a girl like this Reply Report

goku +6 points2313 days ago

who want to do this to me Reply Report

Fgm   0 points4 days ago

@goku me Reply Report

acastrer +6 points1835 days ago

alor femmes ou couples couper moi la bite et les couilles suis serieuse reponce assurer ozer appeler moi 06 60 96 86 75 Reply Report

Me +5 points2286 days ago

women dont care abount feelings they only want our dicks ;.; Reply Report

YEET   0 points324 days ago

@Me WE FOUND A NICE GUY! Reply Report
jesus juice

jesus juice +5 points2087 days ago

it's asa akira in movie called PURE Reply Report
a castrer

a castrer +5 points2010 days ago

moi joffre mes couilles et ma bite a couper pae des femmes ou couples mon tel 0660968675 réponce assuré ozer Reply Report

pirate   0 points1637 days ago

je suis pas une femme mais je te coupe le paquet quand tu veux mec, promis tu va la manger Reply Report

Xizang +2 points2381 days ago

Fake. But they did a good job making it look real. Reply Report

raymond +2 points2207 days ago

N'importe quelle fille peut venir couper la mienne Reply Report

oo +1 points2324 days ago

were can i have this don it Reply Report

Wolf +1 points2297 days ago

Anyone know what movie this is from?
Reply Report

Dick +1 points2238 days ago

They should do it with a living person. Reply Report
Dawid Yisrael

Dawid Yisrael +1 points2139 days ago

I love asian girl, they are so beautiful like Indonesian girl, Chinese girl, Japan girl, and many more. Reply Report

cutitoff +1 points2100 days ago

so hot i want that to be me Reply Report

racebdsm +1 points285 days ago

its fake you nuts Reply Report

player   0 points1642 days ago

Some women would do anything to have a cock of their very own Reply Report

Fate666   0 points1273 days ago

You all talk like let her cut my duck off like your ducking ads will bleed out before you leave Reply Report

Matthieu   0 points1152 days ago

C'est super bien fait mais j'ai du mal a croire que cela est vrai Reply Report

xgrimm13x   0 points868 days ago

I want mine cut off like that Reply Report

quebec6969   0 points738 days ago

moi jattend ca
Reply Report

scissors   0 points734 days ago

I want this Reply Report
Bruce Monroe

Bruce Monroe -1 points725 days ago

I want it to really badly Reply Report
Dick me 1

Dick me 1   0 points280 days ago

Thax Reply Report

Pattt   0 points47 days ago

Un vrai rêve trouver une femme capable le faire!!! Reply Report

James6754   0 points31 days ago

Do my penis too Reply Report

nodoughjoe -1 points2284 days ago

What movie was that scene from? Reply Report

xx -1 points1796 days ago

this should happen to childmolesers and be made to feal the pain Reply Report

foxhole420 -1 points706 days ago

Anyone want to cut mine off? I'll do you first Reply Report
Dick Niphe

Dick Niphe -2 points2177 days ago

In Japan this is part of anger management for abuse and rape victims. When homeless people die the person, as part of their counseling pays for the cremation. They get to hack them up or as you see here. Theire is a fee to preserve and clean the penis in this case. Not enough empirical data but in over 1200 cases all victims felt emotional relief and closure. We ought to do it here with real live rapists!

Reply Report

ilikeyng1 -2 points1740 days ago

klk me:ilikeyng1
i think of cutting it
Reply Report

Meep -2 points1738 days ago

Call 911 my nigga Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane -3 points2203 days ago

This could be a 1976 French-Japanese erotic art film, "In the Realm of the Senses". I've never seen it but I've heard about it since the late '70s It's available uncut on DVD in the United States, Netherlands, and various other countries. In the movie this was her lover who died after they took their strangulation sex to the extreme. The sex in the film was reportedly not simulated. Reply Report

Visitor   0 points1511 days ago

It's not that movie Reply Report

oominoomi -1 points971 days ago

This is "Asa Akira is Pure"(2009) Reply Report

lemonchik -7 points2386 days ago

Trash!!! Reply Report

raymond504 -7 points2384 days ago

Owe that made me cross my legs. Reply Report

schizoid -8 points2386 days ago

ehhh asians!! Reply Report

Me -8 points2386 days ago

WTF! I feel disgusted & sick. Reply Report

svenq42 +2 points859 days ago

WTF are you doing on this site then? Reply Report