Girl Raped Next To Her Boyfriend

Burglar enters bedroom while she was having sex with her boyfriend. He knocks out the boyfriend, ropes him up and fucks his girl right next to him.

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interneter +32 points1930 days ago

at least the acting in this video is believeable compared to the other 'rape' videos around, and so making it 10000x more sexy to watch Reply Report
Rape starter pack

Rape starter pack +8 points1681 days ago

so sexy the way she was fighting him....but the "boyfriend" could have strggled more Reply Report

yepll +4 points1420 days ago

She thought she was shooting a regular porn Reply Report
Fuck bitches get money

Fuck bitches get money +4 points922 days ago

this made me cum HARD Reply Report

pornchick +3 points1935 days ago

so hot Reply Report

Hornyasfuckchick +2 points1923 days ago

The boyfriend didn't try hard enough to help her, it almost looked like he was enjoying watching her get raped. But it was fucking amazing, plot and all. Reply Report

FUCK ME +2 points1739 days ago

that looks painfull but HOT anyway fuck me please im really horny!!! p.s im a great dick
Reply Report

Nope +2 points1665 days ago

at 3:58 you can see the guy lift his head Reply Report

sexygal +1 points1828 days ago

it was just wow the being of her boyfriend there made it EPIC like i'm scared to watch it with my bf cause he's gonna be checkng outside every second CAUSE HE LOVES ME SOOOOO.......................... the vds givving me the tenderness 2 have sex now Reply Report

phreneticus +1 points1695 days ago

although it was a fake, i like it veeery much. there really played good, but its true, the boyfriend could make it better ; D but it was one of the best fake movies i ve seen. Reply Report

FuckMyCockUBitch +1 points1665 days ago

mmm so sexy
Reply Report
A Gal

A Gal +1 points592 days ago

This is one of the best "rape" videos I've seen that wasn't censored like the stupid Japs do. Made me really wet and wished I was the girl. The boyfriend didn't struggle hardly at all though... It's almost like he didn't care. It's fake... But the best fake I've seen. Reply Report
Sexy asf

Sexy asf +1 points562 days ago

Better then most fake rape videos I see this is perfect
Reply Report
sad display

sad display -1 points1936 days ago

talk about adding real pain to injury Reply Report

yuupp -1 points1736 days ago

Ya...He didnt do much. Reply Report

Paige -1 points1379 days ago

Fake but sweet Reply Report
fuck lover horny bitch

fuck lover horny bitch -2 points1838 days ago

I fucking loved it it was amazing Reply Report