Girl Watches Guy Masturbating In Train

She was a bit shy, but secretly loved it.

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Mike Hunt

Mike Hunt +13 points2391 days ago

She is'nt "loving it" She's probably thinking what a sad, pathetic pervert he is. His life is so lonely and he's so ugly he has to resort to wanking to a complete stranger on a train............ and then he could'nt get a decent hard on. LMFAO. Sad wanker...... literally!!!
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Fuck Crying

Fuck Crying +9 points2392 days ago

WTF she's not watching... she's making sure this fuckwit doesnt decide to stand up and shoot a load on her... fucking wanker Reply Report
Lou Role

Lou Role +3 points2390 days ago


You are more of a sad cunt than the pervert on the train if you think this type of thing turns any girl on. She was probably more bored than turned on.
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bible basher

bible basher +3 points2187 days ago

she's probably calling the cops lol Reply Report

lol +2 points2391 days ago

@deadboy: Your English "are very pervert"!!

This girl doesn't care. She probably hasn't even noticed.
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mary   0 points2082 days ago

I would have loved to have been her. Once saw a man masturbating next to me in cuba. Unfortunately I was sitting next to my sister. It turned me on so damn much I nearly soaked through my pants. Reply Report
go change your wet panties............

go change your wet panties............   0 points592 days ago

you smile to your self could you manage my ten inch erection? are your nipples hard, are you wet , between your legs. can you almost feel my hard penis in your now wet vagina imagin rididiing my cock inside you Reply Report

Cumcum   0 points164 days ago

I would shot all over that little girl Reply Report

deadboy -9 points2396 days ago

your video are very pervert !! Reply Report
member sheet beeech

member sheet beeech -11 points2391 days ago

She pretended to make a phone call.
She was actually recording him wanking.
Now she is at home, viewing the footage and ploughing her pussy with, GIANT DILDO!!
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.... -11 points2392 days ago

bah, come on. how could you jerk off to a ginger red head? she is ugly as hell :( Reply Report