Cut in half and still alive

Dude got cut in half by garbage truck but is still alive.

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Holy Moly

Holy Moly +74 points2123 days ago

Holy Shit, why does nobody cares? Nobody goes to hold his hand or to easy him that he is gonna die.. world is going to shit Reply Report
some guy

some guy +19 points1714 days ago

If I where to see a someone like this i would not make a video to post on the web.. i would go and offer the poor person my cell phone to call his loved ones to say his good bye's ( if he was able to talk) and whatever alcohol / weed / smokes i might have with me.. just sayin'
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kdq +16 points2123 days ago

ppl with cell phone vids are pussy. Walk up to the person and record their last words. NO BODY EVER DOES THIS! It's not that hard. Then send it to the victim's family so they have something special. Not this filming from the distant bullshit. Reply Report

random +9 points2116 days ago

why the fuck are these vids in a porn page? zomg! Reply Report
angel of mercy

angel of mercy +9 points2117 days ago

why the fuck dont you drop your phone and comfort him...... Reply Report

AlexDc +8 points2118 days ago

Man these times do not have to do, this happened in my country, BRAZIL, and the first thing we learned mecher and not in an accident, especially when it involves serious injury, this guy is alive, the ambulance arrive and took him home to santa joao person and today this well. With wheelchair, and naverdade this guy the day before had robbed a store for used ... Reply Report
well actually

well actually +7 points2118 days ago

FACT:did you guys know that when cut in half from the waist you can live up to 2 whole hours before you die. Reply Report

Fido +1 points1720 days ago

Some of these people that have been cut in half are still alive today and will live many, many years as if nothing happened to them. Reply Report

romo +5 points1774 days ago

imagine looking down at your own body to see that , the poor guy Reply Report
offended... to bad

offended... to bad +3 points1213 days ago

Offended... To Bad - 4 seconds ago - Reply
if it offends you so much you dumb cunts that post your "I'm offended comments"why did you watch the video you dumb fucking retards!
see opinions are like assholes everybody has one, keep yours to yourself fuck bags.
it's like wankers who kill themselves because they get bullied on social media... then don't go on facebook or twitter how fuckin dumb do you have to be, it's not quantum physics figure it out.
just goes to show how useless people have become.. "i know there's something on the Internet that is going to offend me how about i watch it and then complain that offended me"...
This is heavy-r its main points are porn and death.
how about before you complain take a look at yourself and accept some responsibility that you alone are the ones that bought yourself to this website and watched this video did you have a gun against your head no you did it of your own free will so stop fucking complaining..
just think about it you didn't type cute kittens into google to get here did you.
but then again they're probably the sort of dumb cunts who go to a restaurant order a steak and then complain because they're a vegetarian..
have some accountability for your actions people get over yourselves.
End rant.
Keep up the great work heavy-r not all of us are week fags with asshole opinions :)
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Garner +2 points2121 days ago

Fuck me did he live? Reply Report
If i was there

If i was there +2 points1601 days ago

i woulda just ended him why make a man go thro that much pain to die slowly i woulda just ended it for him Reply Report

Sup   0 points1249 days ago

There was no way to do that :l unless you decide to grab a piece of concrete and brutally smash his head, then go to jail... and thats not very cool lol Reply Report

jayke1981 +1 points1822 days ago

KDQ that is the most sensible thing I've ever read - no one ever does think of that - not even in western countries like UK and USA. Reply Report

imbatman +1 points1076 days ago

Rest in peace my friend
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Lady Serana

Lady Serana   0 points2108 days ago

Im in this part of porn again Reply Report

2lolo   0 points2116 days ago

Well what can anyone do for her. she dead.. Reply Report

damnnn   0 points1937 days ago

dam nigga shook his head in sorrow. Looks to me as if he doesnt care about the pain but he knows he wont be able to see his family and loved one anymore. Reply Report

matt   0 points1840 days ago

shut up about the prayers they are only for weak people who need to believe in fairy tales this guy dies with his respect Reply Report

lol   0 points1481 days ago

shaking his head, its cute Reply Report

sky   0 points1130 days ago

why no one cares? Well he is dead. What can anyone do? Reply Report
Slutty Tina

Slutty Tina   0 points911 days ago

Just use some duct tape and crazy glue and he will be up and running Reply Report

imbatman   0 points438 days ago

Folks don't try this at home, if you want to lose weight...try other safer methods. Reply Report

Tsunade -1 points2077 days ago

Isso aconteceu perto da minha casa. Reply Report

want2Bamember -1 points1930 days ago

someone should get down there with him and pray with him because he's not going to make it and he probably know's it he wanted prayer he just didn't know how to ask at the time,i know the feeling i had a near death experience prayer and jesus brought me back and if i didn't make it i wanted to save my soul Reply Report
gaz n star

gaz n star -1 points1778 days ago

i think his name is arthur body ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Reply Report

bob -2 points2118 days ago

Does anyone know what happened there? Was he in the garbage truck? Reply Report

tsunade -2 points2077 days ago

This happened near my house.
How did you get this video?
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shitttt -2 points1550 days ago

use him as a fucking mop once he's dead, hopefully his intestines would soak up a wee bit of blood Reply Report

raymond504 -3 points1970 days ago

He's ok he just needs to Walk it off. Reply Report
Mr nasty

Mr nasty -6 points1979 days ago

damm that nigga be like terminator Reply Report

alison -12 points2019 days ago

hes probably not alive just nervous system if hw was alive he would be screaming Reply Report

rynejay -32 points2123 days ago

FAKE!! Please tell me how a person with a severed spine can still move there head.... They can't!! Reply Report

Fido +7 points1720 days ago

You have no idea what you are talking about. A person with a severed spine can move their head and arms if it's severed below them. That's how people become paraplegic, spine severed low so they still have function of upper body. Reply Report