Gay scat eating

Lunch is served!

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pssd +70 points2131 days ago

it pisses me off when i see people doing it and i really want to try! :'( Reply Report

herniman   0 points128 days ago

@pssd I know what you mean Reply Report

bigboy   0 points1307 days ago

If you're around my area, I'd love to try it too Reply Report
love to try

love to try +14 points2094 days ago

im a little teenage boy but i would love some 40 year old man to do that to me Reply Report
Daddy toilet chris

Daddy toilet chris   0 points1030 days ago

would u be my TOP 7 feed me ur SCAT? Reply Report

nastyman4014 +11 points2116 days ago

Love it, so goddamn hot, fucking his cock down his shit filled mouth. Fucking his own shit down his sluts throat. I am so goddam jealous of his slut Reply Report

scatlover +11 points1060 days ago

I would love to do that either way. Reply Report
Mr x

Mr x +9 points1978 days ago

My neighbors son laid under my rim chair and ate my dump tonight! Reply Report

redheadboy   0 points1422 days ago

hot got email so i can be fed by you? Reply Report

man28 +1 points423 days ago

i can feed you Reply Report

scattrix +8 points2062 days ago

i hope i will meet a big strong daddy that will have big dinners and give me the mess + putting a video on later Reply Report

diquin +8 points1377 days ago

i`m only 14 but I would loved to have someone do this to me
Reply Report
Daddy toilet chris

Daddy toilet chris +2 points1058 days ago

as a TOP or would u drop ur teen load into my mouth? Reply Report

idoitallday +6 points2184 days ago

i love to eat shit from homless men when they have the runs in the bathrooms at 2 am ! swallow all shit and vomit for any man!hial shit sex!!!!!! Reply Report

absolutemaster +6 points2024 days ago

Excellent! Reply Report

toiletboy   0 points1516 days ago

Yes! Reply Report

rate +6 points1428 days ago

just fucking beautiful - wish I had a guy who I could do this with, either way round Reply Report
Pollys gay toilet

Pollys gay toilet +6 points812 days ago

This is so beautiful. I really want to eat other mens shit Reply Report

Kutanoid +5 points2188 days ago

So nasty! Love it :) Reply Report

heniass +5 points2118 days ago

super uwielbiam patrzec jak facet sra Reply Report

mantoilet +5 points1455 days ago

That is one hungry guy to eat that poop like that and what a sexy ass the one that pooped has and I hope he came inside the mouth of the recipient. Reply Report

kdc43 +4 points1724 days ago

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??????? Reply Report

toiletboy +4 points1516 days ago

Yum yum may I eat some? Reply Report
Just Hot In A Sick Way

Just Hot In A Sick Way +3 points1456 days ago

It's Sick As Hell But It Turns Me On Somehow Pissing And Vomit Would Of Been Nice Too Reply Report
Daddy toilet chris

Daddy toilet chris +1 points1058 days ago

Hopefully he pissed down his throat too. Reply Report

carlpigboy +3 points473 days ago

looks delicious Reply Report

schmittle +1 points680 days ago

Hot man on man. Luvit! Reply Report

ima15yo +1 points112 days ago

im a boy and does anyone want my sc we can send pics xox Reply Report

Eatit   0 points400 days ago

Anyone in las vegas want to this let me know! Reply Report

gilneas   0 points246 days ago

i would love to do this with someone one day!
Reply Report

gilneas   0 points246 days ago

anyone live in florida? Reply Report

Jeilk92   0 points182 days ago

@gilneas Reply Report

Dekkard69   0 points186 days ago

Mmm, hungry guy Reply Report

Toiletfeeder   0 points165 days ago

Would you like some piss to wash all that shit down with? Then cum as desert? Reply Report

herniman   0 points128 days ago

anyone near buffalo or Rochester wanna play dirty Reply Report
Jim I Oh

Jim I Oh   0 points115 days ago

This is my dream date since I love to eat shit. Reply Report

serviceboy36   0 points76 days ago

He probably came down that guy"s throat with all that shit.Then later helped him wash all that shit and cum down in his stomach by pissing in his mouth. Reply Report

Hgsbdhxbd   0 points66 days ago

F Reply Report