Gay scat eating

Lunch is served!

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pssd +69 points2033 days ago

it pisses me off when i see people doing it and i really want to try! :'( Reply Report

herniman   0 points29 days ago

@pssd I know what you mean Reply Report

bigboy   0 points1208 days ago

If you're around my area, I'd love to try it too Reply Report
love to try

love to try +14 points1996 days ago

im a little teenage boy but i would love some 40 year old man to do that to me Reply Report
Daddy toilet chris

Daddy toilet chris   0 points931 days ago

would u be my TOP 7 feed me ur SCAT? Reply Report

nastyman4014 +11 points2018 days ago

Love it, so goddamn hot, fucking his cock down his shit filled mouth. Fucking his own shit down his sluts throat. I am so goddam jealous of his slut Reply Report

scatlover +10 points961 days ago

I would love to do that either way. Reply Report
Mr x

Mr x +9 points1880 days ago

My neighbors son laid under my rim chair and ate my dump tonight! Reply Report

redheadboy   0 points1324 days ago

hot got email so i can be fed by you? Reply Report

man28   0 points325 days ago

i can feed you Reply Report

scattrix +8 points1963 days ago

i hope i will meet a big strong daddy that will have big dinners and give me the mess + putting a video on later Reply Report

diquin +7 points1278 days ago

i`m only 14 but I would loved to have someone do this to me
Reply Report
Daddy toilet chris

Daddy toilet chris +1 points959 days ago

as a TOP or would u drop ur teen load into my mouth? Reply Report

idoitallday +6 points2085 days ago

i love to eat shit from homless men when they have the runs in the bathrooms at 2 am ! swallow all shit and vomit for any man!hial shit sex!!!!!! Reply Report

absolutemaster +6 points1925 days ago

Excellent! Reply Report

toiletboy   0 points1417 days ago

Yes! Reply Report

rate +6 points1330 days ago

just fucking beautiful - wish I had a guy who I could do this with, either way round Reply Report
Pollys gay toilet

Pollys gay toilet +6 points713 days ago

This is so beautiful. I really want to eat other mens shit Reply Report

Kutanoid +5 points2090 days ago

So nasty! Love it :) Reply Report

heniass +5 points2019 days ago

super uwielbiam patrzec jak facet sra Reply Report

mantoilet +5 points1356 days ago

That is one hungry guy to eat that poop like that and what a sexy ass the one that pooped has and I hope he came inside the mouth of the recipient. Reply Report

kdc43 +4 points1625 days ago

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??????? Reply Report

toiletboy +4 points1417 days ago

Yum yum may I eat some? Reply Report
Just Hot In A Sick Way

Just Hot In A Sick Way +3 points1358 days ago

It's Sick As Hell But It Turns Me On Somehow Pissing And Vomit Would Of Been Nice Too Reply Report
Daddy toilet chris

Daddy toilet chris +1 points959 days ago

Hopefully he pissed down his throat too. Reply Report

carlpigboy +3 points374 days ago

looks delicious Reply Report

schmittle +1 points581 days ago

Hot man on man. Luvit! Reply Report

ima15yo +1 points13 days ago

im a boy and does anyone want my sc we can send pics xox Reply Report

Eatit   0 points301 days ago

Anyone in las vegas want to this let me know! Reply Report

gilneas   0 points147 days ago

i would love to do this with someone one day!
Reply Report

gilneas   0 points147 days ago

anyone live in florida? Reply Report

Jeilk92   0 points84 days ago

@gilneas Reply Report

Dekkard69   0 points87 days ago

Mmm, hungry guy Reply Report

Toiletfeeder   0 points66 days ago

Would you like some piss to wash all that shit down with? Then cum as desert? Reply Report

herniman   0 points29 days ago

anyone near buffalo or Rochester wanna play dirty Reply Report
Jim I Oh

Jim I Oh   0 points17 days ago

This is my dream date since I love to eat shit. Reply Report