Girl beaten and burned with boiling hot water

Drug dealer beats up girl and burns her with boiling hot water for refusing sex with him. OMFG!

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lol +42 points2218 days ago

typical third world scum Reply Report

yo +15 points2218 days ago

i hope all these sexy guys received their well-deserved, nice wet blowjobs afterwards. wish i was there to give it to them Reply Report

WTF +14 points2219 days ago

And a bunch of dicks stand around watching ....! Reply Report

hahahah +10 points1567 days ago

This bitch got what she deserved. Reply Report

hdd +9 points1893 days ago

what a pathetic bitch!!!!!the guy is so furious and powerful and she does nothing to protect herself!!!they would be the perfect couple for wild sex...she 'd allow him to humiliate her with any possible way... Reply Report

TriggerTwitch +6 points2218 days ago

I'd fuck that guy up if i ever saw him. Reply Report

omg +6 points2214 days ago

I will cut his small balls and give him to eat them, after this I will do the same with dick, fingers, eyes and when he will be near death I will trow him into cage with rats! Reply Report

heavyghost +5 points1920 days ago

But she loves him! Reply Report
Fart Lick

Fart Lick +3 points2057 days ago

Next time she will know to just shut up and fuck the guy! All her fault ! Bitch!!!! Reply Report

wtfdotcom +3 points1734 days ago

herb face has been blurred meaning that this footage has been used in a court of laws Reply Report

sfeq +2 points2218 days ago

Behavior of a 6 yr with temper tantrum. We have concluded that his brain stopped developing around that time. Reply Report

yikes +2 points2175 days ago

go fuck ur own mum low life Reply Report

Doctor +2 points2144 days ago

He's hard. I would destroy him if I saw that little pussy Reply Report

nashasslicker +2 points2123 days ago

Couldn't see a damn thing because of their crappy third world video quality. If I had a dollar for every one of their pixels, I'd owe a bunch of money. Reply Report
a nice man

a nice man +2 points2103 days ago

When will women learn to fight back ???

All they need is the technique, target and right weapon... and ofcourse some guts...
Reply Report

Toad +2 points2001 days ago

Wish it was clearer and longer. She looks nice in shorts. Hope he ripped them off and fucked her ass. And def her fault. How dare these women say NO. Reply Report

Faggot +1 points1988 days ago

Bitch cant get a girlfriend tryna get laid from someone else and was rejected then beat that person? How much of a pussy, loser is this guy? Reply Report

Joe +1 points1948 days ago

Get the butcher knife out woman. Wake up with his dick cut off or knife stuck in his skull. Reply Report

Daivs +1 points602 days ago

Fuck yeah dude, beat the FUCK out of her. Burn her. Reply Report
John Mathews

John Mathews +1 points715 days ago

Really wish someone would do this to my sister. Maybe that would teach her some respect. Reply Report
Aussie Guy

Aussie Guy   0 points301 days ago

@John Mathews Reply Report

S M F +1 points1303 days ago

I wonder does she use tampons or kotex pads? Desicions desicions Reply Report

bandido +1 points1142 days ago

Well ain't he a fucking big man? Takes a hard man to knock the shit out of a kid like that hey? . 2 minutes in a locked room with that little fuck and he would really know how to throw a combination by the time I had finished with him. I would take a lot of pleasure in punching that bullying fuckers brains out!! Reply Report
American Abroad

American Abroad +1 points683 days ago

I hope they put sugar in it...really teaches them a lesson hee hee Reply Report

andoslut +1 points680 days ago

She doesn't own her hole men do. Who is she to say no. Reply Report

stevestorm +1 points332 days ago

Bunch of cowards, pure assholes,
Reply Report

.   0 points1773 days ago

hes got some gay issues Reply Report
br trash

br trash   0 points1725 days ago

brazilian scumm Reply Report
holy shit

holy shit   0 points1161 days ago

this shit is disgusting Reply Report

mike   0 points1028 days ago

men need to learn women are idiots now ge tuse to it and stop beating them Reply Report

Lemer   0 points960 days ago

Probably first shower the cunts had in a month Reply Report
Aussie Guy

Aussie Guy   0 points301 days ago

I’d love to meet your sister. After that we’d fuck for hours Reply Report
Blade trinity

Blade trinity   0 points234 days ago

Que poca madre de malditos ninguno se atrevió a defenderla , cobardes hijos de puta Reply Report

? -1 points1908 days ago

Wtf is a heavy ghost Reply Report

ll -5 points2212 days ago

good stuff, need more of it Reply Report