Guy Masturbating His New Vagina

Once it was a dick, now it's a vagina! Sort of...

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HellBla +12 points2236 days ago

I'd say the discription is backwards. Thats a girl who became a guy and has a huge clit from testoterone
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ftmboi +11 points2233 days ago

yeah.. that is definitely a FTM (female to male). description is backwards.. nice try though Reply Report
an actual transsexual male

an actual transsexual male +5 points1890 days ago

this is a man who started with a vagina. Testosterone enlarges the clit, which helps create more tissue to create a penis out of during surgery. Reply Report

lonestarnaughtygirls +2 points2235 days ago

nice pussy Reply Report

ROSS +2 points1457 days ago

Great!!! Reply Report

jcm +1 points2237 days ago

I wonder how deep it can accomodate Reply Report

FREAK +1 points1944 days ago

I'd hit that!
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fuckmeharder   0 points1742 days ago

Wow I came three times I'd hit that so fucking hard Reply Report

!   0 points1732 days ago

That is really... Odd Reply Report

manatee   0 points1602 days ago

this is the vid i was looking for//a gorgeous pussy/the doctor did a great job/i would say she is very happy with results/when the clit started pulsating i had cum/hoti wish i could ask questiond to her/her much sensitivity is feklt/u wanna see a cock or dildo fuck her Reply Report
Revolution X Leader

Revolution X Leader   0 points624 days ago

Anyone who has a vagina is a woman! The "guy" in this video is actually a woman since "he" still has the functioning female reproductive organs unless they are surgically replaced by the functioning male reproductive organs! Reply Report

MetaSexHole   0 points670 days ago

Obviously FTM. But as a guy I'd love to have surgery to be like him. Reply Report

Rompers   0 points497 days ago

I'd eat that hot snatch for hours&cream pie it 3 times before pulling out. Damn that's hot! Reply Report
Sexy bitch

Sexy bitch -1 points2217 days ago

Wow big clit u need to shave:( Reply Report

Sickpuppy -2 points1271 days ago

That ain't a guy. It's just a girl with a huge clit and fuckable pussy. I'd eat that pussy for sure!!! Reply Report