Tits Pop Out In Ghetto Bitch Fight

From 2:30min you'll get to seem some black tits hanging out of her shirt.

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Titman +9 points1890 days ago

Standard nigger behaviour. Reply Report

TNB +5 points1875 days ago

The most annoying is the fact how many people record it instead of trying to prevent needless stupid fight like this, grown ass men acting like little kids in schoolyard Reply Report

kkk +2 points2134 days ago

typical nigresses Reply Report

---- +1 points2185 days ago

Eew that was nasty Reply Report

gravityzero +1 points1062 days ago

I'm a "black guy" and I'm ashamed of this..... Reply Report

proto   0 points2081 days ago

i love fighting Reply Report

ttttkak   0 points2042 days ago

ahhhh. the power of modern technology :) Reply Report

atblk   0 points991 days ago

Rednecks do the same stuff. They are niggers too. Reply Report
bad nigger bitch

bad nigger bitch   0 points1693 days ago

so wat we love a good beat down, bad bitch Reply Report

guyl -1 points366 days ago

Typical niggers, on top on that you can't understand hardly a word those coons are saying. Fuck all niggers!!! Reply Report
grow the fuck up

grow the fuck up -3 points1845 days ago

some nigger shit.. like usual. hey i got an idea how bout you say a few words and then get back to minding your own fucking business.

reminds me of a couple little immature childish kids on the school yard.. not anymore "mature" acting then a couple monkeys throwing shit at each other.

oohhh thats right i almost forgot niggers have no dignity.
Reply Report
curious human

curious human +2 points1641 days ago

You speak of dignity yet your on this site you say nigger but you are the ignorant one all cousin fuckin mama raping sister touchin daddy suckin incest cracker ass white folks will be extinct soon your entire race is faggots and lesbian s you cant reproduce like that buddy boi Reply Report