Man Caught By Police When Trying Rape 13yo Daughter

Mexican man gets caught in the act when he is trying to rape his 13yo daughter. His wife was suspecting something was going on and informed the police after installing a hidden cam in her daughter's room.

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feetlicker +155 points2293 days ago

Rape the fucking bitch. Reply Report

St +82 points2315 days ago

Would have liked to have seen him fuck her Reply Report

shanghaicumwh0re +80 points1454 days ago

one of my fantasies as a kid, that my uncle or my dads friend would force me to suck his cock and rape me.. sigh, still hoping it might happen one day Reply Report

Pussybanger   0 points210 days ago

@shanghaicumwh0re can I rape u? That is if u haven't already been fucked. I'd eat your pussy first, spank your ass bright red, suck your toes and tickle your sweet soft feet, make u suck my big dick and I'd rape your tight little asshole until u cry. I'd also tie u up in many ways and in many different positions and that's how I'd fuck u. Will u let me rape u? I'd suck and nibble on your sexy titties too Reply Report

Heavenleelove +8 points653 days ago

I loved my uncle pointing his dick on my pussy. I remember showing my little pussy off all the time. Would have loved to have been that little girl. I was raped once, I loved it. This made my pussy wet Reply Report

Pussybanger   0 points210 days ago

@Heavenleelove how old are u now? I wanna see your sweet little pussy. I'd wanna play with it too!! I'd make it hurt in a good way. I'd stretch your sexy soft bare asshole too!! I'd make your sexy feet arch and your cute little toes curl up as I give u multiple orgasms Reply Report
sade at mail dot com

sade at mail dot com   0 points73 days ago

@Pussybanger I need u email my user name Reply Report

ufcmaniacchad +3 points633 days ago

When did your uncle start playing with you? Reply Report

wilbur -2 points979 days ago

What the fuck is wrong with you do you have any fucking idea what its like to go through that you nees to take a long hard look at yourself you sick fucking bitch Reply Report

SexAddict6061 +3 points154 days ago

@wilbur I was raped form the age of 3 to 19 it’s nt a joke I agree now I am a sex addict and I can not get enough Reply Report
crazy things

crazy things +3 points1085 days ago

you need help girl come see me i can help you i can be your fantasy i can yo dad uncle wat ever
Reply Report

Taint +47 points2434 days ago

If that was his wife at the end of the video, no wonder.... Reply Report

disgusted +38 points2117 days ago

fucking disgusting piece of shit, i hope his ass gets turned out in prison and tuen he is castrated and treated like a bitch the rest of his life. and the same to ALL sick fuckers that would do shit to a child Reply Report

Chesterthemolester -1 points469 days ago

@disgusted oh shutttttt uppppp already Reply Report

Freaks +31 points2283 days ago

Your all going to hell it you touch any kids. Fucking weirdos, I see all the comments Reply Report

sallymay +29 points1950 days ago

it gets me so wet thinking about being raped, especially by my daddy Reply Report

erausse   0 points278 days ago

@ si tu veux je remplace ton papa Reply Report

Petitelatine +1 points163 days ago

@erausse t’es français? Tu viens d’ou? Ça m’interesserai Plutôt bien moi Reply Report

Lydragius -3 points1945 days ago


wow +3 points1950 days ago

you have hot tits baby Reply Report
not a raper

not a raper +28 points2284 days ago

chop his dick off Reply Report
Arse Destroyer

Arse Destroyer +27 points2339 days ago

No wonder he was fucking the kid did you see the wife ugly as sin. Girl had to get laid sometime she could have lead him on. Reply Report

perer +25 points2393 days ago

yeah...fuck that bitch to death !!!! Reply Report

astriditaly +23 points2431 days ago

poor man Reply Report

wtfisee +23 points2077 days ago

hope the dickhead rots in jail. a bullet would be perfect for him god bless that little girl Reply Report

bc +23 points1924 days ago

That's fucked everyone has fantasy and roleplay but do that shit with adults leave kids outta it Reply Report

jannybh +13 points1843 days ago

Don´t try to give orders to fantasies! Reply Report

Jj +22 points2381 days ago

I wish the cops didn't show Reply Report
18 f

18 f +22 points2125 days ago

Same thing happened to me, and that's why I'm on this site now, fapping, 5-6 years later.
It's a shame, I guess.
Reply Report

ufcmaniacchad +19 points962 days ago

It's a damn shame he didn't get to fuck her. Reply Report

Superchicken +17 points2324 days ago

I wonder if he got his money back. Reply Report
Fuck off

Fuck off +14 points2430 days ago

The news anchor says shes twelve. Reply Report

Non-Member +13 points1994 days ago

I would let him do it to me.... Reply Report

monica +11 points2038 days ago

dude im glad he didnt win that girl would ahve been scared for life this good you fucking assholes Reply Report

Mr561 +9 points2323 days ago

Im pretty sure the only reason this guy wasnt fuck up by the cops is bc there was a camera recording....though he prob resisted off camera and then got fucked up Reply Report

wtf +9 points2279 days ago

Poor girl i mean im not gona say i havent thought of rapeing some one but i never did soo i feel bad for her Reply Report
Rape is right

Rape is right +9 points1042 days ago

No one came only me when I had my sister like this. She squirmed under me and tryed to push me off but they always get it in the end Reply Report
Rape me

Rape me +1 points320 days ago

@Rape is right Mnnn yes please rape me Reply Report

Rap-er +9 points963 days ago

What a tease, should get outta jail and fuck her right in the pussy. Reply Report

ufcmaniacchad +3 points962 days ago

I completely agree. She had it coming to her. Reply Report
Jenna shellard

Jenna shellard +8 points278 days ago

Don't fucking fight it little bitch. Take that rape like a good girl Reply Report

yourlittleslut666 +6 points275 days ago

@Jenna shellard the bitch should have been laying in her bed with her legs open wide and her pussy ready nice and wet for her dad to fuck. He should have taught her that her pussy is for one thing, mens cock. Reply Report

HungKid +1 points63 days ago

@yourlittleslut666 I remember my dad teching my younger sister to take cock like a good girl while she sucked me. Eventually me n sis were getting dicked daily by dad n his mates and since then me n sis are obietant cock whores and i fuck here whenever dads tells me too so he can take my sloppy seconds Reply Report

interested   0 points165 days ago

@yourlittleslut666. Add me Reply Report

imbatman +6 points2307 days ago

We got more comments in here than people murdered,death,rape,sex and the funnies. amazing but its good to know we all protect children. :D Reply Report

Messedupforlife +6 points386 days ago

I was just 6 years old when my step dad first stuck his cock inside me. It wouldnt fit so he slowly forced it in causing a great deal of pain. Now as an adult I often fantasize about being raped again. Reply Report

nisse +5 points2428 days ago

ha ha ha i hope they put him on a cellblock where the inmates try to rape him so he cab feel what the girl felt when he tryed that whit her. And i hope he never gets out.
Reply Report
sick people

sick people +5 points2379 days ago

let him rot
Reply Report

MW +5 points2354 days ago

WTF that's fucked up Reply Report

Wtf +5 points2342 days ago

Omg... This is too sick. Reply Report
good man but wrong choices

good man but wrong choices +5 points2315 days ago

He deserves a bullet in his head... Damn Beast... Reply Report

1 +5 points2229 days ago

sick fuck needs to be locked up. Reply Report

5pawsakademy +5 points2193 days ago

He be sucking cocks morning afternoon and evening there will be a queue in front of his cell,a queueof oevr muscular tatooed/ sick in the head and crack addict.. Reply Report
i love slut

i love slut +5 points1949 days ago

to sallymay I will fuck u I will be ur daddy Reply Report

nobody210tx +5 points1134 days ago

I miss being raped by my dad Reply Report

justAgirl +3 points2433 days ago

poor girl... she will NEVER be normal... its so sad. she will always be terrified to be close to any man ever again... bastards shouldnt have kids. Reply Report

Disturbed +3 points2429 days ago

This Bustard should rot in hell. sick Reply Report

Awesome +3 points2408 days ago

Serves him right that girl did the right thing Reply Report

!!!! +3 points2205 days ago

thts terrible i hope the stupid fuck dies Reply Report
too bad didn't get a chance!!

too bad didn't get a chance!! +3 points2133 days ago

>may be his dick was to small to pleasure his old wife so he start looking for young tender pussy to fuck and take pleasure of the girl scream a guess!!!!!! but he deserve it because he too careless for that! he should have done other place or go to a club and get her drunk then fuck her at hotel!!! whatever it pointless now that he so stupid!! but if anyone try to rape some one than let me give u some advice which is : get them drunk - ( mean: any kind of drug to lose their awareness )first then u have a chance to fuck them any place, anywhere!!!!!! and don't be stupid like the guy in the video!!!!
Reply Report

Poo +3 points2081 days ago

Kill him slow Reply Report

Titiesucker1992 +3 points98 days ago

I’d fill that tight luttele pussy up with my cum, make you cry little girl, but i know in the end you Will like it Reply Report

Daddy\'s +3 points236 days ago

I should have been born as his daughter. I would have offered my pussy, my ass and my mouth to my Daddy happily. I know my place is just to be used as a cum dumpster. Reply Report
Someone's Nobody

Someone's Nobody +2 points2361 days ago

I guess they're taking it one step further than US Dateline to catch a predator. kudos and may he get it in jail. Reply Report

JFK +2 points2335 days ago

This guy is a sick bastard Reply Report

Someone +2 points2309 days ago

This guy should have been shot on the spot!!! Makes everyones life easier Reply Report

xxx +2 points2251 days ago

hahahahah his balls disapper like he have never been lol Reply Report

Pussy +2 points2175 days ago

Idiots, that man only wanted to have some fun, he has a penis and he wants to put it in a tender pussy, what did you think that he would stick it to the slamp mother? He didn't do anything wrong, he wanted to take pleasure from the girl and GIVE PLEASURE TO HER> She only didn't accept his gift to her, in a few years she will be slutting around for her pot while if she stayed with her daddy he would give her daily dose of pleasure along with his pleasure.

They should not only release him, but they should also apologize and make sure he can have the same date with this young slut. They should punish the slut for being too young to have sex, he is a man, it comes natural!
Reply Report

WTF +2 points2033 days ago

the video said 'this man tried to rape his own daughter, he abandoned her and her mother since birth and he got in contact just a month before this happened ... at the begging he offered money and that's when she started crying .. it was a setup made by his ex-wife and the cops Reply Report
real shit

real shit +2 points2030 days ago

now if anyone thinks this is how ur fuckn sick n tha head,,,,this is the news not porn....if you real and can see this get ya mind rite n stay strong n this fukd up world Reply Report
find help

find help +3 points2030 days ago

if you have a problem fix it....dont let it get worse. children arent to have sex all that nasty kinky shit with ur adult friends... Reply Report

IVAN +2 points1970 days ago

i beginning to think that hanging execution in the other video scene was the right thing to do ..... Reply Report

really?? +2 points1962 days ago

crazy all these comments on here calling him a "sick basterd" i totally agree with all of them!! but has anyone noticed the child getting scrwed in the ads right below ...kinda ironic dont ya think!!
Reply Report

durrrrrrrrrrrrr +2 points1399 days ago

.0. Reply Report
fuck names

fuck names +2 points474 days ago

i enjoy rape porn but never with a innocent little kid. Reply Report

Pussybanger +2 points210 days ago

She's ready to fuck and I wish I was there fucking her and her mom
Reply Report

Me +1 points2435 days ago

Hope he gets raped in prison sick asshole Reply Report
Foxie Moxie

Foxie Moxie +1 points1910 days ago

Where's the porn? Reply Report

imo +1 points1868 days ago

They should have shot his knob off Reply Report

geordiekev1uk +1 points1221 days ago

Serves the fucker right! Reply Report
Haha, idiots are everywhere

Haha, idiots are everywhere +1 points1709 days ago

Molesting a real women- ok, maybe she is a bitch, I dont feel very sorry.
Raping a kid- you sad bastards, a kid has nothing done wrong in its life, this just shows your own weekness.
And to all the fuckers with these fantasies- you all know for yourself that you are sad, sad, boys, writing "rape this slut" on the internet and jerking off, real man can handle a woman.
I dont know if I want to laught or cry about you, 100 years ago woman had respect because they had real men with a strong personality, but today everyone is just a poor, desperating motherfucker.

No, I didnt come to see the vid, I just had to write this down.

If a dumbass like you guys would try to rape me, I would just cut him into 100 pieces and spit in his smashed face-

Now, jerk off and cry like a little bitch about your lifes :)
Reply Report

BigD33   0 points1588 days ago

Well said couldn't have put it better myself
Any fucking weirdo that wants to rape a child wants there fucking dick cutting off and shoving up their ass and paedo tattooing on their forehead
Reply Report

Anon   0 points1461 days ago

not only a child any guy raping any woman or girl should have their penis cut off on national television Reply Report
Blu ballz

Blu ballz +1 points1056 days ago

Sick fuck Reply Report
fuckin mentals

fuckin mentals +1 points962 days ago

this site should be closed because of the fucking crazy assholes in it Reply Report

mrich +1 points969 days ago

He deserved it... horrible man trying to rape his own daughter Reply Report

Vaylex +1 points741 days ago

Welp a bit dissatisfied but good job po po
Reply Report
weird fucks

weird fucks +1 points513 days ago

Wtf is wrong with some of you people in the comments?? Fucking need help wtf.. Reply Report

coco   0 points2434 days ago

sick barstard need shooting Reply Report

ximenez   0 points1789 days ago

ses un enculer il faudré le detruire un père de se gendre salopar
si tu vivez en France mon petit taurer des seriuex probleme crois moi
Reply Report

wtfdotcom   0 points1830 days ago

Another sorry ass in front of an over paid judge (certainly corrupt too) Reply Report

kallon   0 points1742 days ago

His cock must have been sweaty and smelly Reply Report
El Matador

El Matador -3 points1452 days ago

Of course, he's Mexican Reply Report

cards55   0 points982 days ago

i hope this is fake if its not then he should get rape in prison Reply Report

Tyrchon   0 points1078 days ago

Oh he'll get his when the guys in prison find out why he's there! Reply Report

Me89   0 points1038 days ago

Shoot him Reply Report

....   0 points1036 days ago

I Hope that guy rots in jail Reply Report

penis7   0 points979 days ago

cunt is going jail Reply Report

Invincible   0 points891 days ago

He'll be dead now. He will definitely get butchered in a Mexican prison.
Mother Fucker.
Reply Report
Hope he gets raped

Hope he gets raped   0 points772 days ago

Hope he goes jail u can pay for pussy Reply Report

Limi   0 points539 days ago

Discusting Reply Report

SupremeMan   0 points525 days ago

the guy's face, hhaahaha fuck him and the rapers in comments! Reply Report

akshay123   0 points450 days ago

Fuck that asshole himself... >.<**
Reply Report
Angel of Truth...

Angel of Truth...   0 points430 days ago

This is fucked up fantasy is one thing but to make it a realty is a whole nother level of sick and twisted see all the women you so called beat rape kill ect all women are not into this type of stuff & all women are not whores and children who fight back are not lil brats or lil sluts i mean come on this is the reason god is so sad with us he gives us sex with women who are willing to do whatever to please a good man who helps provide and care for the family as a whole not destroy life bc Satan gives you the option to lust on things that turn people into run aways crack heads and just mentally abusive people i mean how many of you guy's on here would've liked it if he was trying to rape his 13 yr old son instead of his daughter it would've been sick hes a fucking fag who trys to rape a 13 yr old lil boy i guess pussy wasnt good enough ect it's these homemade videos of real rape that gets all of our women who are again i say willing to do whatever for real love and a real man just dont rape your kids its nastu its sick and its wrong i mean i guess in gods eyes we might all deal with incest if we are all supposed to be his children but then again it still dosent make it right to not give that child a fighting chance Reply Report
Angel of Truth...

Angel of Truth...   0 points430 days ago

At life because we are lustful in our spiritual body and its this type of bs that sends women to other women and men to other men being raped i know a guy who was raped by his mom and older sisters so much when he tryd to be with a women it was scary for him so he wud cry and never tell any female why and eventually being good frds with a guy with similar story he found love in a butthole i mean thats koo and everything but didn't he atleast deserve a fighting chance sometimes things like this mentally and emotionally scar you so bad and so deep that all you want to do is drink and smoke and cut the pain away bc you don't know how to live your life without being a victim and eventually take your own life thats why we shouldn't act on anything lustful its just screws up a lot of ppl and the guilt you feel later on bc of what you did isnt worth it
Reply Report

iabellajierra   0 points217 days ago

w Reply Report
My kik is fnckoff

My kik is fnckoff   0 points171 days ago

Hey, I’m still pretty young and I want to have an experience of having an older man fuck me. My cousins used to toy with me when I was younger and I’m just a chick tryna relive it!! Reply Report
Daddys princess

Daddys princess   0 points161 days ago

I always love the idea of being rape.. turns me on alot Reply Report
Daddy\'s girl

Daddy\'s girl   0 points133 days ago

I am so jealous i wish my dad would rape me...wish he would have done it since i was really young Reply Report

um... -1 points1805 days ago

I agree he deserves to rot in prison but the worst part is every one probably thought he was actually in her and clicked on the vid to see that and I don't think he should go to he'll nor heaven because if there was a god he wouldn't make people like this.
Reply Report

um...   0 points1805 days ago

And let all the hate start Reply Report

Pancho18 -1 points1181 days ago

Maldito hijo de puta ojala con este video si le ayan llevado a la carcel Reply Report

hardcorenudes -1 points510 days ago

I hope he dies in jail Reply Report

Jaka -1 points467 days ago

If this is real get this off the site immediately Reply Report
Mike Hunt

Mike Hunt -2 points2434 days ago

Stick the cunt in a prison cell with 100 sexually fustrated gay men....................... and lock the fucking door. Reply Report
sick people

sick people -2 points2379 days ago

eletricute that son of a bitch Reply Report

Karma   0 points1539 days ago

He should be electrocuted after the prison guys bang his ass!!!! Reply Report

Justice -2 points2347 days ago

Execute him. Reply Report

pedobear -2 points2295 days ago

ok i usually joke around but this is fucked up. he should be hung by his balls and decapitated. Reply Report

sangrento -2 points2272 days ago

Hope he gets raped in prison... Reply Report

kapitano -2 points1993 days ago

hij gaat geneukt worden in de gevangenis, de hond Reply Report
A guy who believes in God not what man says of God

A guy who believes in God not what man says of God -2 points1243 days ago

Funny how Christians are on here thumping their bible. I'm sure you didn't get the link to this site and video in church. Also, since you Christians want to talk your bible shit let me hit you with some back:
Judge not lest ye be judged
(Paraphrased) For those who judge store up wrath up on themselves for when they meet the maker they will face his mighty wrath.

So, in recap, you judgemental assholes will be in hell with the rest of us. Hope you enjoy being buttfucked by prison guys just as much as you enjoy spouting your bullshit opinions you sycophantic suck ups. You bible humping fucktards. By the way, Christmas was a Pagan holiday (Winter Solstice you uneducated bags of dicks) before the Church decided to rename it. Jesus was born in the fall and his birthday moved to the Winter Soltice to change the Pagan holiday which was way more fun with Orgies and shit. Easter? Not Christian. It's fucking Pagan meaning Orgies and dead roosters and shit. So you stupid fucking zealots need shove a big black dick in your mouths and shut the fuck up. If you don't want to see "evil" then don't bring your stuck up asses to porn sites. After all, the "good book" (written by a bunch of dudes who weren't God) says this kind of thing is a sin. Another thing, the church committed more mass murder in the name of God than any war since. Which is a sin in case you cocksuckers didn't know. Have fun piecing your fake ass religion back together.
Reply Report
I want daddy rape me

I want daddy rape me -2 points1012 days ago

dont see the video =( Reply Report
el Jabron de Loco

el Jabron de Loco -3 points2438 days ago

Oohhh Jabron, why you wanna be like that huh?!! Reply Report

memba -3 points2432 days ago


so you think fantasizing about a man being raped in prison is normal? sick asshole.
Reply Report
El Brujo

El Brujo -4 points2433 days ago

Bien hecho!! Yo le cortaría la polla y los huevos, que meara sentado toda su puta vida en la carcel, ojalá le conviertan en la puta de la prisión y se lo follen por turnos. Reply Report

l -4 points2134 days ago

a true christian priest Reply Report

wtf -4 points1871 days ago

Its sum sick fucks in da world u should never ever touch a fucking child who ever does deserve to die and go to hell i wish mf would touch my child i chop ur dick off and nail it to a cross sick fucker Reply Report

shame -5 points2426 days ago

serves him right, less peolple like him in the world the better Reply Report

hhh -5 points2418 days ago

Geil Reply Report

Lilgirlhelper -5 points1895 days ago

Thank The Lord he got caught and ya wanna be rape ya some cruel lil sluts that need to rot in hell for those people who wanted that girl to be rape and for those who want to be raped Reply Report

lotsoflove2give1 -6 points2301 days ago

He needs to b publicly be headed and that is still to gd for him I'm glad they caught him I was shocked this vid is even viral Reply Report

LOLOLOL -6 points2205 days ago

Lol fucking stupid spic! Get pwned! Reply Report

solo -8 points2226 days ago

Only in mexico. Reply Report

Brandon -8 points1570 days ago ARE the bitch, and with your mindset you'll have plenty of feet to lick in the Penn. Reply Report

Dan -9 points2432 days ago

bastard gets what he deserves. Reply Report

dfgdfg -9 points1799 days ago

fake Reply Report