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School girl was on her way home, where 5 guys were waiting for her. They dragged her to somewhere nobody could see them and fucked her one by one. The poor girl is traumatized for life after these guys were done with her.

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ashleygreene +881 points855 days ago

Hey yo, I wish I could find some guys to fuck me like this. Someone hit me up yo! Reply Report

Jeje +1 points163 days ago

@ashleygreene what's ur insta
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Jeje +1 points163 days ago

@ashleygreene what's ur insta
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Jeje   0 points163 days ago

@ashleygreene what's ur insta
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Jeje +1 points163 days ago

@ashleygreene what's ur insta
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crowfoot +4 points779 days ago

But what do you really look like Reply Report

BigDickNick -1 points800 days ago

Right here Reply Report

NotReal +56 points2466 days ago

It isn't real you fucking retards. It is a Japanese rape fetish video, and that is why the genitals are pixelated. Fuck some people are just stupid. Reply Report

anna +10 points2417 days ago

i would love do be done this way so hot my pussy is dripping Reply Report
Gal kapamu

Gal kapamu +1 points107 days ago

@anna so pls give me ur contact details i can do it for you. Reply Report

Kiren +9 points2256 days ago

Real rape or not, those tits sure look real, and they're GORGEOUS Reply Report

Naughty +6 points2405 days ago

Awesome video Reply Report

mark +6 points1881 days ago

pretty pussy, I think I would cum quick watching my cock sliding in and out of her pussy . Reply Report

wow +4 points2406 days ago

next time u guys fuck her make her do a blowjob Reply Report

stupid +4 points1815 days ago

This is dumb , why watch it if your going to complain about it, just shut up, and I agree its not real, she know she liked it, and its just that...
Reply Report
why oh why

why oh why +2 points2148 days ago

Why look up rape bids to bitch about it in the comments? And most of them ARENT real they're rape FANTASY get over yourselves Reply Report

Kezbabie +2 points405 days ago

God i want to be fucked like this Reply Report

devil-angel +2 points267 days ago

I want three guys to fuck me like this Reply Report

Littlegirl1333 +2 points92 days ago

Wish I could be fucked like this... Reply Report

obidient4u +1 points1943 days ago

I LOVE taking that Dick too.. Reply Report

martin.petit2@orange.fr +1 points811 days ago

on pourrait la traire en méme temps ?? Reply Report

sunshineslutgirl531 +1 points1076 days ago

i wanna be her
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sisir +1 points87 days ago

i sex you Reply Report

Ash321 +1 points82 days ago

I am a virgin, im horny and i want sompne to rape me, hard Reply Report

KFDSf   0 points2469 days ago

Same Reply Report

thor6969 +1 points955 days ago

hadman69 Reply Report

koo   0 points709 days ago

I really wish someone would do this to me xD lol
Just gotta wait another year or so, or there'll be two things wrong with it lol
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jami63 -2 points2446 days ago

mosaic is soo boring Reply Report
fuck you

fuck you -2 points2348 days ago

It's not fuming real you fuming retarded bastard Reply Report
Nelly to b honest

Nelly to b honest -3 points2412 days ago

The r going to pay for this crime ,if it is,,,,these amateur video r encouraging rapish bloody fucker ppl
Reply Report

Mick -1 points1857 days ago

Seems real to me fantasy ok real no way that's wrong Reply Report
expoloral interhet

expoloral interhet -3 points2158 days ago

comment on this video Reply Report

Nelly -4 points2412 days ago

It real or fake? Dog bloody dog fucking ppl
Reply Report
stupit rape

stupit rape -5 points2432 days ago

Fuck the people who raped this poor girl :( Reply Report

rger -10 points2466 days ago

any of these sick perverted fucks will think any rape vid is real just to satisfy their lonely cocks. Reply Report

louse -15 points2474 days ago

i've decided this is a real rape video Reply Report