Boy Has Sex With Fat Mom

He was waiting for his friend to come home, but got seduced into fucking his mother in the meanwhile. Let's hope his friend will never get to see this video.

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mrclean43 +24 points1952 days ago

That woman was not fat..she had beautiful breasts and a gorgeous shaped pussy as well. I have fucked some fat ones..she would be a treat. The cum dripping down her pussy lips to the crack of her ass was a nice touch. Reply Report

maturejack72 +8 points1889 days ago

Lucky boy, she looks a good fuck wish I had the chance to get my cock in her cunt Reply Report

tony +7 points1901 days ago

nice breast like to fck her Reply Report
now married

now married +5 points1667 days ago

Like I was seduced by a almost 30 older woman, when 14. I am still grateful to her, especially for letting me penetrate her butt. Reply Report
Renuka, Karnali Mansion.

Renuka, Karnali Mansion. +4 points739 days ago

Had this experience with a sixteen year old boy when I was thirty six. Now I am 41 and on the lookout for another go. Reply Report

Sniper +2 points1689 days ago

Hot momma! She looks gorgeous and tasty!
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johnnygee48 +1 points1593 days ago

great to see a proper woman, sexy as hell, well worth a good fucking

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giber +1 points461 days ago

Fun video. A nice chubby but certainly not fat whore with nice tits and a fantastic ass and hairy cunt. Like the cum dripping out of her cunt. Lucky guy fucking that dumb whore. Reply Report

gettindirty   0 points1692 days ago

this boy is damn cute!!!!! is he under 18? coz he looks like it :-P Reply Report

fl36lmt   0 points714 days ago

Her body is Incredible! Reply Report

Sergio   0 points508 days ago

Hello can some one fuck me Reply Report

Hfdf5889   0 points4 days ago

Wats best site for teenage boy porn Reply Report

Kevin -1 points1586 days ago

My wife is aschool teacher and one of her student used to mow our lawns, they became quite frinedly then one day they kissed and ended up in bed having sex. He came around for about three months then his family moved. Depite his young age he left her pregnant and we have a son we are happy with. Reply Report

dennishelden +5 points1517 days ago

That's fucked up Reply Report

Jeff -7 points1926 days ago

Ya whatever, she's fat ok. You can have a chick with nice tits and or ass but just because its nice doesn't mean it isn't fat dumbfuck. Reply Report
Fuckoff jeff

Fuckoff jeff +3 points778 days ago

Fuck you jeff!!!!!!
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