White Girl Raped By 5 Black Guys

One of them talked this girl over to have a drink in his hotel room. When she came there, 5 big naked black guys were waiting for her. She tried to get away, but it was no use.... They all took turns fucking her white pussy and treated her like a cheap worthless slut.

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Homeforloving +130 points1504 days ago

Had this experience with perhaps ten, and now I´m a mom of 4 whte grls and bois, wish the same so much for them and masturbate every day when I´m thinking about this, just as my neighbour, a whte teen mom. Reply Report

Dudethefuck +11 points424 days ago

What Reply Report
Rape  Me

Rape Me +129 points1555 days ago

I want my pussy to be fucked I don't care if I become a sex slave the rapist will love my fucking tight pussy he can cum inside my pussy as much as he wants & pee inside my pussy and he wants me to have his babies & make me his & his alone & im a virgin and he can fuck my pussy nonstop
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Kaoticlove we could maybe arrange something fun li

Kaoticlove we could maybe arrange something fun li   0 points41 days ago

@Rape Me Reply Report
Your daddy

Your daddy   0 points555 days ago

How old are you where are you Reply Report

homeforloving +74 points1484 days ago

a good goal to carry out more blck rapists of fckn whte gurls :-) Reply Report

boss -6 points1493 days ago

Where u at Reply Report

jannybh +103 points1714 days ago

We surely know that very much people desire this to happen to millions of fckn whte grls of their last whte generation of todays Reply Report

missile +82 points1920 days ago

they must have killed her after fucking.... It would be damn hot
Reply Report

pornmadgirl +73 points1603 days ago

Not enough black guys i'd want at least 100 in me Reply Report

abitsurprised +9 points866 days ago

You must have a gigantic pussy. O.o Reply Report

bastard +40 points1456 days ago

only 100 Reply Report

marshavon +63 points2088 days ago

A beautiful love story..... Reply Report

theninja +45 points1877 days ago

mmmm i just love watching a white woman being raped by black guys.
i would soooooo love my wife to be gang raped by black guys
Reply Report
Big g

Big g +4 points486 days ago

How would love to be the one to f****** rape your wife in front of you you would love it have a huge cock Reply Report

deedee +45 points1680 days ago

She's so lucky and doesn't even appreciate it! Reply Report
simple human

simple human +42 points1865 days ago

this video got me off. mmmmm... Reply Report

PrussianBlacked +41 points1465 days ago

Whore probably has a white bf, bitch deserves being black fucked for that. Reply Report

12wantsbbc +69 points1464 days ago

Imagine this done to all slts which still have whte bf, what a better world it would be. Reply Report

ninja +30 points1845 days ago

I would like to get my wife drunk and watch them huge black cocks stretching her tiny white pussy and watch them cum in ger Reply Report

Schweet +28 points1755 days ago

"Go deep - go deep dog... GO DEEP!!!" Reply Report

HentaiSlave +4 points963 days ago

Go deep on me Reply Report

JonJon +27 points1886 days ago

Still a better love story than twilight Reply Report

katie +24 points1877 days ago

i could only wish i was her.... Reply Report

cutegerboy +24 points1395 days ago

Awsome vid, however its a hole movie called boungangbang! ;) hot stuff, sadly they didnt made this exclusivly for black men on white woman. Reply Report

cool +23 points1936 days ago

finally. one where the girl is actually trying to get away! Reply Report
normal black chic

normal black chic +23 points1165 days ago

I don't think im a sick person bc i like rape porn !!!! Its very intense and it gets me off every time! !! Im jus glad to know im not the only one out here!!! Reply Report
Quiet girl

Quiet girl +20 points1897 days ago

That's my fantasy Reply Report

wetpussy +18 points1918 days ago

i want this so bad! Need to be filled with cocks Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +18 points610 days ago

OMFG so hot, I want this so badly!!! Reply Report

Bigdickblackboi +3 points260 days ago

Have four friends all I know is we like white chicks and I have a 13 inch cock Reply Report

Hornyaf   0 points140 days ago


You can use those bad boys on me! Take me by surprise!!
Reply Report

Hornyaf   0 points140 days ago


You can use those bad boys on me! Take me by surprise!!
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likesitroughandhard +16 points1677 days ago

i wish that was me i would love to be raped by a black men or even by 5 black men Reply Report

pinksugar +46 points1600 days ago

I get off soo hard watching her get faced raped, I'd cum all over each cock then beg to get mouth filled by al 5!! Reply Report
like it hard

like it hard +22 points1620 days ago

me too it look like fun by 5 or more men to rape me
Reply Report

Kirsty +16 points1244 days ago

I want to be gang raped and beaten up badly by at least 10 big black men really hardcore no limits Reply Report

me -3 points1004 days ago

so put up a craigslist ad lmao Reply Report
16 y/o thick white chick

16 y/o thick white chick +16 points650 days ago

I'm a virgin. I need some dick in my life. Reply Report

whitepussyforbigblackcock +14 points1952 days ago

They can pound me,like,a salvation army drum!,5 @ once,hell give me 10 Reply Report

turbo +14 points1950 days ago

wished my gf was into this would love to watch 5 black guys treat her like this Reply Report

sexblonde +12 points2009 days ago

i would love to be her Reply Report

hornygirl +12 points1962 days ago

mmmm wish i was her! 5 black cocks, what more could a girl ask for! Reply Report

rapemygfqc +12 points739 days ago

some black men from quebec here ? 4 rape white bitch :P Reply Report

sigh +10 points1973 days ago

too bad they dont creampie her.. Reply Report
black cock whore

black cock whore +10 points1961 days ago

Damn I want to be her. I want 2 big black meat in each hole Reply Report

iloveblackcocks +10 points1819 days ago

Omg wish that was me i love it rough Reply Report

Non-Member +10 points1754 days ago

Makes me wish I had a cock so I could do that. Reply Report

Lilwhiteho +90 points1544 days ago

Do it as I do and use a blck strapon :-) Reply Report

iwantitnow +10 points965 days ago

I need that Reply Report

borowiec +10 points953 days ago

I love black dicks
Reply Report

d +8 points2087 days ago

wish i was the chick Reply Report
non-member chick

non-member chick +8 points2008 days ago

would love to be her and fucked like that by big black dick Reply Report

ni +8 points1847 days ago

Wish they would do my wife that way her pussy is so tight Reply Report
iwan be a raped like a gir

iwan be a raped like a gir +8 points1522 days ago

Bng As a 19 yr old ...i wish to be hardly raped by big black cocks...wawwwww....luky girl..... Reply Report

lvs2fckalot +8 points1460 days ago

I would give anything to get fucked by at least 5 guys at once! I want to be gangbanged so bad!! more than 5 would be fuckin awesome!!! Reply Report
17 year old girl next door

17 year old girl next door +8 points909 days ago

Holy fuck that was SO hot I came about 5 times.. Reply Report

LesbianGirl +8 points901 days ago

This is what i need. Maybe these boys could turn me straight. If not, strap ons. ;) Reply Report
Monster Dick lover

Monster Dick lover +8 points886 days ago

It would be a dream come true, if those men would fuck me like that Reply Report
fuckme hard

fuckme hard +8 points689 days ago

I wish I were her! I want guys from any race, many of them to humiliate me, torture me and use me as they want, i wanna be a slave to any man, or men, preferably. Reply Report
black diks in my pussy

black diks in my pussy +8 points633 days ago

my ultimate fantasy! Reply Report

rapemygfqc +8 points522 days ago

If some black man from Quebec want rape my White GF, pm me :P Reply Report

bastard +7 points1456 days ago

great and what do they do to her next? Reply Report
If dreams came true.

If dreams came true. +7 points909 days ago

I love the man that is fucking her in 2:07.
He is fucking delish.
Reply Report
Whitegirl who needs some color.

Whitegirl who needs some color. +7 points856 days ago

I need black dick in my life. Reply Report

bastard +6 points1234 days ago

ok but finish off with a faceful of spunk and piss Reply Report
southern bell

southern bell +6 points956 days ago

I love my fellow white women. But damn shes pail. Thank god that theres black men to put some color in our lives. Sorry white boys you dont have what they do....#sockingittothewhiteman #saveblackdicks #blackisbetter #iwantsomecolor Reply Report
thick bish

thick bish +6 points949 days ago

Yes i wanna be raped by sexy ass black guys so bad Reply Report

bbc_anal_slut +6 points832 days ago

I would love to be fucked like that... My white pussy and ass stretched wide open by big black cocks :P follow me in instagram bbc_anal_slut Reply Report

alkaloiduk +6 points710 days ago

Love the way her tits get slapped about, and those big black cocks up her pussy and - especially - up her ass! Reply Report
Too the Negroid below:

Too the Negroid below: +4 points1959 days ago

"Whites are better rapist then any other race" ? I find that funny because South Africa is the rape capital of the world now. I also should state that a white women is more likely to be raped by a Negroid in the U.S then a white man raping a black woman. Reply Report
still a better love story than twilight

still a better love story than twilight +4 points1857 days ago

i wanna be onna the guys she is hot yum yum Reply Report

Kyle +4 points1791 days ago

I'm a white guy and I love this! Reply Report
triple seven

triple seven +4 points1556 days ago

en the door an they grabbed her and started to tear her clothes off from her then forced fuck her and it would've made it really excitingI would have liked to seen that that would've made it really exciting Reply Report
Dick Gozinyas

Dick Gozinyas +4 points812 days ago

This is the best gang bang video I have ever seen! I like it that she's fighting. Reply Report

SnowWhite +4 points593 days ago

I wish this happened to me just being forced to take big fat black cocks in my tight white pussy oh yes! Reply Report

datdzibaw +3 points1868 days ago

Pornstars: Bobbi Starr Reply Report

chaseb +2 points1670 days ago

they need to punk that hos ungrateful ass if i had all that black after me i would no fight it i wouls love it Reply Report

Tucker +2 points1720 days ago

Hot chick and hot big prick pervs! I won't mind chasing, subduing and nabbing her twat! Hot fantasy! Reply Report
in reply to elaine

in reply to elaine +2 points1713 days ago

Holy shit that sounds extremely hot. I want to know more! Reply Report

lovetoofuck +2 points1494 days ago

I want to fuck her alll the time Reply Report

bittersweet1213 +2 points1023 days ago

Say hello to my new profile. Yes after 2 years I actually made one. #logic Reply Report

Bitch_Dont +2 points573 days ago

As a girl myself I love this video, came like three times in the first five minutes, the rest I just watched for fun Reply Report

Saintly +2 points537 days ago

My pussy squirted when they spit on her. Reply Report

Whitegirl   0 points335 days ago

Me too I'm in Miami I wanna get rapped by 5 or10 want spit on toyed tied up two dicks in my pussy. Shit pored on me. Shit even drug me. Tie me up when ur done nd leave something toy in my pussy till u want to use me again. Leave me tied up ready for ur friends Reply Report

Bigbootywhtgirllovesbbc +2 points505 days ago

Damm, I want this! I want more dicks though, huge ones. I love big black cock. And I love deepthroating and swallowing, I want this pink pussy stretched and my big white ass spanked, hair pulled, I wanna be beat. I want 2 dicka in my asshole. I want a real rape experience. And to be used all night long. Reply Report

Littlegirlof16 +2 points168 days ago

I really want that... Reply Report

Hornywifey +2 points166 days ago

This has me so wet! Wish I could meet a guy irl who likes this too. Reply Report
non member r

non member r +1 points2024 days ago

is there a part 2 to this video, and if so where can it be found?
Also, is this girl in any other videos?
Reply Report

NW +1 points2037 days ago

Where is part II? Reply Report

rapepornvideo.com +1 points1894 days ago

This movie is great you can find some other great movie looking my name in google Reply Report

1 +1 points1872 days ago

What is she name? Reply Report
oh I love fat cock

oh I love fat cock +1 points1877 days ago

This is from boundgangbangs d0t c0m if you wanna see the rest. It starts as a home invasion and ends with her on her kness taking cum to the face. Reply Report
Asian bait

Asian bait +1 points343 days ago

I want a bunch of Japanese and Korean guys to do this to my white pussy Reply Report

Down4rape +1 points331 days ago

Someone come do this to my girlfriend Reply Report

>>>>>>>>>> +1 points1757 days ago

Does anyone know where I can c the rest of this video? Reply Report

chaseb +1 points1670 days ago

sorry posted to soon wish that was my twink ass getting all that cock mmmmmmmmm Reply Report
her name is

her name is +1 points1604 days ago

bobii starr Reply Report

pjotrr +1 points453 days ago

nice!! Reply Report

julieboi +1 points1375 days ago

they could have their next party on me if they like white sissy bois
lucky girl
Reply Report
A random boy

A random boy +1 points1030 days ago

wouldnt mind fucking u then ^^ Reply Report
killer_ clownz

killer_ clownz +1 points961 days ago

Which NBA team was that?lol Reply Report

46476 +1 points885 days ago

Reply Report

Dam!! +1 points870 days ago

Is there a second part to this film, pretty bad ass! wonder if this is fake or real looks real as hell! Reply Report

UseMePlease +1 points546 days ago

watching this turns me on so much, wish I could be raped by black cock, want to feel it stretch me open, forcing me to take it and love it, then cumming inside me. I'll be a sex slave for my black rapist, be his to fuck and rape whenever he wants, have his babies, let him breed me. I've never had a black cock and I need it so bad. Reply Report

DaddyLover +1 points563 days ago

Honeslty the hottest part is when she says "fuck you" and he says "fuck me? Nah bitch I'm fucking you"
I love it so much
Reply Report

bbcurious +1 points142 days ago

Good acting Reply Report
Serial ravisher

Serial ravisher +1 points685 days ago

Want to get raped or gangraped?
Lol me ray_pist666
Reply Report

Codified +1 points500 days ago

I like
Reply Report

Lolfuckme +1 points555 days ago

This is hot.

Reply Report

taintedmisshap +1 points503 days ago

God I want a bunch of black guys to fuck me and use me and do what they want with me... Want my tihjt little white pussy full of black cum Reply Report
Joe Dirt

Joe Dirt +1 points486 days ago

My sister made 10$ a head she's ok Reply Report
Fuck me

Fuck me +1 points469 days ago

I want to be a sex slave Reply Report

bbcrules +1 points360 days ago

Rough sex, but she loves the rape fantasy. If it were real no one would put his dick in her mouth (where there are teeth). Reply Report

Bitch20 +1 points304 days ago

I'd love to be raped by 5 black guys! Destroy my cunt! Make it sore Reply Report

Trese +1 points352 days ago

Wish it was me Reply Report

BustyWhiteBitch +1 points336 days ago

Damn I wanna be raped by black guys so bad Reply Report

Mysty +1 points325 days ago

I would like to be in her place.... Reply Report
The Most Awesome Person I Have Ever Met

The Most Awesome Person I Have Ever Met +1 points313 days ago

Nice Reply Report

bbb +1 points227 days ago

Reply Report
Fucking Niggers

Fucking Niggers +1 points168 days ago

Some body should do that to you fucking Niggers Reply Report

Creampielover4lyfe +1 points161 days ago

So hot, i wish i had my pussy busted open n filled up Reply Report

Rubysred +1 points93 days ago

Damn I wish that would happen to me Reply Report

boggy +1 points63 days ago

My slut has been blacked tonight Reply Report
Kik kirstyfuckme

Kik kirstyfuckme   0 points264 days ago

I wish that was me and my unprotected cunt Reply Report

Zyx   0 points1247 days ago

What is the full video? Reply Report
Fuck off

Fuck off   0 points1743 days ago

If you don't like it then why the fuck would you watch it you dumb racists fucks its called (common sense) what you may find repulsive others may find pleasure in. Hell I know it turned me on fake or not Reply Report

Someonewhocares   0 points77 days ago

How can you play a video like this. These kinds of videos only entice men even more to act out on there deviant and sinful fantasies to hurt innocent women.You people in the “adult entertainment” industry only care about money and fulfilling your own deviant sexual behavior. How would you feel if someone you cared about was raped? Reply Report

MasterR   0 points36 days ago

I wish that would happen to my whore of a wife Reply Report

Kkkfrfh   0 points34 days ago

K Reply Report

Amar92   0 points22 days ago

Love it Reply Report

dadlust   0 points23 days ago

Would be hot as fuck to see a vid like this with my daughter in it Reply Report

Whitegirl4hire -1 points335 days ago

I want my man and his friends do this Reply Report

African_Princess -3 points1792 days ago

Dis Was Gud. N Just 4 The Record Im A... iGuess Pretty.. Black Girl That Would Rather Be Raped By A White Guy.... Just Saying. Black Girls Are A Challenge ;) Reply Report

IFuckYourMomGood -3 points712 days ago

I'm one of those black guys Reply Report

Pal10 -4 points2017 days ago

Where are the begining and the end? Reply Report
I Flagging This site

I Flagging This site -4 points2009 days ago

Fuck all you racist ass holes Reply Report

KKK -5 points988 days ago

Rest in peace your Nigger Monkeys Reply Report

KKK IS A JOKE TO ALL WHITE PEOPLE -4 points533 days ago

More like creepy hillbilly cracker that needs to learn there place. It's not the old days anymore ok take your kkk BULLSHIT which is the off brand of nazies which I'm pretty sure you'd die to if your not blond or blue eyed that's what your off brand kkk BULLSHIT my family is from nazies Germany even tho wer not proud of it. I can still make you disappear with your arrogance. And by the way being racist you go back to your country cause this whole United States belonged to the native Americans so STFU with KKK bullshit. Reply Report

.. +1 points936 days ago

Actually, rest in peace to that pussy, cracker :) Reply Report

KKK -6 points998 days ago

Run for Cover Niggers!!!! Reply Report

.. -2 points936 days ago

Stfu small dick cracker Reply Report
Johnny Rebel

Johnny Rebel -7 points1003 days ago

LOL. What a joke!!!! Reply Report
arun kumar. kerala

arun kumar. kerala -8 points1522 days ago

Iam a 19 year old white indian boy am a versatile....i had so maby friends n my collage....i rembr that +2 stuyng days i had a guy sex with my 3 balck mens whos belongs toSuddan...frm africa...they r my collgs seniors and footbalplayers......on a part night...i stuck n there hostel room they given weed...nd drugs...they fucked hardlynmy tightAss....it was a horrible nightand bloody....they hardly fuckd my ass like a girl...i left my conss mind fr sm days.....becs it was so huge cocks black cocks i hav ever seend...and they compltlyenjoyd and usef me...even am hospitalisd frone week...bt i nevet complaind n that rapebcs of am a boy....now...ilike toenjoyboysrape.....i like to be raped like a girl.....yaa...it s soo awsm...now i strtd tolove black guys...n d b a guysexl..intrstd onlyblack bigguys.....i wil enjoy thwre bigcock in my mouth...waqqwwwqq am waiting for more big black cocks...now i dnr hv intrst n girls...i nly need big black cock.. Reply Report
peter paul barer

peter paul barer -8 points1346 days ago

jasmine stalcup tanner/jasmine tanner stalcup. Reply Report

Fegotron -8 points979 days ago

I don't like girls with hairy pussies :/ Reply Report

Ff -8 points753 days ago

Ggg Reply Report

kkk -9 points1025 days ago

them niggers should be hung if I ever can meet them there dead Reply Report

.. -1 points936 days ago

Bet. You wouldn't fucking dare. Try that and you'll get the same treatment as the cracker in this video. Reply Report

youngbiboy1324 -9 points652 days ago

So easy for me to get raped cos my next door neighbor is a pedofile and rapist
Reply Report

Raadoo -10 points1483 days ago

Black guys are monster,animals, I will shoot them one by one...... Reply Report
Raider Rob

Raider Rob +5 points1420 days ago

Yeah in your dreams internet pussy. Reply Report

Unit-7410 -10 points1382 days ago

Yeah and they bitch about how other people talk bad about then and look what they do it's an everyday a nigger gets involved and gets in trouble then they all bitch about Reply Report

raped -11 points644 days ago

Poor girl- I was violently raped by 8 black guys in my pussy mouth and ass...i was at a club and admit dancing sluty and teasing.. I drank a bit too much and hooked up with a sexy stud. We went to his van and made out- i was blowing him and he was fingering my snatch. Next thing i know all his friends are there- they held me down groped me and force fucked me for hours. I begged for them stop but they just kept slapping and fucking me. At.one point i had two cocks in my ass and one in my cunt. They fucked me up for hours. When they were done pumping all their cum in me they dropped me off next to a road. I could barely walk. My cunt was burning and my ass was gaping. Two truckers picked me up when I told them what happened they said I was looking for it and deserved what i got therafter they also raped me. My cunt and ass had already been fucked so hard I was begging and pleading. They took turns fucking sore swolen cunt. I got home after my curfew and my grandfather still beat the shit out of me with a leather belt. Worse night of my life! This bitch cunt is gonna be very sore. I know.
Reply Report

What -13 points2015 days ago

Awkward Reply Report

DL -15 points2058 days ago

Blacks are expert rapists! Reply Report

royal -18 points1586 days ago

At 5:26 thats a white guy and its porn why does race come into this and you had to put rape or forced into the search to find it... Reply Report
Light skin

Light skin -11 points1555 days ago

This is a light skinned black not a white guy P.S. It's not always blacks rapping poeple on here there's a lot of whites Reply Report

Dhat_bytch -19 points2069 days ago

They dumb.. Lmaoooo I never laughed at a porn. They tickled that bitch feet Reply Report

easy -20 points2088 days ago

this is called role playing. so fake and gay Reply Report
no need to know

no need to know -23 points966 days ago

to a random girl: if your 14..i hope its not illegal were you live Reply Report

Lilwhiteho +23 points946 days ago

I really hope it is, she doesn´t care and looks such stuff since very long. Reply Report

Roleplay -25 points1520 days ago

This is a fake rape... Role pay... All these members are prominent porn stars people.. Reply Report

Ellll   0 points14 days ago

@Roleplay That’s why... it’s allowed on here. A lot of real rape is shut down and on some popular sites not allowed in any way. Literally all of these are role plays, but guess what? Nobody cares. It’s here to get you off, not make a statement. Reply Report

N/A -28 points2017 days ago

Niggers should be shot lol Reply Report

ME -30 points1859 days ago

(Too the Nigroid Below) Just because Africa is Rape Central that does mean they are better dip shit its just means they cant get any so they get horny and have to force someone to fuck them because no one wants to. Plus why would a white guy rape a black girl? Black men dont even fuck black girls anymore because they are bitches and ugly and half of them are fat. There are only 2 in the world I would maybe even touch. Reply Report
You racist fuck

You racist fuck +2 points546 days ago

1. Africa isn't rape central, Asia is. 2. White men have been raping black women since slavery, you uneducated asshole. 3. It isn't that black men don't like black women, its the fact that they don't know how to treat them so black women ignore them. 4. If you call something ugly then you must know what ugly is so you yourself must be ugly. 5. Those two black woman wouldn't want to touch your racist, disgusting, pimple covered dick anyway, so get out of the comments and go back to touching yourself since no one else will. Reply Report

13 -30 points1587 days ago

those guys are going to kill her, so they must stop fucking her NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member -33 points2046 days ago

Whites are better rapists than any other race Reply Report

WTF? -42 points1880 days ago

(JonJon) Rape isn't love. Reply Report
twisted fu<k$

twisted fu<k$ -44 points1784 days ago

if you wanted to know how this started and ended do the world a favor.....PUT A 12GUAGE UP YOUR ASS AND BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF THAT WAY!!!!! To those stupid NI66ERS that speak about the white man enslaving blacks and blah blah blah you should just cut out your tongue and then we dont have to hear how F*CKIN6 DUMB YOU ARE!!!! Yes it was awful what took place BUT YOU WERENT THERE!!!! SHUT YOUR IDIOTIC MOUTH!!! you sound like a jackass......for those that dont know the definition of ni66er goes for any ethnicity dumbasses...look it up. Last of all what the fuck did a helpless woman do to be treated this way by 5!!!!grown assss 2 year olds....and it has nothing to do with slavery either......if you could watch this then do us all a favor and all of you group together and rape yourselves over and over again because you arent worth anything better in life than that. MAY GOD HELP US FROM THESE SICK DEMENTED LOWLIFE PIECES OF SHIT!!!!!!!!! Reply Report
i love cumming in white pussy with my BBC

i love cumming in white pussy with my BBC +17 points1420 days ago

Says the jealous virgin faggot with the 2 inch cock. Reply Report

LOL -49 points1752 days ago

Is this real? Reply Report

777 -52 points1765 days ago

There arguing over who the better rapist is wtf Reply Report
fuck you whitey

fuck you whitey -53 points1852 days ago

To the inbred hickory shrimp Dick ruck below me shut the ruck up everybody knows white people are the rape masters from the comings to the native Americas to the slaves and to the Indians so shut the duck up you are just mad that your mother your girlfriend and your sister likes black Dick and you are mad because you kissed your mother after she sucked some big black cock and you liked the taste you faggot so the reason black guys like white girls is because they are easy and they sick Dick so fast that's why so take your shriviled peninsula and cuckold bitch Reply Report

Non-Member -88 points2065 days ago

Beautiful love story? Rape isn't love nor is sex dumbass you clearly don't know the meaning of love. Reply Report
Lion Tamer

Lion Tamer -98 points1764 days ago

Where is the humanity here? It was wrong for black men to be enslaved by white men but this is now acceptable in the porn indistry? Black and white alike need to realize just what spirit is operating in their lives.. Hint it aint God the Father...Sad Reply Report
goodbye to you all

goodbye to you all -114 points1433 days ago

Did you guys know that the moment you posted a comment you have been bugged how do you think the cops keep arresting rapist and pedafiles most of you are being monitored right now so for all you freaks of nature the cops no the F.B.I is watching and your all next on are list ty for making it so easy.

Be seeing most of you very soon >:-)
Reply Report

jannybh +125 points1428 days ago

We become more and more Soon the whole population will be on this list But for what? For telling thoughts and fantasies? Reply Report

Non-Member -131 points2065 days ago

Plus, I can't stand when porn promotes disgusting shit such as this. Reply Report

tsunami8 +18 points1145 days ago

Then why did you come here? Reply Report

WTF? -132 points1880 days ago

I know half these men that like this video are future rapist. I bet if their daughter, wife, or sister got raped they wouldn't like this shit anymore. Reply Report

homeforloving +105 points1427 days ago

My dau is young and white, and that´s the reason I desire it for her so much, but more roughly and dirty with shit and piss. Reply Report

jannybh +146 points1542 days ago

I´m quite sure they would even enjoy it much more. Reply Report

ANONYMOUS -140 points1751 days ago

We're try and investigate and see if this is fake or legit.

- Anonymous
Reply Report

thisIsObviouslyRAPE -153 points1647 days ago

you all people are sick! It's obviously that that girl is raped by those monsters!!! I came here to to see normal porn and I found thousand of this sick and morbid movies Reply Report

Idiot +9 points1555 days ago

Bitch this is FAKE you should know that and we're not sick we want to see some pussy PLUS ITS JUST ROLEPLAY Reply Report

WTF? -162 points1880 days ago

How the fuck did "Sad that porn is promoting this sick shit this shit needs to be taken down." Get 24 dislikes?

He's right porn has been promoting this disgusting "Rape" shit a lot and more and more of the sick men that disliked that comment are most likely future RAPIST!
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12wantsbbc +88 points1464 days ago

69 dislikes now! Yeah!!! Reply Report

:-) +35 points1425 days ago

92 at 2014,6,30th Reply Report

jannybh +81 points1403 days ago

About 100 !!!!!!!!!! It´s not for taking down, but for to be shown publicly and about all TV stations :-) Reply Report
Yes thank you

Yes thank you +42 points1334 days ago

Oh and it's 159 at September 30th 2014 Reply Report

Sad -222 points1959 days ago

Sad that porn is promoting this sick shit this shit needs to be taken down. Reply Report
inmate detector

inmate detector -1 points355 days ago

these men were in prison, raped every day , the only love they know. Reply Report