16 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide At School

16 Year old girl commits suicide by jumping from school window.

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Bleifry +90 points2352 days ago

omg all these dumb fuckers who are just here to write "fake" under a real situation-video are just annoying idiots.. Reply Report

Member +25 points2035 days ago

I found this difficult to masturbate to
Reply Report

wnewton17 +1 points1530 days ago

Same here Reply Report

nonmember +1 points1744 days ago

yes Reply Report

AustinPowers +10 points2326 days ago

poor girl Reply Report

jamesman +7 points2301 days ago

its such a shame for these young people to never live a long live because of a desperate decision like this. just makes me wish she would not have done that. Reply Report

snowio   0 points85 days ago

@jamesman times like that a will want to say to them...

-before the suicide sell your organ and send me the money!

that will be great and i will be fucking rich!
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Sad +4 points2024 days ago

Is it the price of living, why end something so precious as your own life.. Reply Report
dick dagger

dick dagger +4 points1506 days ago

I bet her pussy was still tight too. Reply Report

Jim +3 points1750 days ago

What a waste of good pussy. Reply Report

tone +2 points2292 days ago

whoever said its fake is a fag how u know if she really did Reply Report

neffy +2 points1793 days ago

why cant she just come live with me instead id make her life fun and easy if she wanted ... Reply Report

Gin +1 points2028 days ago

Fucking guys who always say "Fake", you are damn fakes, get a life! Dafuq how I hate that.. Reply Report

Damn +1 points1577 days ago

Dem vans tho Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert +1 points1624 days ago

That's one way to stop cunt odor Reply Report

LoooooL   0 points2268 days ago

Wow. Reply Report
The boy.

The boy.   0 points2043 days ago

He didn't seem so worried about it. Reply Report

StillAlive   0 points1764 days ago

I am so jealous she did it Reply Report

wnewton17 +6 points1530 days ago

Could I fuck you when you do it ? Reply Report

Angel   0 points1361 days ago

RIP poor girl, tragic. I hope you find peace elsewhere Reply Report

damir   0 points1327 days ago

fake is idiot,real is horror. Reply Report

yui   0 points791 days ago

she was never awake Reply Report

nazzard   0 points260 days ago

Worthless bitch. She probably did it because her Dad said her pussy smelled and that no man would ever want to fuck a cunt as ugly as her. Hope she rots in hell for being so retarded. Reply Report

fukuall   0 points254 days ago

shame one less Asian slut available to fuck...unless you don't mind them going a bit cold whilst you do her Reply Report

2cute4u -1 points2245 days ago

I sure hope it's fake. That's terrible! Reply Report

Brako -2 points2182 days ago

I can understand what, Jamesman, is trying to get at. But James. The thing you don't get is that its not an easy choice to take your own life.

Fact is, is that its the hardest, bravest and saddest choice the individual has to make. As far as age goes. You can't put an age on any sort of death. Some people deserve to die at a young age, others don't deserve it but the sun doesn't always shine the next day.

People can live a horrible life to a ripe old age, and you can bet they all wish they took there lives so much sooner. Suicide really is a shame, but if we are truly honest. Its also the only chance to be free that a lot of people have.
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WOW MAN -3 points2099 days ago

flying chicken Reply Report

fake -89 points2355 days ago

fake Reply Report

Hatefaker -1 points788 days ago

Not f***ng fake you're life is fake Reply Report
Your motherfucker

Your motherfucker +9 points1874 days ago

But your mom's tits are real, eh? Reply Report