Drive By Shooting

Wannabe thug films himself doing a random drive by shooting and put it on Facebook! It didn't take much time before he got arrested, LOL.

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Twat +71 points2284 days ago

Please crash and die. Reply Report

Donttrip +25 points2241 days ago

Lmfao the riffle he has is an airsoft gun and his face tats are fake and he let off one random shot real gangsters for one dont just shoot in the air they have a spot to aim it and two dont let off 1 round they empty the whole mag. And i mean really? Hope they let him bring his hanna montana blaket to prison with him. Reply Report

Jokes   0 points557 days ago

1st not a rifle dumbass thats a glock 9mm pistol. 2nd a airsoft gun doesnt have that much of a pop Reply Report
jokes yo

jokes yo   0 points351 days ago

@Jokes so your from ontario? probably hamilton cause your not very smart clearly donttrip was talking about the RIFLE not the hand gun "dumbs" hahaha did you even watch the vid or you to busy smoking crack Reply Report

allthatjizz +1 points728 days ago

That's no airsoft gun dude,what scares me is that someone would sell that rifle to this fuck Reply Report

fuckhole69 +22 points2289 days ago

It's too bad this stupid nigger didn't shoot himself and save the taxpayers' money. I hope he never bred wit hthat dumb cunt girl next to him. Reply Report

pudster +22 points2257 days ago

that would have been fucking jokes if he shot him self in da face LOLOLOLO Reply Report

asslover89 +21 points2235 days ago

retards Reply Report

haha +19 points2176 days ago

if that guy ever pulled up next to me i would take his car his weapons and rape that ugly mutt in the passenger seat fuking wanna be nigga Reply Report
chuck norris

chuck norris +8 points1998 days ago

he must be the dumbest motherfucker on earth Reply Report

Ulf +7 points2346 days ago

Hes been playing way to much GTA IV
Reply Report

Barlion +7 points2345 days ago

He fires a random shot into the air out the window then drives around the block a few times. Look out!!! We got a bad ass over here!!! Reply Report

Krill +6 points2346 days ago

So that's what a black intelligent entrepreneur looks like. Seriously how fucking stupid can you be.. And filming ugly fucking face tattoos to further help local police identify him later, HAHA. You're lost kid, buy a new brain. Funny thing is I can see that you truly will enjoy prison time with all that bending over and cocksucking. How sweet for you! Reply Report

Jill +6 points1705 days ago

This is why America should only sell manual cars, this twat wouldn't be able to shoot and change gears at the same time. Reply Report

blkcat +4 points2308 days ago

that stupid piece of shit needs to have his ass kicked and so does that little dike bitch Reply Report

neil +3 points2346 days ago

what drive by shooting? He fires his gun once into the sir. Nothing else happens. That isnt a drive by shooting. Something has to be shot for it to be a drive by shooting. pointless video Reply Report

lol +3 points2346 days ago

dude...dont tear up your moms car like that... :D
Reply Report

Damion +3 points2336 days ago

This vid is stupid. Reply Report

markaveli +3 points2336 days ago

Thats a pussy ass foo right there, when a real mutha fuckas out for blood at least we have a target, this bitch ass foo is shootin randomly and thats how kids get hit... i hope that foo gets what he gets Reply Report

JT +3 points2085 days ago

A real hard ass... With his Hannah Montana blanket on his waist. Reply Report

SpaZ +2 points2346 days ago

That G36C isn't even real, it's just an airsoft ffs... Fucking Wigger. Reply Report
pissy puff

pissy puff +2 points2346 days ago

his girlfriend sounds just like a GTA street hooker, "I just love you baby... teehee" @ 3:01 Reply Report

clandestino +2 points2345 days ago

Pop culture piece of shit. Enjoy prison with Jamal the black hammer and Ernesto de Jesus alias Pata De Cabra! AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA Reply Report

Mike +2 points2345 days ago

Ok, So we have a white boy and a white girl ....Why the hell are they talking like niggers? being ILLITERATE isnt cool,........and listening to nigger music......what morons Reply Report

nick +1 points1679 days ago

He looks fucking hispanic to me. Reply Report
Theo The Tank

Theo The Tank +2 points2339 days ago

hell no that's why i say if you cant use your hands you don't need a gun pussys think there hard with a gun i would beat the shit out of his punk ass and then fuck his girl Reply Report
Luke Wright

Luke Wright +2 points2338 days ago

First of all that stupid ugly whore is so thick she does'nt understand how to video properly!

And that dickhead thinks he's tough playing the gangst hahaha. Dick rot, if you want to be tough and fire a gun................. join the army!

At least he's now got an 18 stone boyfriend called "Bob" banging his sorry ass.
Reply Report

abba149 +2 points2334 days ago

Who is the moron who sells a gun to a guy with tear drop tattoos on his face
Reply Report

SONG +2 points2324 days ago

what is the name of the song played in the beginning? Reply Report

SWAG +2 points2060 days ago

Damn, I wished I was cool like this cat. I mean what is more gangsta than rolling 45mph and shooting randomly at nothing out the window? I mean he's so cool, he don't even need to aim. COOL AS FUCK! Reply Report

ls +1 points2346 days ago

Failed. Reply Report

DUde +1 points2346 days ago

its a Airsoft special FAG! Reply Report
jacques poutine

jacques poutine +1 points2345 days ago

do his pants say hanna montana on them? thats hardcore shit Reply Report

saboclaws +1 points2344 days ago

and u want to talk about black people lol just think about it !!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

ELLOCO +1 points2044 days ago

FUCKING TACO!!!!!!!!! YES, HE IS A WANNABE...............POBRE PENDEJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

yOuNgDoPe707 +1 points2041 days ago

Chumps listening to the fake Rick Ross....fits his bitch ass perfectly.... Reply Report

john +1 points2040 days ago

Unnecessary kid in this world Reply Report

hmmm +1 points1911 days ago

Turbo powered nitro infused tweaking fuckwitted homo's butt tampon is his name.
Being triple twatty stoopid is him game derrrp potato rapist.
Reply Report

CfourD +1 points1858 days ago

Lame ass with his Hana Montana blanket, wuta fag Reply Report

thatcrazyguy +1 points1817 days ago

It's a crazy world we live in people, hahahaha Reply Report

LAPD +1 points1357 days ago

WHAT A CUNT Reply Report

t200 +1 points1051 days ago

"Hey mom, can i barrow your car?"
Reply Report

WhataDoucheBa +1 points712 days ago

HAHA dumbass called a Taurus a "40 glock" hahaha if you dont know what you have you shouldnt have it. Reply Report

GANGS FOR FAGS +1 points447 days ago

i would love to kill this kid!!! Reply Report
Leisure Muffin

Leisure Muffin   0 points2346 days ago

Love that Hannah Montana towel he's concealing the gun in... Reply Report

nonmember   0 points2346 days ago

hehehe this dumbass mofo will be tasting his own shit off his cellys dick for years Reply Report

well   0 points2345 days ago

reams of humans had to die every day BUT such idiots are allowed to live... this world is sick! Reply Report

chucknorris   0 points1987 days ago

lol what a badass, we should greet him when he gets out of prison with a shemale o_o

p.s. TWEAK O:
Reply Report

RealG   0 points511 days ago

I should bust a cap in your ass for even saying this is a drive by Reply Report

wtforlando   0 points1613 days ago

Both of them are a waste of oxygen! Reply Report

DuRot87   0 points1189 days ago

Fkn idiot wannabe thug...he's using his parents' car, driving recklessly in circles and shooting a gun that's also registered under their name... Fkn "Cloud-Killer"!
Reply Report

shiv37   0 points280 days ago

Another condom failure in action...fucking worthless wannabe criminals... Reply Report

nonmember -1 points2346 days ago

m mmmm
Reply Report

sinner1 -1 points2335 days ago

wat a horrible cunt...he rats on himself the stupid fucking wank stain.....with a 2 dollar crackhead... Reply Report
shuggy boom

shuggy boom -1 points2168 days ago

them are'nt even real guns and what is the second song Reply Report
kkk nightmare

kkk nightmare -1 points1366 days ago

Cracker, wonder bread white devil bird shit Reply Report

hektikmuzh8r -1 points878 days ago

What a fucking retard it's scary little brainless bitches like this have access to guns Reply Report

awwee -1 points763 days ago

He thinks hes black Reply Report

Reallywasted -2 points1971 days ago

that's my crazy baby niggre, love you guys Reply Report
santa claus

santa claus -2 points1933 days ago

you have better aim if you are a passenger. this is why gang members should own more guns. Arm America. Reply Report

ASD -2 points1903 days ago

Niggers and nachos, no one wants them around. Reply Report

yOuNgDoPe707 -6 points2041 days ago

Ill bust your whole face in, empty the whole clip; and smack ur hoe to the track...hella whack bruh, MOBB shit East Oakland California 82nd block. Reply Report

doggy -6 points2017 days ago

whats the first song ? ;D Reply Report

Shazam   0 points1518 days ago

Geto Boys - G-Code Reply Report