Japanese Rape Video

2 Scenes of young japanese girls getting raped.

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Gogodancer +49 points1821 days ago

If you honestly think they'd post a REAL rape video, then you're fucktarded. Get over it, what pervert wants to see a real rape? Get a fucking life! Reply Report

joyousonex +7 points1941 days ago

Who can blame him?? The sight he beheld when he saw his little sister's panties would make a dead man's cock hard!!! Reply Report

seruma +4 points1835 days ago

i wish i had a big brother who would do this to me Reply Report

Chrissmith150 +1 points1341 days ago

Wow. Reply Report

fail +3 points2124 days ago

I dont even believe this was a rape... Reply Report

zaf +3 points1935 days ago

she should run..
Reply Report

bry +2 points2156 days ago

i just cant feel sorry for asian women... not sure why. maybe its their annoying voices and all the crazy shit they are into Reply Report

pauluzzz +2 points2155 days ago

agree! they are just fucking annoying because they're always crying no matter what... Reply Report

jessica +2 points2034 days ago

her private is dame hairy...shave girl Reply Report
Non-Member Josh

Non-Member Josh +2 points1818 days ago

Those wanting to find a real rape videos here are retarded! Even a fool knows that they are actors and just do their job in porn industry. Reply Report

Bengo +2 points1762 days ago

The dry fuck got me hard and the creampie the end got me off Reply Report

VNC +1 points2153 days ago

FAKE Reply Report
Non member

Non member +1 points1705 days ago

Anyone else notice that when there is only 4:50 left in the video that she suddenly can speak English moaning stop? Reply Report

rly +1 points1290 days ago

obviously it's fake. stop being stupid, internet. Reply Report

BUtwerido -4 points1289 days ago

i feel bad for her...he should go to hell and be dead with a shot gun for doing that Reply Report

joyoudonex +1 points993 days ago

Love the video. Very hot actors. But...why doesn't she take the gag out of her mouth ?? Reply Report

joyousonex   0 points688 days ago

Hot video. She got her panties in her mouth and both hands free. Reply Report

Cider   0 points1803 days ago

Boring, annoying, faked raping. Unbearable and irritating screaming. Reply Report

david -1 points1849 days ago

it is injustice for this cute and sexy girl that only one guy rapes her instead of 20 guys or more ...she should be ghastly gangbanged by at least 20 guys in all her holes for continiuosly for a week without any break Reply Report

manatee -1 points1359 days ago

there was nothing holding her panties in her mouth lol Reply Report

lost -2 points1979 days ago

pointless zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Reply Report

tyrell -2 points1290 days ago

wow i will to do at! when i dose get hard Reply Report
non member

non member -3 points1998 days ago

How the hell did she not feel that shit when she was asleep. Also he was smelling her ew. His small ass penis. Reply Report
Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki -3 points1856 days ago

dafuq! is she dead or what!? how can she not feel him? FAKE! Reply Report

jkidd -5 points2120 days ago

first...it is very fake and they do sound very annoying Reply Report

THEDOGRAPIST -5 points1086 days ago

I love rape I raped my puppy right in its bum Reply Report

shin -7 points1723 days ago

more girls in videos should be hairy like this. i hate shaved pussies!!!! ugliest thing in the world is woman who look like child. Reply Report

annonomouse -23 points2155 days ago

these videos are so wrong was these rapes reported to the authorities
this young person should be in jail
Reply Report